Who Is Kevin?

Who is Kevin A. Lehmann?

If you asked the people who know me personally, they would say I’m anything from a renegade Republican and marketing maverick to an independent ideologue and outspoken rebel. By all accounts that’s pretty accurate, although I fancy myself an independent, libertarian-leaning Constitutional Conservative.

A few of the adjectives used to describe me are bold, brash and brazen, tempered of course with a splash of love and compassion. Some would say I’m an enterprising entrepreneur who is as tenacious as a tiger and as persistent as a pit bull. My intensity, however, is often mistaken for anger and contemptuousness. Have a fervent opinion on something and today’s society is quick to label you a radical extremist. First Amendment Freedom of Speech? Maybe, but in today’s politically correct environment, you exercise it at your own risk.

In addition to my passion for epistemology (the theory of the nature and limitations of thought) and biblical eschatology (doctrine of “end times”), I have a penchant for pushing the envelope and living on the edge. Of my more endearing qualities, perhaps my greatest is my passion for reclaiming our country and restoring the Constitutional principles upon which it was founded. That, and rescuing our educational system from the clutches of a self-serving progressive liberal agenda that’s all but brainwashed an entire generation of young Americans. Our tenured do-nothing teachers have practically eradicated the Constitution and push a secular revisionist history that doesn’t reflect the bible-based principles of our nation’s Christian heritage.

I also like to inspire entrepreneurs to develop their intangible attributes and reach the pinnacle of their profession. My personal ambitions have taken a backseat to using my God-given communications skills—hence my talk radio show Catch Kevin: No Holds Barred! and my blog—to help reclaim America from the slippery slope towards a Socialist/Marxist philosophy where statism and oligopolies are rapidly replacing our free market economy.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), of the sixteen personality types, I am predominantly INTJ, with INTP and ENFP attributes. Introspectively speaking, I agree. Put in “Lehmann’s” terms, I am a non-conforming, fiercely independent analytical thinker with a passion for getting to the truth of the oft-erroneous, yet aggressively promulgated abstract theories that shape our construct paradigms. Not unlike you, I trudge through the muck of man’s magnanimous musings (usually choreographed by an overactive imagination) as I experience all that I can during this transient, bodily existence. Moreover, I often take life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially—to what the languid majority would call “In Extremis.” I prefer to think of it as living “Carpe Diem!”

Who is Kevin A. Lehmann?

The son of a German immigrant father and American biological mother, I am the product of an infant orphanage, foster care, military boarding school, private Christian school, public high school, and a four year tour in the Marine Corps . . . Semper Fi! Upon my discharge, I had a brief stint as a financial planner before finding myself inexplicably drawn to the direct marketing profession with a fervent interest in network marketing—otherwise known as multilevel marketing or MLM. As an independent distributor for various companies, I pinpointed the four primary culprits that contribute to the demise of the people who try network marketing and created a macro-marketing platform—modeled, in part, after a macro-economic strategy I used in my financial planning business.

In 1994 I used a $10,000 credit card and founded a lead generation and sales and marketing training company called ProSTEP (Professional Support and Training Equals Profits). Attracting 50,000 customers, ProSTEP grossed about $100 million in revenues and paid out over $60 million in commissions until its collapse in 2006. A highly leveraged and compounded marketing platform, ProSTEP synthesized one-dimensional marketing methods that allowed distributors of all direct marketing companies to leverage their time, their productivity as well as their profits through a lucrative compensation plan. I also taught every aspect of direct sales and direct marketing as well as personal development and leadership training.

Since MLM is often characterized as an unsavory, disreputable get-rich-quick pyramid scheme (and rightfully so in some instances), in an attempt to boost its image in the court of public opinion, I wrote, produced, and starred in my own professional radio and TV commercials—including a thirty minute infomercial— extolling the many benefits of network marketing over alternative home-based businesses.

I was interviewed on Fox News by Pat Summerall (the famed NFL broadcaster) about the groundbreaking and pioneering concept behind ProSTEP’s meteoric success after being selected the champion of network marketing profession by his “Champions of Industry” T.V. program. Described by many as the “Trainer of the Trainers,” I take pride in the fact that some of our former members—in addition to learning cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies—made substantial six-figure residual incomes in ProSTEP and have gone on to become coaches and trainers themselves.

Although I abhor the rampant plagiarism within the (billion-dollar) cottage industry of MLM distributors turned self-aggrandizing life coaches, not to mention the often deceptive and deceitful advertising and marketing practices by both companies and distributors alike, I am still a proponent of the profession and would vigorously debate and defend it against unwarranted attacks by bureaucratic pundits who claim network marketing doesn’t work.

Network marketing works provided you possess the right characteristics and skill sets, choose the right company, pinpoint your prospects with laser-like precision, and really, really know what you’re doing. It’s the companies with inferior and fad products, not to mention disingenuous pay-plans shrouded in hyperbolic language that gets naive people to peddle their products, that don’t work. That, and motivated but incorrectly trained independent distributors that lack the marketing savvy to attract driven professionals instead of the typical couch potato with a do-it-all-for-me mentality.

Unfortunately, network marketing is a profession where positive thinking, positive intentions and positive expectations far outnumber positive profits by a margin of 90 to 1. That’s a testament to the cult-like culture and sense of community it provides to many of its participants. People are drawn to the “idea” of being rich more than the reality of being rich. They often value recognition over remuneration, and “networking” more than network marketing. Adding insult to injury are the many failed MLM distributors turned bloggers and trainers that disseminate fallible training to a gullible audience that buy their flawed systems hook, line, and sinker. Solid sales, marketing, and effective communications training has been replaced by pseudo-scientific personal development training with a disproportionate emphasis on New Age spirituality, e.g. The Law of Intention; The Law of Attraction; and the Law of Abundance.

Who is Kevin A. Lehmann?

I embarked on a pluralistic spiritual journey that embraced facets of Christianity along with Hinduism, Buddhism and the ancient Chinese Tao. However, I have since repented of polytheism (belief in more than one God), pantheism (God is not only the creator, but part of the creation), and my gnostic naivety and rely solely on the wisdom of the Word—the Holy Bible. Implementation, regeneration and transformation is another story. I’m a work in progress.

With an insatiable appetite for higher learning and a fervent interest in bible prophecy, I am driven in part by the emotional pain inflicted on me and my parents two decades ago by the ruse of religion and the indoctrination of my only sibling and her family into the Jehovah’s Witnesses—a pseudo-Christian cult.

After embarking on a grueling, yet gratifying academic (proper hermeneutical, exegetical, and linguistic) study of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, biblical history, church history, Israelite/Jewish history and the Hebraic roots of Christianity—including a trip to Israel for more perspective, deeper insight, and a baptismal dunk in the Jordan River—as a grafted member into the spiritual ecclesia (the real church), and self-described Iconoclastic Christian, I don’t adhere to church dogma, councils or creeds. Nor do I venerate man-made relics and artifacts or worship on man-appointed religious Holy Days. I do believe in biblical principles, just not modern day Babylonian “Commercial Churchianity” and its superficial sundries.

I don’t subscribe to Commercial Christendom’s tax-free, profit-driven, propaganda machine and its inexorable beliefs—a God that roasts non-believers in a literal lake of fire for trillions of centuries compounded to infinity while he commands us to forgive and love our enemies, mandated 10% tithing—a strictly Old Testament doctrine to feed the Levite tribe, a Star Trek like imminent rapture of living believers, a conflagration of the entire earth and beginning of a new earth, a future world-ruling Antichrist with supernatural powers, the physical return of Christ to rule from a rebuilt temple on Mt. Zion for a thousand years (Dispensational Premillennialism) and many other sensationally-selling but aberrant interpretations of Christian theology.

I loathe the fear-mongering lies propagated by certain pulpit-pimps and spiritual spin masters of the stained-glass, brick–and-mortar cathedrals, temples, mosques and synagogues that make up the tax-free, multi-trillion-dollar Babylonian juggernaut commonly known as “Church.” Furthermore, I despise their worldly marketing strategies and the fear-mongering tactics they use to keep naive parishioners (who provide their tax-free revenues) in religious bondage. That said, I also don’t wish to cast a disparaging light on the compassion, love and burning desire of some clergymen to disseminate bedrock truths to their parishioners. Christian apologists (scholarly defenders of the Christian faith) notwithstanding, I just question the veracity of their biblical studies (hermeneutics, exegesis, exposition, and linguistics), and whether it was the call of God or the call of “Gold” that had them enter into ministry.

Since the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation as declared by the US Supreme Court (Holy Trinity Church vs. United States 1892) with a sovereign republic and representative democracy, my concern over the evolutionary growth of progressive socialism pales in comparison to a greater concern over the explosion of Islam, a geo-political theocracy with a Koranic mandate to subjugate the world—including every citizen of the United States of America—to Allah and his murderous pedophile—the prophet Muhammad. While political pundits bicker over the Constitution and Christian clerics hoodwink the sheeple, both are turning a blind eye to the fact that almost all of Europe is now Islamic and that the United States—with more mosques being built on its soil than churches—is less than two generations away from becoming a “Sharia compliant” Islamic nation. Touted as a religion of peace, one only needs to read the Quran to see that a country’s Constitution is a worthless piece of paper in the mind of all Muslims since the law of the land is subordinate to Allah and Sharia Law. Moreover, the spiritual laws of the moon god Allah are enforced by his divinely commissioned—bow or be beheaded—warrior of death, the prophet Muhammad and his perpetual posterity (generational Jihad terrorists).

We are at war with an enemy that already resides in our neighborhoods across the country that don’t want to defeat us, but eradicate us! Only unlike the Civil War, this is a war between Muslims and infidels and kafirs—Christians, Jews, Progressives, Secularists, Agnostics, Atheists and anyone else who doesn’t bow to the sword of Muhammad. My only peace of mind is the fact that, like the majority of Christians who don’t read the bible (much less take an academic approach to studying it), the majority of Muslims don’t read the Quran. If nothing else, maybe it will buy America enough time to—Wake the Hell Up!

Who is Kevin A. Lehmann?

After years of a long and grueling fight with the IRS and Justice Department–one in which they delivered a knockout punch–$7 million bucks and a bankruptcy later, they left me completely broke rather than accept a 30% settlement. But I’m also a free man—a man on a mission who’s willing to die to keep my beloved country from falling into the hands of militant Muslims and all enemies foreign and domestic! Furthermore, I advocate for a competent and patriotic president, smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, a transference of more power to the states, debt reduction, spending cuts, entitlement reform, tort reform, education reform, a balanced budget, a secure border, a motivated proletariat, an attitude of gratitude, and a reinvigorated American “can do” spirit.

When time permits, I work on my memoir, “DRIVEN! Gambling, Girls, Guts, & God” —

As a former adrenalin junkie and casino high roller, I have experienced the rush of driving at speeds of 200 mph (yes, on regular highways), the exhilaration of flying through the skies at terminal velocity, and the euphoria of winning a Million Bucks at the craps table in a single session. Conversely, I’ve experienced the pain of being ticketed for driving 167 in a 65 (damn police radios!), the nightmare of a malfunctioning parachute (as you can tell, I survived), and the gut-wrenching feeling of having a multi-million dollar stock portfolio lose 90% of its value practically overnight —Ouch!

Whether it’s the lifelong struggle between my flesh and spirit, a raw account of the years of sexual and physical abuse I endured as a child, a real-life depiction of Marine Corps boot camp, the psychological makeup of an Extreme Entrepreneur, the unorthodox principles I used to build a $100 million dollar company from a credit card advance, my addiction to adrenalin and insatiable desire to drive my exotic cars at Indy Car speeds, my near death experiences, betting the farm during the Internet bubble, my gradual growth into a casino high roller, licentious escapades in limos and Lear jets, a fatal attraction relationship with a modern day femme fatale (personal kryptonite), my ongoing spiritual milieu, including receiving numerous false prophecies, or if you just want a birds eye view into the mind of a maniac—that’s me, but I’ll let you be the final judge—there is something in my memoir-in-progress for everyone.

Who is Kevin A. Lehmann?

In addition to being a Constitutional Conservative, I’m an advocate for supporting wounded combat veterans and families of fallen heroes. I also love animals more than I love most people. If my Jack Russell Terrier, Miss P (that’s short for princess, provoker, and professor) could talk, she would have more smut on me than the media vetting of a presidential politician!
Moreover, I love children more than I love most adults and believe in the death penalty for repeat child molesters and pedophiles. Only instead of lethal injection—speaking as a former victim of physical and sexual abuse—I’m for publicly hanging them upside down, castrating them, and watching as they slowly bleed out. Sadistic? Yes. Barbarian? Perhaps. Christian-like? Maybe not. Effective? You bet your balls!

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