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Entitlement Mentality Castrates Entrepreneurial Spirit in America

The fact is, most Americans have had their nuts neutered! Entitlement mentality has all but castrated the entrepreneurial spirit in this country. More and more Americans are turning to the titty of tyranny, staying at home masturbating to reruns of the Kardashians while exercising — no wait, exercising is work — while calling on the “Law of Attraction” and the cosmic bellboy in the sky they call “God” to do the work for them.

They don’t wanna suck it up; they wanna suck it out — the breast milk, that is, from the titty of entitlement until they vomit all over the hard working taxpayers that bought them those “Double D” tits to begin with. And we wonder why so many losers don’t want to work.

I’ll die a broke dick before I suck on the tit of utopianism and bathe in the sewage of statism that’s now consuming the consciousness of the United States of America.

I’m amazed by the number of people I talk to who say they’re struggling financially, can’t make ends meet, hate their job, and looking for easy and alternative ways to generate much needed extra cash every month. Yet when I present them with an incredibly easy and very lucrative income opportunity I took advantage of 28 months ago that now generates a passive monthly income of over $2500, they proceed to educate me on how and why it can’t work.

Even worse is when they ask . . . “Will this affect my Medicaid? My disability income? My social security?” And here is a classic — “My alimony check or child support?” Sure, keep the poor bastard (or bitch) on the hook for that alimony check the rest of his or her life so you can skate for the rest of yours. It’s a private form of socialism and wealth redistribution that’s no less toxic to our country than statism and social welfare. Sadly, more Americans will opt for egalitarianism and a lifetime of guaranteed income, even if it means reducing the quality of their life to that of a pauper, over choosing freedom and equal opportunity.

So let’s see, I invested $120 and three hours of my time two years ago in a simple business that’s returned me over $30,000 so far and a passive monthly income of $2500 that slowly increases each month, yet it doesn’t work? Hell, a lot of the same people who told me it wouldn’t work 28 months ago are still telling me it won’t work. Shit! Where did I go wrong? According to their keen insight and superior intelligence, I have failed miserably. I get a lot of that in my life, especially from friends and family.

In 1994, I was turned down by ten different banks for a $10,000 small business loan. “You have no real business experience” a couple of them said. “You don’t have a real business plan” another one told me. “You have poor credit” was another reason. The classic one came from the president of Destin Bank: “Keep dreaming Mr. Lehmann, it’ll be far more profitable than the pitch you just gave me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend.”

Well after manipulating a $10,000 increase on my only credit card, I started my new found venture and wouldn’t you know, I defied those far more intelligent prognosticators and failed all the way to their “banks.” Over the next 12 years I hired hundreds of employees, revolutionized an industry, generated $100 million dollars in revenues and created financial independence for untold people around the country. That is until the shit hit the fan in 2006 and I was eventually forced into corporate and personal bankruptcy by the Feds.

Funny how those same bankers were knocking my door down to get my business just two years after telling me how it wouldn’t work. Bottom line: It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. If you’re struggling financially and you’re that 1 in 100 Americans who aren’t addicted to the tit of entitlement, whose desire and drive is bigger than your ego and pride, whose attention span is longer than a 140 characters and who would rather make money than make excuses, contact me at It’s your life, make it count.

Until next time . . . Wake Up America!

Kevin A. Lehmann

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  1. 4 Comment(s)

  2. By Krissi on Jun 11, 2012 | Reply

    Great article Kevin ! No one writes and says it like you …that is what I love about you . I need to do some catching up on Catch Kevin …I have been MIA

  3. By Dee on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    did you have to use those demeaning words to discribe anything in this article?. Regular talking would have been fine. The point would have been drivin home a lot better, don’t you think? It wasn’t necessary, it was very offensive to women. They come on this site. I am one of the ones that speak without swearing or using demeaning language. Try writing without any of those words. See if you can. Ok?

  4. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    You know what I find offensive Dee . . . Obama shredding the Constitution, 47 million people on the government dole, true unemployment exceeding 20%, our college graduates being on the hook for $100,000 or more with no job and no career to show for their education while Obama passes the Dream Act via executive order which pays for illegals college education, US credit rating being downgraded twice, $16 Trillion dollars of debt and $1.5 trillion dollar deficits, not having a budget in over three years . . . shall I continue? And you have the narrow sightedness to focus on just a couple of words that you might find offensive? That’s a prime example of how “political correctness” and “censored speech” for fear of offending someone has blinded us to the real problems plaguing our country!

  5. By bigdindallas on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Dee, With all due repect, I am a woman, and understand, at this point, he needs to say it the way it is…we are in such a mess, you got
    to toughen up your skin to get these “rotten to the core” so called prez. out of office.
    Toughen up women!!!!
    Thanks again Kevin! With u 100%. God Bless you and all the others that are standing up for US and they dont even know it…

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