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51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama’s Identity & Eligibility to be President of The USA! Share This

1. The Unenforced Definition of “Natural-Born Citizenship”

The U.S. Constitution requires that a presidential candidate be a natural-born citizen in order to be eligible for the office of President.

In seeking to define the meaning of “natural born citizenship”, those who blindly support Obama desperately seek a minimalist’s definition of the term. They desire that a natural-born citizen is one to whom may be ascribed as few requirements as possible in order that a candidate, with whom they share ideological fetishes, can be president regardless of his actual fitness for the office. They seek to assume jurisdiction over the declaration of being “natural born” in the minds of as many as possible while contending that “natural born citizenship” means the fewest, most remedial natal circumstances possible, which will allow their politigod, Barack Obama, just enough legitimacy to squeak by and be eligible.

Their definition allows Obama to merely meet what they consider the most easily argued, though obviously unverifiable characteristics of Obama’s obscure citizenry, in this case, his birth place.

However, unfortunately for Obama supporters, the purposed intent of our founders was not so slight in this matter. They sought to make the meaning of being a natural born citizen the highest, most laudable position of all forms of citizenry. After witnessing the corruption and inbreeding and treasons of monarchal rule, America’s founders desired that becoming President of the United States to be as difficult as possible…politically, socially and biologically.

All arguments seeking to diminish this truth are reprobate and defamatory, made in the interest of serving one’s own political lust, not defending the sovereignty of our Constitution or upholding the value of the blood ransom paid by our people.

Hence, logically, our founders induced that the highest form of eligibility for the highest office would be a lawful mandate.

Consider the following:

Taking survey of all possible circumstances which, therefore, lend credibility to one’s claim to legitimacy, and thereby, eligibility to lead, there is much more to consider than simply one’s location of birth. In order to meet the highest standard intended by our founders, we must also consider that biology must also meet this standard. Not only is it essential that a presidential candidate be born under the sovereign geographic protection of our Constitution, he must also be conceived by two parents of native citizenry, possessing U.S. citizenship.

Moreover, let’s consider further extension of this ideal by commanding that a presidential candidate also be conceived legitimately within the bounds of legal marriage of their parentage. Having been measured and found wanton, those subservient to bias for persons over their respect for the office would not embrace this noble ideal. For them, uplifting the standard of the presidency remains an inferior cause to diminishing the requirements in order to provide access for their inferior candidate. Therefore, they seek to minimize the standard, not maximize the person.

Of course, this would disqualify many from being the President…as so it should!

However, let’s not even stop there. We should also assume that our founders sought to ensure that a presidential candidate had also preserved their natural-born citizenship from “conception to election”, never having allowed it to be revoked, or never having it revoked even against their will. For, even those who lose their eligibility to no fault of their own should bear up in faith that this is the intention of higher power, sacrificing for the sake of sovereignty of the office rather than opportunity for the man!

Let all of these metrics define the standards of natural-born citizenship in America. Bannish minimalism and seek the highest mark in the spirit of exceptionalism forged by our forefathers! Hold this mantle lest that crown be stolen by any upon the earth without seeking the interests of God and country first! Daringly and boldly, let these marks serve as the highest definition of humanity’s advanced citizenship and the prescribed metrics for eligibility to be President of the U.S.!

We should set a higher bar, not lower it. It is impossible to choose one’s own natural-born citizenship because it is preeminent and incumbent to one’s birth. Historical writings, along with related legal precedents strongly suggest this form of citizenship is achieved when natural circumstances make it impossible for that individual to have any citizenship or allegiances other than with the United States at the time they are elected as President. Research of America’s founding culture reveals that a very heavy emphasis was placed on legitimacy at birth.

Therefore, it is probable that one’s most authentic degree of natural born identity does not occur at birth, but at conception. With this in mind, we must consider that the framers of the Constitution assumed it was commonly understood that the definition of “natural-born citizenship” for a presidential candidate to mean a citizenship status that was not just acheived by the event of birth but that it was a maintained status from “conception to election” in order to qualify a sovereign candidate. This is the most complete definition of natural born citizenship possible. There is no other degree of more complete natural circumstances which can establish the status of one’s existence.

Therefore, theoretically, natural-born citizenship, in its purest, ineradicable form, could be measured by three metrics:

1) Biological conception by two U.S. citizen parents

2) Birth in a geographic region under the protection of the U.S. Constitution

3) Maintenance of that citizenship status without any unnatural interruption of parentage, legal process or administrative procedure.

This means that their citizenship has never been achieved by any legal or administration process at or after birth. Dual citizens and expatriates are not natural-born citizens. Those who lose their natural-born status by taking the citizenship of another country or denouncing their natural born U.S. citizenship cannot regain it. A natural-born citizen is one who was born within a geographic region under the protections of the U.S. Constitution AND to two U.S. citizen parents, they being either natural-born or legally naturalized through immigration or repatriation.

Despite ongoing, unanswered questions about his geographic origins, Obama does not meet the requirements to be a natural-born citizen for two possible other reasons:

1) His alleged biological father, Barack Obama Sr., was not a U.S. Citizen

2) He was adopted by his muslim, Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetoro, in the mid 1960s thereby taking Indonesian citizenship, thus forfeiting natural-born status.

“Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution…”

2. The Suddenness of Obama

The American public was essentially made nationally aware of Barack Obama following his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention. Obama’s emergence into national politics was not a gradual inception. It was a sudden, covert ascendance to power seemingly assisted by foreign-like forces as an assault on vintage American conscience.

Obama was elected to the U.S. Congress as a Democratic Senator from Illinois in November, 2004, after his candidacy was promoted in the state by a vastly corrupt, liberal, Chicago-based political cartel and a conglomeration of burned-out, 1960′s, radicals like Bill Ayers and Madeline Talbott. Then despite his lack of executive experience, in February, 2007, after only two years of serving at the federal level, Obama announced his candidacy for the 2008 Presidential election defeating Hillary Clinton, a 17-year veteran of federal politics and former First Lady, for the Democratic Party Nomination.

Obama went on to then defeat John McCain, a decorated war veteran and a 34-year seasoned expert in federal politics as a longstanding Arizona senator, having been elected by a bowing consensus of ashamed white liberals, Bush-hating radicals and angry, racist minorities seeking reparative justice.

By all observable metrics, Obama should have been considered nothing but a long shot to contend for the DNC nomination. Instead, he defied these odds and even his own advice when, in 2005, he said,

“In order to run for president, a person needs to know what they are getting into…I am not confident I have that experience yet.”

3. The Foundations of Natural Born Citizenry

When the founders of America wrote the Constitution, they included the “natural-born” mandate in order to ensure that no President would be subject to, or exercise, a plurality of political interests in their international relationships. Having experienced the corruption of a monarchy in Great Britain for generations, the founders of America, after declaring and defending their right to freedom from that corruption during the Revolutionary War, wrote the constitution within the legal framework of empowering inalienable rights and protection of the American people, not empowering the government.

Upon declaring independence from the crown, after seeing the destructive consequences of an intermingling of international loyalty through forced Royal intermarriage, in-breeding, monarchal polytheism, power sharing, birthright subversion and support of covert insurrections of inferior nations, the founders made it a law that any President had to be a natural-born citizen.

4. Logan Act Violated By Obama

With this mind, we learned, in October, 2008, that American author and columnist, Jerome Corsi was arrested while visiting Kenya during an investigation which revealed that Barack Obama had actively campaigned for and contributed money to Kenya’s Democratic Socialist Orange Party candidate, Raila Odinga, from 2006 to 2008. Corsi had traveled to Kenya and acquired correspondence and documented evidence showing that Odinga, a fellow Luo tribe descendant and alleged paternal cousin of Obama, had entered into a written agreement with the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF), a highly influential and radical Kenyan Islamic foundation, seeking Odinga’s support for, among other things, Sharia Law, in exchange for the Islamic group’s support of Odinga’s candidacy.

The evidence acquired by Corsi also shows that Obama was aware of this agreement even while he was raising more than a million dollars of American money to support Odinga’s campaign. The Orange Party Movement is the communist opposition party to President, Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU).

Obama’s involvement in the Kenyan election, while an elected official of the U.S., was clearly a violation the Logan Act which prohibits American politicians from influencing or participating in foreign elections. The Obama Administration’s U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has refused to pursue any investigation of Obama’s activities with Odinga in Kenya in 2006 until 2008. In 2008, video of Obama’s speeches on behalf of Odinga surfaced on YouTube and several other websites which clearly show Obama stumping for Odinga.

In the aftermath of the December, 2007 election, which Odinga lost, the Orange party leadership and members of Kenya’s Luo tribe incited violence among his radical constituents. Kenyan Muslims engaged in a week long violent demonstration in which they burned nearly 1000 Christian churches and murdered almost 1000 of Odinga’s political opposition which are members of the predominantly Christian, Kikuyu tribe. Under the threat of this violence, with the support of Obama and the Bush administration, the Kenyan majority PNU Party was forced to take an unprecedented action in the history of its government by artificially amending its constitution in order to create a leadership position for Odinga who was ensconced as the country’s first Prime Minister in April, 2008.

The tragic events and violence of the 2007 Kenyan election were the exact consequences the founders of America were trying to prohibit U.S. government officials from instigating or being influenced by.

Obama’s geopolitical connections, along with his probable biological relationship with the Kenyan Communist Party, now an active part of the Kenyan government, creates a relationship vulnerable to illicit influence. Obama has now brought that illicit relationship, and all of its consequences, with him into the office of the U.S. Presidency. The founders wisely understood that the mandate of Natural born citizenry for a President is the best possible protection against such vulnerability.

5. Suspicious Nomination Certifications

In July, 2009, documents were revealed showing that Obama was never officially certified to run for president under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, by the Hawaiian Democratic Party. On August 27, 2008, the Hawaiian Democratic Party created a customized Nomination Certification document for Obama containing the following words:

“THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provision of the national Democratic Parties balloting at the Presidential Preference Poll and Caucus held on February 19th, 2008 in the State of Hawaii and by acclamation at the National Democratic Convention held August 27, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.”

In comparison, unlike the 2008 Hawaiian OCON for Obama, in every other previous Presidential election, the Hawaiian Democratic Party has certified the nomination of their state’s Democratic candidate with the following words:

“THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provision of the United States Constitution…”

Notice that the wording of HDP’s 2008 Official Certification of Nomination omits the words “…under the provision of the United States Constitution…”

Upon receiving Hawaii’s State Nomination Certification for Obama, which omits the reference to the Constitutional legality of Obama’s nomination, the National Democratic Party Office created two separate documents with the same header title, “Official Certification of Nomination”, both versions were signed by Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the Democratic National Convention, and Alicia Travis Germond, Secretary of the Democratic National Convention and notarized by a Denver notary. One of these versions was sent from the National Democratic Party headquarters to each of the 49 states’ Democratic Party headquarters.

However, only the State of Hawaii received an Official Certification of Nomination from the DNC containing the words:

“…the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution…”

The document then lists Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the candidates. However, the rest of the 49 states received a different Official Certification of Nomination containing the words:

“…the following were duly nominated as candidates of said party for President and Vice President of the United States, respectively…”

Why was the state of Hawaii’s local Democratic Party headquarters sent a different OCON document from the National Party headquarters than the other 49 states?

There is strong evidence suggesting that Hawaii’s local Democratic Party officials refused to certify Obama’s nomination as being Constitutionally eligible. As a result, Hawaii’s Election Commission, headed by Kevin Cronin, jockeying behind closed doors, refused to place Obama on the Hawaiian ballot under Hawaiian Election laws mandating that every candidate seeking placement on the Hawaiian presidential election ballot must be certified as “Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States”.

Since the DPH refused to place this language in its Official Certification of Nomination, Obama, therefore, required that the National Party Committee, headed by none other than Nancy Pelosi, take responsibility for declaring the constitutional eligibility of his nomination under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, even though his eligibility had never been vetted or verified as legal.

This has never happened in the history of America’s vetting endorsement process and indicates that the Democratic National Party leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, was made aware that there was a legal problem with Obama’s candidacy. However, the DNC certified it anyway and, in doing so, committed federal election fraud.

6. State Ballot-Fail!

It is the responsibility of each states’ party head office to certify that their candidate is Constitutionally eligible to serve in coordination with their state’s laws. Since Obama was not Constitutionally certified to run in the state of Hawaii in 2008, no other Secretary of State, in any state, ever confirmed that Obama was vetted by federal or party authorities in their state prior to being placed on the 2008 Presidential ballot there.

In fact, nearly a dozen Secretaries of State, including Hawaii’s, have officially refused to reveal any information about the vetting of Barack Obama in their state because they simply cannot even show that he was actually proven to be eligible there.

7. PUMA: The First Birthers

In early summer, 2007, the so called “Birther” conspiracy theory was first created by renegade members of an ultra leftist group known as the PUMAs. (That’s right! They were leftists). They were a splinter group of hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters who did not want to surrender the Democrat party nomination to Obama after a hard fought campaign leading to the 2008 Democratic nomination. In June, 2008, began promoting the idea that their party’s nomination of Barack Obama could be overturned on constitutional grounds that he was not eligible to be president based on the fact that he may not be a natural born citizen.

Thus, the Birther movement actually began in the minds of liberals, not “right-wing nuts” as Obama zealots love to claim.

8. Hawaiian Certi-Fiction

Shortly after began clamoring for a more thorough review of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility, the image of a document containing sparse information about Obama’s alleged birth was posted on the internet by undisclosed sources, from an unknown origin. The image appeared on extreme leftwing websites like the Daily Kos, The Huffington Post and later on two websites claiming to be non-partisan reviewers, and

One of the fact checking sites is sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation from which the Chicago Annenberg Project received a large educational grant. Obama served as the chair on the board of directors for the Chicago Annenberg Project in 2002.

9. Certification of Identity, not Natural Birth

The 2008 document image was determined to be created by an unknown source from a digital template form of a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” which is a surrogate, independently published, municipal cover document issued to those applying for copies of birth certificates in the state of Hawaii since 2000. In response to Y2K system updates the State of Hawaii began migrating from paper copies of original birth records to digitally created printed documents. The state of Hawaii openly admits to changing its document format under the guise of preventing identity theft.

10. Cartoon Fun

In 2009, it was demonstrated by three separate document specialists that an image of the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” was easily constructed and falsely authenticated using two different medical imaging software programs. This demonstration discredited the State of Hawaii’s claims that its “Certification of Live Birth” provided better protection against identity theft than old paper copies of the Certificate of Live Birth.

11. Department of Hawaiian Native Homelands

The Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” was found to be so unreliable in clarifying the bearer’s legal and demographic identity that the State of Hawaii’s own Department of Native Homelands refused to accept it as a primary source of identification for its applicants seeking to purchase Hawaiian land reserved for genealogically native Hawaiians. Before 2010, the agency’s website stated:

“In order to process your application for identification as a native Hawaiian, the Department of Hawaiian Homelands utilizes information that is found only on the Original (Long Form) Vault Birth Certificate (‘Certificate of Live Birth’, not ‘‘Certification of Live Birth’’), which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of birth than the ‘‘Certification of Live Birth’’ (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Long Form Birth Certificate will save you time and money since the computer-generated ‘‘Certification of Live Birth’’ requires additional verification…”

Only after it was determined that the Department of Hawaiian Homeland’s policy against the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” conflicted with another Hawaiian state agency, the Department of Health’s, political endorsement of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, was the policy changed and the wording against the credibility of the document scrubbed from its website. This led many to accuse the State of Hawaii government of selling out to protect against exposing the ineligibility of Obama rather than upholding the eligibility of thousands of potential native land owners in Hawaii. Some actually accused Hawaii’s land management of selling out to a liar while native Hawaiians were at risk of being deprived of their right to purchase native lands because non-natives could now use a less credible version of identification when applying for a land purchase.

12. Hawaii Denies COLB Image

After all was said and done, the State of Hawaii has refused to ever confirm that it issued the 2008 document image. In light of sophisticated, digitally based document imaging technology, the authenticity of the image remains highly questionable, especially without the official endorsement of the Hawaiian Health Department. Some independent reviewers have, unequivocally, determined the image to be a forgery.

13. The Million Dollar Birth Cerificate

On August 21, 2008, Philadelphia based attorney, Philip Berg, filed the first of several high profile cases attempting to force Obama to show authentic, legal, original documentation proving that he is eligible to be president of the U.S. Berg is a lifelong, registered Democrat with a history of running for Democratic office in Philadelphia. Following Berg’s case, other plaintiffs have filed similar suits including Alan Keyes and several military officers, all of which have been dismissed by irresponsible judges refusing to weigh the merits of evidence in the cases.

Some judges have even gone on record as saying the reason they dismissed their case was because “Questions about Obama’s eligibility had already been answered on Twitter.”

Since then, Obama has paid more than 1.6 million dollars to the Washington law firm, Perkins Coie to prevent the release of his original birth certificate, which costs about 20 dollars to order from the State of Hawaii.

14. Executive Order No. 13489

Obama was ensconced as President on January 20, 2009. Just one day after his inauguration, he signed Executive Order No. 13489 which essentially violates the Freedom of Information Act and prohibits the release of Obama’s personal and presidential records, during and after his presidency, by the National Archives without first being consulted by the National Archives Director and the Attorney General. Seven days later, Obama gave his famous “Transparency Will Be the Touchstone of This Administration” speech in which he hypocritically admonished previous administrations for what he feels are “too many secrets kept by government in Washington”. Obama vowed to change how government deals with secret information by making his administration more open.

Since this dishonest, landmark speech, the Administration has fought to keep Obama’s past secret more than any other President in American history.

15. Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin

In April, 2008, after the fraudulent dismissal of more than two dozen civilian court cases which had been filed against Obama attempting to force him to produce original documented evidence of his natal identity, a highly decorated officer with more than 17 years of unblemished service in the U.S. Army brought the Obama eligibility into the active military ranks. Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Terrence Lakin, an active duty flight surgeon serving the President’s Chief of Staff and working as a commanding ranked physician of a critical care facility, refused to deploy for duty in Afghanistan under his legal right to refuse orders that he, as an officer, believes are illegal.

According to Lakin, Barack Obama has not demonstrated provable, documented evidence that he is eligible to hold the office of President and is, therefore, not legally qualified to issue orders to the United States military as Commander In Chief. Lakin’s oath upon becoming an officer is to defend the constitution, not the president. His duty, as an officer to refuse deployment orders he believes are illegal, are legitimate based on clear and concise legal grounds. Despite this fact, however, Lakin pleaded guilty to a circus court under the command of the Obama administration’s military staff, and was sentence to six months in prison and dismissal from the service.

He has since been lauded and exalted for his sacrifice and commitment to his duty to defend the Constitution. Supporters may contribute to his fund at

16. The History Of Standard U.S. Certificates of Live Birth

As census and vital statistics documentation methods evolved, the U.S. Department of Health has utilized a document template with the header title, “Certificate of Live Birth” since the early 1900’s. The U.S. National Vital Statistics Division, since its first published data report in 1915, refers to the U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth” as “The standard ‘Certificate of Live Birth’, issued by the National Vital Statistics Division, has served for many years as the principal means of attaining uniformity in the content of the documents used to collect information on this vital event.” This document has evolved throughout a 110 year process with input from the National Conference on Vital Records and Statistics, the National Vital Statistics Division, The Census Bureau and the municipal state agencies are assigned with the responsibility of gathering, storing and reporting natal statistics to the U.S. Department of Health. Although it has undergone state specific revisions to support municipal laws and identity protection, it is important to note that it has never undergone a reduction in vital data content.

17. Hawaii’s Rogue Document

The standard, U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth” document template has been slightly revised by various states for the purpose of meeting identification and formatting needs, such as concealing the social security numbers of the parents. However, no state, except one, has ever reduced the overall quantity of information contained about the bearer’s natal identity, such that it is now impossible to determine their natural-born status, and then used that reduction of vital information in an endorsed document form. Only the State of Hawaii has created this form of independently published, digital documentation.

18. Hawaii Violates Federal Guidelines

In the entire 110 year history of the standard, official, federal, U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth” document’s existence, only the state of Hawaii has gone astray from the standard version to such a degree that it actually conceals one’s full natal identity rather than reveals it. When comparing document forms, the use of the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” is an unauthorized reduction of content otherwise prescribed to confirm the bearer’s natal identity and, essential to verifying one’s eligibility to be a candidate for president, the bearer’s natural born status.

19. Exploitation of Hawaii’s Lost Culture

Because of its remote, water-locked, geographic characteristics; its tumultuous indigenous history; and a vulnerable culture altered by a transference of sovereignty in the late 1800’s, the Hawaiian islands gained a reputation for maintaining a vague process for documenting immigration, vital events and indigenous population. Historical archives dating between 1890 and 1941 reveal that the Hawaiian Islands served as an unofficial, but widely pursued, sanctuary for thousands of foreign expatriates seeking protection from political persecution in China, Japan, Southeast Asiatic nations, the Middle East and, later, the United States.

This multicultural instability resulted in the implementation of less than thorough procedures for recording and differentiating native born, immigrant and indigenous populations.

One example of this surrogate nativity was granted to a Mr. Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese expatriate who received an official Certificate of Hawaiian Birth in 1904 stating that his birth had taken place in Hawaii in November, 1870. However, later evidence revealed that Mr. Sun’s birth had actually occurred in China in 1866. Archives reveal that the state of Hawaii has provided similar documentation to thousands of immigrants over the years without ever confirming their age, the birth place or their actual identity.This murky process was further complicated when Hawaii became a state of the U.S. which demanded that it begin implementing the federal documentation standards for U.S. citizens as well, in 1959.

Vulnerabilities in Hawaii’s documentation process created passive conditions which allowed unidentified inhabitants to later proclaim any identity, or multiple identities, they desired to serve their individual interests.

20. Hawaii’s Communist Past

Based on investigations in the 1950’s and 1960’s, a disproportionate concentration of pro-communist activity was found to have become a part of Hawaiian culture. This is substantiated by an increase in the population and activity of communist sympathizers identified by the House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings conducted after WWII, during the beginning of the cold war between the U.S. and communist Russia. Evidence of pro-communist presence in Hawaii can be found in publications like the Honolulu Record in which one of Obama’s communist mentors, Frank Marshal Davis was a columnist.

Obama Sr. would later return to Kenya sometime in the mid 1960’s to promote his communist economic theories and work in government with his friend and leader of Kenya’s communist KANU party, Tom Mboya.

21. Hawaiian Document Proven Deficient

In August, 2008, a former U.S. Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics Registrar stated that the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” cannot be considered an original birth certificate created at the time of occurrence of the birth because

“…it does not contain the signature of the licensed medical professional qualified to determine the characteristics of a live birth in accordance with administrative requirements established by the U.S. Department of Health, National Vital Statistics Division, and it does not contain the name and location of the hospital which issued the original record, which would be a U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth” if the child was born in the United States.”

Further investigation of Hawaii’s revised statutes reveal that the Hawaiian Department of Health not only contends with federal law, it also contradicts its own self-declared authority to issue falsified birth nativity under HRS 338-17.

22. Hawaii’s Self-endowed Permission To Violate Federal Law

Hawaii Revised Statute HRS 338-17.8 states:

“Certificates for children born out of State.(a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.(b) Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate. The director of health may also adopt any rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birth certificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.(c) The fee for each application for registration shall be established by rule adopted pursuant to chapter 91. [L 1982, c 182, §1]”

The law permits anyone born to parents who claimed Hawaii as their residence within one year of their birth, at any time before or after the enactment of the law, regardless of the actual location of the birth, to receive an original birth record which states that the location of birth is Hawaii, and, therefore, occurred in the U.S. Hawaiian lawmakers have confirmed that the law is not constrained to the date of birth. It is applicable to the date of application for the certificate.

This means this law would enable Obama, anytime after the age of 21 to apply for and receive a newly created original Hawaiian birth certificate after providing evidence that his mother or father merely resided in Hawaii for one year prior to his birth. He could have applied for this certificate any time since is parents are known to have resided in Hawaii since 1960. He could have been born outside of the U.S., however, the State of Hawaii is obligated by law to grant him an original birth certificate stating that Hawaii is his birth place simply because he was able to show that his parents claimed Hawaii as their residence.

Moreover, the evidence provided with Obama’s application may not be reviewed by any third party under this law. Only the Director of the Department of Health is granted with the authority to determine the validity and deadlines required in providing such evidence. In essence, under Administrative Rule 91, the state of Hawaii has empowered a state-level, municipal employee to determine the federal, natural-born status and therefore, the Constitutional eligibility, of any individual, even a sworn enemy of the United States, seeking the most powerful office in the world.

23. Obama’s Own Words

On page 26 of his 1995 Autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama admits to possessing a copy of his original birth certificate in the late 1970’s. This document was an official copy of an original vital record assumed to still be filed with the office of Vital Statistics in the city where Obama was born, wherever that is. Why does Obama not still possess this copy and where is the original used to produce it? Where is the official, original birth record used to produce the document which Obama himself admits to having more than thirty years before being issued a fake document from Hawaii?

Why is Obama lying about this document? What information does this document contain?

24. Obama Loses Natural-Born U.S. Citizenship By Adoption

Barack Obama claims to have lived in Indonesia with his mother from approximately 1967 to 1971 where he assumed the surname of his step father, Lolo Soetoro and became a citizen of Indonesia. Since Obama became a citizen of Indonesia, he forfeited any claim he may have had to Natural-born citizenship in the U.S. Recall, a Natural-born citizen is one whose citizenship is achieved by natural circumstances which, if unrevoked, make it impossible for them to have citizenship loyalties to any other governing power. If a Natural-born citizen becomes a citizen of another country at any time prior to running for the office of the president, he or she is no longer eligible.

Because of this forfeiture, Obama is not eligible to be president because his Natural-born status cannot be reclaimed once legal or administrative procedures are employed to repatriate him in the U.S.

Also, despite Obama’s claims that he remained in Indonesia during this time, there is photographic evidence placing him in Hawaii in 1969. Questions remain how and why Obama may have traveled to Hawaii at this time, including any documentation he used, which raises doubts about the validity of his origins narrative, and therefore, doubts about his identity.

25. What’s In a Name?

Barry or Barack, Soetoro or Obama, or Subarkah? Records from his time in Indonesia reveal that Barack Obama has used at least one other alias and possibly two. He was registered for school under the name Barry Soetoro as a muslim student. When Obama applied for state bar license in 1992 to practice law in Illinois, the application asked if he had ever used an alias. He stated that he had not at that time.

There is evidence that suggests Obama was not honest about his use of other names throughout his life. Recent passport application information submitted by his mother in the 1960’s reveals that Obama may have had a third surname of “Subarkah” which his mother had written on the application.

26. Dunham’s Secret Absence

Many records exist confirming Ann Dunham’s presence in Hawaii from late summer of 1960 until February of 1961. However, from February until September, 1961, there are no records or eyewitness accounts of her presence in Hawaii. In fact, the void is quite stark. Obama was allegedly born during this void of time in Dunham’s documented life. The next record indicating her possible location is a class registration record showing that she had enrolled in classes for fall term of 1961 at the University of Washington, just two weeks after allegedly giving birth to Obama in Hawaii.

27. Dunham Too Young To Confer Citizenship

Ann Dunham turned 19 years old in November, 1961, almost four months after Obama was allegedly born in August, 1961. Citizenship laws in effect in the U.S. in 1961 required the mother of a child born outside the U.S., to a foreign father, to have lived in the U.S. for 14 consecutive years, five of which had to be after the age of 14. Since Dunham had not yet turned 19, she was not legally able to confer citizenship to Obama if the birth occurred outside the U.S.

Therefore, Obama is, at a minimum, a citizen of Great Britain. The founding fathers, in writing the eligibility mandate, having fought a Revolutionary War against Great Britain, would have rejected Obama as a presidential candidate for this reason.

28. Hospital Mystery

No official records have ever been provided from any authoritative source to prove that Barack Obama was born in Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Not one administrative authority from Kapi’olani has ever verified or provided original patient records showing that Ann Dunham was ever a maternity patient there. As a testament to the longstanding controversy over Obama’s birth hospital, in the original ‘Early Life’ section of Barack Obama’s Wikipedia biography, beginning on March 3, 2004, it was stated that he was born in Queens Hospital. It was later clarified as Queens Medical Center.

In 2006, it was omitted and remained blank until June, 2008 when editors stated that Obama was born in Kapi’olani Medical Center. On January 24, 2009, Kapi’olani Medical Center, on the occasion of the hospital’s centennial celebration, allegedly received a letter in which Obama wrote, “As a beneficiary of the excellence of Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth – I am pleased to add my voice to your voice of supporters.” It was later admitted by administrators at Kapi’olani that the letter was a facsimile created in a digital format.

To date, no administrator, or official of the Obama administration has ever confirmed that Obama was born in Kapi’olani Medical Center.

To date, Obama’s operatives have failed to identify the identity of Obama’s actual birthing doctor.

29. Obama’s Use of Multiple Social Security Numbers

In 2010, Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels and Colorado private investigator John Sampson revealed that President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state. In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, not 1961 at the time of Obama’s birth. Moreover, Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was around 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins in Oahu, Hawaii. The Social Security website confirms the first three numbers in his SSN are reserved for applicants with Connecticut addresses and start with 040 through 049.

“Since 1973, Social Security numbers have been issued by our central office,” the Social Security website explains, “The first three (3) digits of a person’s social security number are determined by the ZIP code of the mailing address shown on the application for a social security number.”

In April, 2011, further investigation by ex-CIA personnel confirmed that Obama’s social security number was fraudulently issued after the original owner of the number, who had once resided in Connecticut, died in Hawaii in 1977. As a result, it is now supported by evidence that Barack Obama is committing social security fraud and that his number was issued through channels possibly provided by his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who worked in the financial and banking industry and who had ties to communist support organizations and international interests.

It is highly likely that Obama, when issued his current social security number, was not a legal citizen of the U.S. and, having access to records through his grandmother, was allowed to use the number after its original owner had died. It has been shown that the original owner of Obama’s social security number had opened at least one account at the bank where Madelyn Dunham was employed in Hawaii in 1965.

30. Obama’s Father Not a U.S. Citizen

Obama’s alleged father was a Kenyan national with citizenship in Great Britain. His birth registration is recorded in the British National Archives, General Register Office “Registers and Returns of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Protectorates of Africa and Asia, 1895-1965″. Obama’s children are also contained in these registers. He attended the University of Hawaii from 1959 to 1961 before abandoning Obama Jr. and Dunham to attend graduate school at Harvard in 1962.

Since Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen, it is impossible for Obama to be a natural-born citizen.

The Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” which has been misrepresented as the federally accepted, official document issued by the state of Hawaii for Barack Obama’s birth shows Obama’s father’s race as “African”. Unfortunately, this term violates the U.S. Department of Health’s acceptable classifications of race for official birth certificates. According to NVSD protocols, Obama Sr. is classified as a “Negro” in 1961, not “African”. The term “African” is not even an option in the NVSD manual. Africa is a continent not a race. For example, there are white people from Africa, but they would not be categorized as “African”. Using this premise, we could argue that Obama’s Certification of Live Birth should also list his mother’s race as “North American”?

If using geographic association in describing Obama’s mother’s race is so ridiculous, why is it acceptable to explain his father’s?

The use of the term “African” to describe the race of Obama’s father is yet another diminishment to the credibility and authenticity of Obama’s natal records. The inclusion of such a non-specific, vague, unclassifiable, misrepresentative term to describe an individual’s demography only raises yet more doubts about the ability of the Hawaiian Health Department to convey accurate vital statisics documentation.

31. Obama Marriage Mystery

To date, no documented evidence exists proving that a legal marriage between Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham ever occurred in the U.S. The two were allegedly married in Hawaii in early 1961, after Obama Jr. was allegedly conceived sometime in November, 1960. However, no public announcement, or eyewitness of the marriage or marriage license has ever been found.

In Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams From My Father”, he states,

“In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky. A bill of particulars I have never quite had the courage to explore. There is no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No family members were in attendance. It is not even clear that people back in Kansas were even informed.”

Obama’s admission that ‘There is no record of a real wedding’, raises yet another doubt about his long disseminated, life biography with regard to the status of the relationship between his parents. The unanswered questions about his parents marriage contradicts the accuracy of testimony and records declaring Obama’s identity, such as his birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers which undeniably state that his parents were married, and divorce documents which do not contain any reference to a legal marriage license.

There are fundamental questions about the relationship between Obama’s parents which no one has been able to answer. If they were married in Hawaii, what is the name of the officiate presiding at the wedding? Where did it take place? Does the Hawaiian Vital Statistics office possess a copy of the Obama’s marriage license which they used to determined their marital status for the birth announcements? If so, why was the Obama marriage never announced in those same papers? Why was the wedding kept secret?

Was the marriage even legal given the evidence that Obama Sr. was already married to a woman in Kenya?

32. Divorce Decree and Custody Documents

In 2009, a set of what appears to be authentic document images of a Divorce Decree shows that Stanley Ann Dunham was awarded an uncontested divorce from Obama Sr. in March, 1964. The Divorce was granted in a Hawaiian civil Court on March 5, 1964 after a hearing to determine custody rights of the parents of Barack Obama Jr. According to the document images, Dunham had filed for divorce in January, 1964. The set of documents posted on the internet in 2009 are suspiciously missing the official birth certificate of Barack Obama Jr. which was requested by the court in order to confirm parentage.

33. Obama Sr. Already Married

Obama’s father was apparently a bigamist. He was allegedly already married to a woman in Kenya when he allegedly married Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Obama’s other wife’s name was Kezia Aoko (also found as other spellings). This would nullify any marriage to Dunham because it is illegal in the U.S. to be married to more than one person.

34. Suspicious Death

Obama Sr. died in 1982 after an alleged car accident. Recent investigations into his death reveal unanswered questions about his declining professional status and his strained relationship with Tom Mboya after he published a scathing report called, “The Problem with Our Socialism”, criticizing Mboya’s economic development plan for Kenya.

35. Birth Announcements

In early 2009, researchers discovered announcements of Obama’s birth in two separate Honolulu-based news papers. An investigation of the procedures used to publish birth announcements reveals that the information used by the news papers came directly from the Hawaiian Department of Health’s bi-weekly birth registration lists. These birth announcements are typically published for registrations over a two week period and do not contain the location of the birth. The announcements always assume, without exception, that the parents are married, despite the fact that the “1961 Vital Statistics Report of the U.S.: Vol. 1 – Natality” reveals that of the 17,616 births in Hawaii in 1961, there were 1044 illegitimate births in which the father was not identifiable. An average of three per day!

In every case, without exception, both papers publish all announcements with the surname of the father as if they are always married and with the assumption that two parents always exist at the time of birth, even when the father is dead. The announcements do not publish the first names of the parents or child, nor do they identify the name of the registrant. They publish the sex of the child, the address of the registrant and the day and month of the birth. The announcements do not print the location of the birth, the name of the attending physician, the name of the hospital, the time of birth or the given name of the child.

36. The Paper Chase

An analysis of all of the birth announcements published along with Obama’s announcements in both newspapers reveals that both papers published the exact same announcements, including quantity of birth announcements, in the same exact order and in the same exact contextual format in both papers. The announcements are not published in alphabetical or chronological order which begs the question: What system was used to determine their order? They are obviously not randomly ordered since they appear in the same order in both papers. The possible answer: Geographic birth registration numbering. An investigation of the U.S. Department of Health’s archived natal data reports reveals that birth registration numbers are assigned based on the location of the registration office they are received in.

37. Obama’s Other Address

The birth announcements were published containing the registrant’s address at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu, HI. This address has been proven by investigators to be the residence of Obama’s grandparents, Stanley and Madeline Dunham, as well as Obama’s mother. Directory records available in 1961 show that Obama’s father, Obama Sr., resided in an apartment at 625 11th Avenue, near the University of Hawaii. Why would a married man list an address for the birth of his son that was not his address?

38. Birth Registration Protocols

An investigation reveals that birth registration numbers are assigned based on their associated location to the regional vital statistics registration office in which the vital event is recorded. There were four such offices available in Hawaii in 1961, two of which served immigration processing and vital events originating outside the Hawaiian Islands. Obama’s alleged birth registration number, 151-1961-010641, indicates that his birth was registered in one of these regional offices.

39. Non-Sequential Birth Registration

Obama’s birth registration number appears to be non-sequential with other births recorded at the time of his birth. One example cites the standard “Certificate of Live Birth” records of twins born to Eleanor Nordyke, whose births occurred 19 hrs after Obama’s alleged birth in Kapi’olani Medical Center. The twins were assigned birth registration numbers ending in 037 and 038, respectively. Obama’s birth was assigned number 041 despite the fact that his birth allegedly occurred before the twins in the very same hospital. If no other births occurred between Obama’s and the Nordyke’s, one would expect that Obama’s birth registration number would end in 036, not 041. If other births did occur in the 19 hours between Obama’s and the Nordykes’, Obama’s registration number would be expected to be even lower.

40. Chiyome Fukino, Hawaii’s Reluctant Accomplice

On October 31st, 2008, and, again on July 27th, 2009, the Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health released the only two official statements by the government of the State of Hawaii about Obama’s natal records. In her October, 2008 statement she release the following:

“There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s official birth certificate. State law (Hawaii Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record. Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures. No state official, including Governor Linda Lingle, has ever instructed that this vital record be handled in a manner different from any other vital record in the possession of the State of Hawaii.”

The statement does not specify the type of original birth certificate on record and directly contradicts statements made by an official of the Hawaiian elections Office that the State of Hawaii does not possess an original birth certificate for Obama. Fukino further clarified her statement eight months later with the following:

“I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawai‛i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai‘i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.”

The problem with this second statement is, first, she, again, does not identify the title of the “original vital records” documents she has seen. Notice she uses the word “records”, plural. Whether they are a U.S. Certificate of Live Birth, a Delayed Certificate of Live Birth or a Certificate of Foreign Birth accompanied with testimonial documents, medical records or other evidence is not disclosed by Fukino.

Second, she violated Hawaii’s identity protection law, the very same HRS 338-18 she cited in her first statement, by disclosing information from the vital records about Obama’s unverified birth place. If she is so willing to provide this private information, why not disclose the rest of it? Answer: Because this information serves the bias of the State of Hawaii’s endorsement of Obama’s legitimacy. Otherwise, Fukino would also disclose the other information that perhaps is NOT so favorable to Obama, as well, such as the title of the ‘original vital records’ or whether the certificate had been amended.

Third, and most grievous, as a state-level, municipal employee way out in the State of Hawaii, Fukino neither has the federal authority, nor the qualifications to determine the Natural-born status of a candidate for federal office. In fact, Fukino’s audacious, bizarre proclamation is laughable and only exposes the State of Hawaii’s fragile confidence in their documentation procedures, let alone its ability to declare the historical meaning of Natural-born citizenship. That job falls under the federal authority of the Secret Service, the State Department in coordination with the state Elections Offices.

41. Hawaii’s Amazing Legitimate Birth Rate

Both papers also published the nearly two dozen announcements assuming that every child was born to married parents living at the same address, despite the fact that the “1961 Vital Statistics Report of the U.S.: Vol. 1 – Natality” shows that there were 1044 illegitimate births in Hawaii in 1961 in which the father was not identifiable. This is an average of three illegitimate births per day! Over the nine day period of births covered by the announcements in these two issues, one would expect to see at least one single mother, or unmarried couple, giving birth among the more than two dozen announcements surrounding Obama’s birth from late July to early August, 1961.

In fact, a review of every issue of the newspapers in the entire year of 1961 shows that all birth announcements were published by “married parents”. If the newspapers indeed printed accurate announcements based on testimony from the actual parents or family members there should be some information which does not conform to this cookie-cutter identical format when comparing each announcement between newspapers. However, the rigidity of the format, and the possibility of inaccuracies, led investigators to conclude that the originating information used to publish birth announcements in 1961 was not conveyed from the parents or family directly to the newspapers, but instead was first processed by a single municipal source, before being provided to the news papers.

Therefore, since we know Hawaii registers foreign births as being native births, the announcements would be published without the location of the birth, or marital status of the parents, as a consideration. This then would suggest that if there is any inaccuracy originating with the source information, which occurs in the transference between the registrant and the municipal authority, the newspapers would never see the necessity to confirm the accuracy of the information. Why would a newspaper take official information certified from a government agency in the form of a list and then expend resources to get a second opinion about its accuracy from the original registrant? They wouldn’t.

The newspapers print announcements without ever knowing if they are accurate or not when the information comes from the local municipal authority.

Therefore, since the municipal authority does not create its birth list discerning between native birth and foreign birth registrations it employs the policy of only publishing the address of the registrant, not the location of the birth. Since the municipal authority treats all births as legitimate, by default, it would construct the birth registration list as though the parents are married in every announcement and submit the list to the newspapers who would publish what appears to be all local, native births to married couples. The problem with this flawed procedure is that the announcements are not an accurate account of the actual facts of the natal event.

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement that a birth announcement in a newspaper must match the metrics of an official birth certificate.

42. The Welfare of Baby Obama

Upon analyzing the procedures used to publish birth announcements, we discover vulnerabilities in the assumptions about the accuracy and content of the birth announcements. With a simple explanation, it becomes much more reasonable to assume that Obama’s birth announcements were never a part of some crazy-minded conspiracy but, instead, were simply the result of being included in the Hawaiian Health Departments birth registration lists after Obama’s birth was registered by Obama’s grandparents, more than likely, for the simple reason of making sure their daughter and grandson could receive state benefits as resident citizens of the U.S. Obama’s grandparents were indeed residing at the published address found in the announcements.

However, ignorant, hostile Obama supporters enjoy the opportunity to claim that so-called “birthers” believe a conspiracy of such magnitude that Obama’s birth announcements were planted in the Hawaiian papers in 1961 just in case Obama might run for president some day. This is a ridiculous canard. Only a blind ideologue would fail to realize that birth announcements do not verify Constitutional eligibility in the first place.

Therefore, both sides of the argument, either lauding birth announcements or ridiculing them, as a viable part of any conspiracy to promote the legitimacy of Obama is idiotic. If Obama’s birth announcements were not automatically conveyed by the registrar, they were more than likely submitted in collaboration with his mother or grandparents as a practical matter in order to simply share the news of Obama’s birth with the community and to, possibly, act to secure Obama’s eligibility for welfare and baby formula, not a nomination to the presidency.

However, without publishing the identity of the registrant, the editors of the newspapers printed all of the week’s announcements based on typically practiced protocols after receiving the official birth lists from the Hawaiian Department of Health. There was nothing premeditated or fraudulent about this. Municipal laws were followed and journalistic standards were correctly assumed considering the official source in the newspapers’ view. The possible breakdown in accuracy occurred as a result of the Department of Health’s legal ability to include foreign births in the Hawaiian birth registration lists and the registrant omitting birth location information, while the papers did not print it any way.

43. Obama’s Secret Natal Data

According to the “1961 Vital Statistics Report of theU.S. Volume 1 – Natality”, natal statistics were harvested using a “50% sampling method” and, furthermore, statistics were taken only from “even-numbered birth records” in 1961. Since Obama’s birth registration was allegedly an odd number, his unique natal statistics would remain ureported by the State of Hawaii, and unpublished as part of the U.S. Department of Health’s annual natal data report.

This is relative in the fact that, since Obama was a bi-racial, (categorized as non-white) baby allegedly born to an 18-year old, white mother and a non-white, non-citizen father, in an urban hospital in Hawaii in August of 1961, his natal statistics would be extremely notable and rare for this time and place. In fact, statistics show that less than 1 in 20,000 births occurred under these circumstances within the demographic classifications used by the National Vital Statistics Division in 1961.

The unconventional circumstances surrounding Obama’s birth are very conspicuous.

44. No Witnesses of Obama’s Birth Still Alive

To date, no living eyewitness of Obama birth exists. It is assumed that his birth was witnessed by at least three people including his doctor and his mother. However, no documentation of the birth has been provided containing the name of the doctor or eyewitnesses.

45. Obama’s Radicalism

Obama has lived a life wrought with radicalism. In his book, “Dreams From My Father”, Obama writes,

“…I chose my friends carefully, the more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

In the late 1970’s a teenaged Barack Obama met Frank Marshall Davis while the two were both living in Hawaii. Davis, an avowed member of the Communist Party and one of the era’s poetic pioneers of fierce anti-American radicalism, developed a paternal-like relationship with Obama, which Obama acknowledges in his book, “Dreams From My Father”. The 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) member.

Obama has maintained lasting relationships with radicals throughout his entire life. He worked with ACORN activist and chapter leader, Madeline Talbott in 1992. He had a close personal relationship with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers and served with Ayers on the board of the Woods Foundation, a radical Chicago-based education activism organization. Obama attended a church for 20 years where radical pastor, Jeremiah Wright, still maintains an anti-American ministry under the guise of Black Liberation Theology.

As the Obama presidency rampaged through its first year, Senior Environmental Advisor, Van Jones, resigned in early September, 2009 amidst a firestorm of controversy over his criminal and communist past. Then, in November, Anita Dunn resigned her position as White House Communications Director when video surfaced which exposed her as being in favor of the communist philosophy of Chinese dictator and mass murderer, Mao Tse Tung. Dunn admitted her communist inclinations in a speech to a group of high school students.

46. The Deaths of Lt. Quarles Harris and Donald Young

Quarles Harris was a key witness in a federal probe into charges that Obama’s passport information was stolen from the State Department, when he was fatally shot in front of a Washington D.C. church. Harris had been working as a contractor at the State Department and was cooperating with federal investigators when he was murdered.

In December, 2007, Donald Young was a choir leader at Obama’s church, First Trinity Baptist, and school teacher, who many believe had carnal knowledge of Obama’s past. Young was found shot to death in his Southside Chicago apartment.

47. Larry Sinclair’s Bizarre, But Probable Story

Of all the sordid stories circulating about Obama’s past, the one told by Larry Sinclair is the darkest. Sinclair posted a YouTube video alleging that he and President Barack Obama engaged in sexual acts and drug use together in 1999, when Obama was an Illinois State Senator. He claims that then-State Senator Obama procured powdered cocaine for Sinclair, and crack cocaine for himself, which Obama allegedly smoked.

Sinclair also alleges that their drug use was followed by sex acts that included Sinclair performing fellatio on Obama. These acts were alleged to take place in a limousine from which Sinclair provided cell phone records to prove his location on the dates in question. Testimony from the limosine driver has never been publicly published. Sinclair was asked to provide “intimate details” about Obama’s physical features which would prove Sinclair’s claims. His testimony has never been published or made public. Sinclair confesses openly that he is a convicted felon having served time for check fraud and drug possession.

Sinclair repeated his claims about his relationship with Obama in a highly publicized press conference at the National Press Club on June 18, 2008.

48. Passport Documents Released

Documents released in July, 2010, and posted on the website, show that Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, applied for a passport in 1981, the same year Obama traveled to Pakistan. Dunham’s applications show that she had applied for and received three separate passports and a renewal between 1965 and 1981. However, in yet another example of convenient government complicity to obscure Obama’s actual past, the Hillary Clinton-led State Department claims that a General Services Administration directive in the 1980s resulted in the destruction of passport applications and other “non-vital” passport records, including Dunham’s 1965 passport application and any other passports she may have applied for, or held, prior to 1965. The released records also document that on Aug. 13, 1968, Ann Dunham applied to have her 1965-issued passport renewed for two years, until July 18, 1970.

The documents also reveal yet another possible name used to identify Barack Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro. According to the application for Dunham’s 1976 passport she uses the parenthetical name of (saebarkah), or perhaps “Subarkah”, which is a surname commonly found among Indonesian citizenry.

The existence of records of a passport or travel documents prior to 1965 would reveal information on Dunham’s circumstances at the time of Obama’s birth. Therefore, we can now add Ann Dunham’s original passport to the litany of records and documents now missing from Obama’s biographical history.

49. Tim Adams

In July, 2010, Tim Adams, a senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu Elections Office in 2008, made the stunning claim Barack Obama definitely was not born in Hawaii as the White House maintains, based on information he was told by the Vital Statistics Office in Hawaii that there is no original birth record on file for Barack Obama. In a televised interview, Adams reported that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Obama does not even exist in the Aloha State. Adams’ statements conflicted directly with repeated affirmations by public officials in Hawaii that they had seen or had inspected Obama’s birth records that would document his representations that he was born in the state.

“There is no birth certificate,” said Adams after leaving his position with the Elections Office and now teaches English at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

“It’s like an open secret. There isn’t one. Everyone in the government there knows this. I managed the absentee-ballot office. It was my job to verify the voters’ identity.”

50. Hawaiian Governor Offended

In December, 2010, newly elected Hawaiian Democratic governor, Neil Abercrombie proclaimed that he is undertaking an effort, in consultation with the Hawaiian Attorney General, to make Obama’s original birth documentation available to the public. In making his proclamation, Abercrombie claims that since he was a friend of the Obama’s during their attendance at the University of Hawaii and thereafter, he is personally offended by accusation from doubters that the Obama’s were involved in nefarious dealings with regard to Obama’s natal identity. Abercrombie said he also feels it is disrespectful to the office of the presidency to question Obama’s eligibility.

Despite being an alleged friend of the Obama family, Abercrombie was not invited to the couple’s alleged Hawaiian wedding in 1961, nor was he present at the alleged 1961 Hawaiian birth of Obama.

In response to Abercrombie’s proclamations, both Fox and MSNBC, while reporting on the story, admitted for the first time that Obama had not yet released an original version of his official, 1961, federal, U.S. Certificate of Live Birth signed by the attending physician bearing the name and seal of the hospital.

After exercising all of his gubernatorial power, Abercrombie later admitted to media that he could not find any official, original standard Certificate of Live Birth for Obama. Four months later, Hawaii released the image of the very document Abercrombie allegedly could not find.

51. Caught In the Lie

The Forgery of Obama’s “Long Form Certificate of Live Birth”. On April 27, 2011, the Obama White House confirmed the release of a digital image of a purported document claimed by White House officials and Obama himself as his official, original Long Form Certificate of Live Birth issued by the Hawaii Health Department.

In the months following the image’s release, multiple document analysts and computer experts have denounced the image as a forgery stating that it exhibits “…blatant and poorly concealed artifacts and characteristics which make it impossible to have been created in the 1960’s before printing and typographic technologies existed”… which are shown to have been used to produce the document.

One expert, with more than 30 years of experience with Adobe called the image a “literal joke”.

Among many of the document’s failures at authenticity are the artifacts revealing it was produced by a computer printer, not a typewriter, technology which did not exist in the State of Hawaii’s Health Department in 1961.


The above 51 points are an excerpt from an article by Dan Crosby of The Daily Pen:Congress Refuses to Investigate Obama’s Illegal Presidency Because They Fear “Black People Behaving Like Animals” – Sentiment Among Congressional and Judicial Leadership Insults Black Americans While They Ignore a Greater “Silent” Threat From Vintage American Wrath”

Until next time . . . Wake Up America!

Kevin A. Lehmann

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  2. By Jack Lennon on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve read Dr. Corsi’s book, and it’s become very evident to me, that nobody knows who the hell Obama is! Any and all information about him has been locked down, and he can’t even keep his lies straight! I was told a long time ago, “Don’t lie. Your memory isn’t that good.” And so it seems to be with Obama. I doubt that anyone would open the door to their home, and leave their children with some stranger, on just their word, that they’re not a bad guy! Why the hell have the people of this great nation, put someone in the White House, on just his word???

  3. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    I believe it’s a testament to just how disengaged the majority of the American populace is when it comes to politics. Not to mention our tendency to vote on appearance and oratory, and not on substance and record.

  4. By rosemary on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    It matters not how much evidence is out there. Obama is too well protected by the left wing radicals we deal with everyday. He will not be exposed for the FRAUD HE TRULY IS. The Demorats control Senate and this is where it has to start. GOOD LUCK IN 2012.

  5. By Miki Booth on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    Kevin, thank you for this. I’ve written a book that will be avail in 4-6 weeks entitled “Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i” I took special notice of the Hawaiian Homelands information because its something I forgot to put into the book but its an issue I can directly speak to since I will have (in the photo pages) my father-in-law’s Certificate of Hawaiian birth with the proof of Hawaiian blood typed in which is what we needed to get on the roll of Indigenous (Hawaiian) people along with my husband and son’s birth certificates from Kapiolani. Thanks for reminding me. If the info is from A Penn, please thank him as well.

  6. By NoCrud on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    Obama is afraid that any expose of his past documentation will prove he is both a liar and that he is not qualified to be the president.

    I believe also that the COLB is all he has. There is not Long Form birth certificate as proved by a Hawaiian who wanted his Long Form and the office in HI replied that they discontinued the Long Form and only use the COLB but this change of policy occurred years after Obama was supposedly born in HI.

    What is most crucial is that Gov. Abercrombie of HI said he would produce Obama’s Birth Certificate to stop the talk about Obama not being born in America but his intention was to aid Obama’s bid for president in 2012. However, a couple of months later, Abercrombie admitted that he could not find the Birth Certificate…

    I believe we will find that there are many, many more questions that can be asked of The Obamaroid but these 51 are a very good start and achieve the purpose of putting on the table the most important things we need/must know about Obama NOW and not after the country has been totally destroyed. We are talking about our nation’s survival.

  7. By Curtis Jones on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    Well this is about stupid I think…

  8. By bumpkin on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    We ALL know Obama isn’t qualified to be the President of the United States, ALL of us- pollies and non-pollies alike know, but since there really isn’t a ‘President of the United States’ anymore, and the gang of criminals in DC just pretend there is, they really aren’t at all worried about it- the only reason we still have elections is so that America doesn’t descend on DC with their weapons on ‘automatic’ en masse. Its just to keep the angry ones at bay. There hasn’t been a real President for years. THAT’s why nobody but you and I and a few others care who is in the White House. The Mafia that runs America (into the dirt) couldn’t care less. Our only hope is that we will go completely broke, and have a mass revolt, so they (the Chicago and DC mafia) will pack up, tuck tail, and head off to a Nation that still has some semblance of normalcy, so they can set up their vile power-camp there. Gosh! Do you think we might just eventually THANK B.O. for cleaning out the criminals-by collapsing us and starving them out??? Gosh!
    -He’ll go with them, of course… that was my reply to your article reposted on Speaker Boehner’s FB page. EVERYBODY knows B.O. isn’t qualified, and that used to REALLY bother me. Until I realized all this is for show, anyway, that we don’t really even HAVE a Congress anymore- Or a President…if we really DID have a Congress, they would be up in arms over all this, and over B.O.’s creating a personal war without their OK. All it is nowadays, is a ‘pretend’ government, wherein criminals reside, scooping tons of tax monies off our obligatory tax payments for themselves, so they can receive our supplied Politician-WELFARE without their having to work. They call sitting around creating even more crime and theft “work”, then reward themselves for doing it, under our noses, with our money. Pathetic morons. It seems to me that we might be able to rid ourselves of the filth in the government if we were to every one of us, just stop working for about a month. No paying into taxes to support their crimes. Or maybe even for a quarter. We can feed each other, banning all politicians at our doors, and sweep a clean house! Oh, whatever will they DO if they don’t have income? Head to China and takeover there! Yessss! A pathetic state of affairs.

  9. By ladybard on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    Kevin – a brilliant job of compiling in one place the overwhelming evidence of the Obama cover up.

    At issue is the alarming fact that he is not acting alone; that a massive investment of money and human energy has been expended to put this man in the White House, and that a RETURN on that investment is expected.

    Every day that he occupies, as in “enemy occupation,” the white house, is one day closer to the annihilation of our Republic with its promise of Liberty and Freedom for all; one more day that he and cohorts have to implement their plan for Caliphate/NWO/Whatever name they call it it will be Totalitarianism.

    We cannot say well he’ll be out in 2012! What if there is no election in 2012? What if there’s a 10th anniversary “memorial” of 9/11 or a triple threat for the 11/11/11 – number eleven represents the towers. Britain will be flooded with jihadists under cover of the Olympics, so huge potential for disaster there.

    Even absent any threat or possibility of threat every day that the Fraudster remains in the Oval Office is an outrage, an insult to the constitution and an affront to the American People.

    There’s a Charlie Brown character who goes to camp, puts a sack over his face and is promptly elected President. Well, it’s time to SACK PRESIDENT SACK!

  10. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jul 28, 2011 | Reply

    Exactly Curtis! Let’s hope we won’t be so stupid again in November 2012. We share your sentiments.

  11. By LibertyLover on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    Very good compilation of the reasons that Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be President of the US. However, we don’t need 50 or 51 reasons. #1 is good enough. He is not a natural born citizen of the US. So how is it that he hasn’t been removed as being not qualified? Also people, remember that we have to be consistent in upholding the Constitution. That means that Mario Rubio and Bobby Jindal are also not natural born citizens and therefore would not be constitutionally qualified to be President.

  12. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    He hasn’t been removed because nobody in Congress wants to admit that America was hoodwinked and duped by a smooth-talking orator. Or the fact that we let him march right into the White House without being vetted at all. We just accepted at face value that since he brought Oprah Winfrey to tears, he must be our savior. And because he’s considered by all accounts “a black man,” nobody wanted to be accused of racism, and therefore didn’t vet him properly. Had he been a white man, there is no way he would have gotten a free pass.

  13. By ◄Dave► on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    Nicely done, Kevin. A commenter posted a lengthy excerpt of this article to the comment section of an essay of mine at:
    …yesterday. I reduced it to a few paragraphs consistent with fair use standards and left the link to here. I had thought she had pasted the whole article, and was surprised this morning, while reviewing the tab I had left open, to discover it was much longer and more informative than I had suspected.

    To be honest, I was unimpressed with the beginning, as it seemed to be imputing a lot of theological/moralistic motives for the Founders inclusion of the NBC requirement, which I would challenge. I not only doubt them, I find them to somewhat obfuscate John Jay’s simple motive to preclude the international loyalty intrigues suffered by Europeans, due to the intermarriage between Royal families.

    Once past that, however, it is a very good compendium of the controversies swirling around the mystery man currently occupying the White House. It would make an excellent first stop for all those who are just waking up, and heretofore had dismissed the ineligibility issue as bunk. I think the obvious forgery of his latest BC is making skeptics of a lot of folks previously disposed to give him the benefit of doubt.

    Your bio suggest we have much in common. I am sure you would enjoy the above essay. If so, you might also appreciate my recent letter “To Bernie Goldberg.” Keep up the good fight. ◄Dave►

  14. By Krista Gustafson on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    This is about the most assinine thing I’ve ever read.

  15. By Angel on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    This is a very informative and a fascinating article. It amazes me how even strong-minded and outspoken conservative firebrands like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and Glenn Beck have dropped this issue like a hot potato. The administration must be holding something over their heads, like maybe threatening to pull their broadcasting rights, or something, I don’t know, but all of these people have been outspoken against him, and yet, when we clearly have something legitimate to use to get him out of office, they let it go. And by the way, it seems to me that alot of people in Congress should be in trouble with the law for letting this intruder into the White House. We may never recover from the damage that’s been done to this once great and proud nation, and it makes my heart break.

  16. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Exactly Krista! That’s why it’s important we learn from our mistakes and not reelect Obama in Nov 2012.

  17. By LEONARD on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    With the help of the Media he has pull the biggest Scam in American History .

  18. By stacy on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Krista….so what is it the facts you dont like or just facts?

  19. By Beckwith on Aug 2, 2011 | Reply

    Krista opines, “This is about the most assinine thing I’ve ever read.”

    Typical Obot.

    Expresses an opinion without pointing to a single item of contention.

  20. By Jill Hunter on Aug 2, 2011 | Reply

    I don’t understand why being born in Hawaii gives cause for concern, Hawaii is a US state, remember!

  21. By Mark Edward Gillar on Aug 3, 2011 | Reply

    Please listen to this audio and you find that there are many questions surrounding the Obama birth certificate.

  22. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Aug 3, 2011 | Reply

    Read the whole article. Evidence is pretty overwhelming that he wasn’t born in Hawaii, and even if he was, he’s still not eligible with his father having had dual citizenship in Kenya and Britain.

  23. By Linda L Hill on Aug 6, 2011 | Reply

    Please, let me repeat; Before Obama can even run for a Second Term for President, I say we should demand that he be properly veted. So, whoever you are, or whatever you do, do your job and insist on this agenda. We need to rid our Country of this scurge. Sincerely

  24. By Phil McLeod on Aug 21, 2011 | Reply

    I think as an American, First is First. We should do a back ground on anybody that runs for president or vice president. None of this of Obama being a citizen, would be heard. Let’s keep it going America. God bless.

  25. By tim flaherty on Aug 21, 2011 | Reply

    Obama needs to be prosecuted and if found guilty of fraud; needs be put into prison.

  26. By R. Russ on Aug 21, 2011 | Reply

    You have to be more specific as to why it is asinine? (You spelled in incorrectly.) Have you done any fact checking on your own?
    While I’m skeptical about some of the finer points of research … it certainly appears that the man (Obama) is hiding something.

  27. By T on Sep 7, 2011 | Reply

    One benefit of electing President Obama that I had never considered was how much it would burn those on the Right. It’s made so many of you nutty, it’s funny. It’s probably the part of the Obama presidency that I’ve enjoyed the most.

  28. By Donna on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    Just so you Know– I’m the puma member that asked….TEA PARTY,ANYONE???And they took it from there. I remembered the news in 1960/1961 pertaining to obama’s birth,only because my mother was as angry then as i am now-(I didn’t realise who he was until i saw the photo of him and his mother, then my mothers words came back to me. Her words were,’when the news of his birth in Hawaii reached us; She said- “EVEN IF he WAS born in Hawaii,thats one kid that will never be president because Hawaii is still a territory,not a state.” “SOMEONE on the news report had made a comment that “ONE DAY HE WILL BE PRESIDENT” Even then there was controversy about WHERE he was born. Ann Dunham was in the news a lot in ’59-’60-’61. My mom and i watched tv when all of the foreign leaders went to the UN.We watched the votes on the statehood of Hawaii-the Hawaiians all stayed home,they didn’t want state hood-but the spin was….acording to the news caster that they couldn’t get to the polls because there were so many “little islands”.I remember these years because mom was a political junkie” too. We watched when J. F.K. was campaigning for president from the Theresa Hotel in Harlem,during that time Ann was also there,Mom made a remark that “she’s always hanging around the desk clerk” (I now Know who that desk clerk was). There were 3 or 4 times that Ann was interviewed that i remember,one when she attended the little red schoolhouse,another showing the contrast between her and Hillary Rodham, Hillary was a young republican then, Ann was a Marxist. The Third interview i remember was when she was getting ready to leave the U.S.A-when she was going “OVER THE WATER to marry her baby’s daddy,her black prince” was how mom stated it. Now i wonder if i should have listened more to my mom.

  29. By Donna on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    In the Fla. straw poll Newt said something about having Marco Rubio as his V.P. SOOOO,Here We Go Again! Doesn’t any of them know what NATURAL BPRN CITIZEN MEANS??? I sent him an e mail.

  30. By Robert Hauser on Oct 1, 2011 | Reply

    Well set forth…I believe the Ancient Greeks, to this very day held by most true scholars as the greatest philosophers in all of written history, had a saying…
    False in part, false in whole

    I most distinctly recall seeing Obama for the first time on bar room flatscreens in the few months before the Cal State primaries back in ’08 and as women have their finely tuned super sensitive intuitions, so likewise do we guys have our sometimes sloppily broad banded “gut hunches”…which do on occasion at least pay off. It seemed to me that every time Obama opened his mouth on prime time TV to hold forth with one of his campaign spiels, the words BALD FACED LIAR and OATH VIOLATOR appeared to be plastered all over his face as if stenciled in two inch caps; there was something about his facial movements and his lips as he spoke. I remembered then that I had noticed the same about Bill Clinton and his piranha fish wife when they stuck their artificially photogenic faces in front of press cameras—-and, I say this most honestly, I also saw it in the face of Bushbrat—the Dubya, but not so much in his old man. No, but it was there regardless, just not as overtly.
    In any event, one lie implies the existence of myriad others as matters evolve beneath the unforgiving daylight of truth: when first I set eyes on the purported “long form” as officially released by the White House, my first impression was that Obama’s daughter, Sasha, had fabricated the document as part of a school class project to show just how gullible the lemmings of this country could be…two and one half years of unmitigated ass dragging by the Obama regime and they couldn’t in all that span produce a more convincing document than that?…or had they so grossly and suicidally undercalculated the horse sense of all of us that they thought they could pull an absurd stunt like that off?
    The Obama regime, just as those of so many other self-servants-at-public expense, is but another grim reminder that rat poison is 98% corn meal—perfectly good edible stuff—but it’s that 2% furamin that’ll get you every time.

  31. By Capt Gene on Oct 14, 2011 | Reply

    Aside from the above, HOW do you know he is ineligible? It could just be a series of strange coincidences and incompetence by some obviously Republican/TEA Party people. Yeah! That’s it! AND IT’S GEORGE BUSH’S FAULT! IT’S ALWAYS GEORGE BUSH’S FAULT! (This is called sarcastic parody for the uninitiated.)

  32. By Donna on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    veterans are marching on DC on 11-11-11. we all need to go with them! Its up to us to stop the madness!!

  33. By Brenda M. on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Kevin did a great job revealing the truth…Red Alert needs to go out..We immediately need to recognize our need to put politics aside. This is a national emergency we are under the control of the antichrist. Citizens everywhere need to open their eyes and realize the health care registry has an implanted RFID chip that is the Mark of the Beast. The Book of Revelation shows he intends for this to be worldwide. The legislature that comes with this chip specifically states that the data can be used to interface with other programs as so deemed by the secretary. People immediately need to recognize that this chip is a basic id chip where the information will not change and gives or assigns everyone a number. It is the peripherial computers that will do updating with your health care like if they need to show you just had a heart transplant, etc. The same for if the id or chip is used with a banking account the outside computers will do the updating when account amounts or withdrawn or made. No doubt the devil is attempting to fool people into getting the chip only to make the chip usage expand later when they have collapsed the economy by overspending and proceed to make a cashless society. Read Daniel if you want to confirm Obummers Identity. At the end of Daniel my Ryrie Bible teaches that the final antichrist will start his campaign with Eqypt and then follow with Lybia. In Eqypt the U.S. state department sent 770 million dollars to supposedly repair 2 did a report and Nonie Darwish said the money went into the hands of these mosques leaders and they are all terrorist. The rebellion broke out after that…looks like we basically supported and paid for the rebellion. Of course everyone knows what happened in Libya, he attacked without Congressional approval. The antichrist is not going out to conquer but instead is setting up governments and people he can control for that one hour of power in Tribulation when he will try to force the Mark of the Beast on everyone. Bill Clinton will be connected to it too his name calculates to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek and Hillary’s in one of the languages.. Watch these three closely…but right now Americans need to recognize this man has full authority can enact presdiential executive order #12919 which Bill Clinton made that enacts all other orders…He can shut down railroads, ports, airports, take our houses, retirements, oil and gas leases,,,,seperate our families force us to work for him…His whole Islamic regime is to perform stealth jihad and destroy America and enforce sharia Law. We must try to slow him down by repealing the Obama health care law but he is the antichrist and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. Our families need to know do not accept the Mark of the Beast because God will send to Hell all who receive it…We must share the Gospel in hopes Jesus Christ saves people and gives them strength to fight the forced microchip.

  34. By Steve Levine on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Of all the conspiracy theories that you nutcases have promulgated (e.g. the moon landing never happened; 4,000 Jews never showed up for work at the WTC on 9/11;AIDS is a laboratory-created disease, etc., this one takes the cake!

    Just work to get someone else elected or to vote Obama out of office instead of putting so much time into fostering and promoting this puerile, semi-literate output of some hate monger’s wet dream!

  35. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    @Steve: Truth hurts, huh? Perhaps if you had spent more time actually learning “how to think” in college instead of “what to believe,” you’d be able to comprehend the article. Instead you took the typical liberal approach . . . deflect the truth of the message and demonize the messenger. Seriously? Is that the best you got? Where is your reasoned and thoughtful retort? Oh yeah, you don’t have one.

  36. By Briggs Phariss on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply


    “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law with the normenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens, became citizens themselves.”

  37. By CS Deville on Jan 14, 2012 | Reply

    I have written to several people in government about this infomation and given them the web site. To date I have not heard back from anyone. It appears that this Lucas Smith has some information that looks legal.

    Lucas Daniel Smith, Cedar Rapids, lowa, owns this site and he shows all the proof of what he has and what he has done so far.

  38. By Robert Hauser on Jan 14, 2012 | Reply


    (Sung to the tune of “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes, 1954)

    Mr. Obama, git outta here—
    Or I’ll take an Exlax and you’ll disappear;
    We’ve had a gutfull of your New Weird Order
    And running guns across our Swiss cheese Border.

    Mr. Obama, whom do you serve,
    The U.S. Public or the federal reserve?
    With brass-clad balls you say you’re with the Occupiers
    But then that’s stock-in-trade for bald faced LIARS.

    Mr. Obama, please hit the road:
    We need a president and not a toad;
    The White House was profaned by your mere coming
    So kindly leave the same way, through the plumbing.

    Mr. Obama, where were you born?
    Your daughter, Sasha, must have forged that long form
    Your Kenyan “culture” is all Kid Ink Tuna Roll
    You couldn’t lead a rural two-car funeral.

    Mr. Obama, you’re in for the bucks
    That office bought for you by Goldman-SUCKS;
    You’re grossly overpaid for such a sleaze;
    Four-hundred k must buy you tons of cheese.

    Mr, Obama….ObamaSNARE
    Is only Elm’s Street’s most horrific nightmare;
    Just our damned luck a dork with ears he could fly with,
    Would force a “health” plan on us we can all DIE with…

    Mr. Obama, though it is true
    Both Bush and Clinton made this country a zoo,
    And those two bastards made our lives no fun, it
    Doesn’t mean a baboon’s fit to run it.

    Mr. Obama, you’ve screwed up our lives
    Since on the White House steps you and Bush swapped high-5s
    So now please turn off your tragic smarms….Mr. Barack Obama…
    Barry Soetoro…..MAAAAACKDADDY….color you GONE…

    –Bob Spittler

  39. By Vern on Jan 22, 2012 | Reply

    Well that settles it, for sure.

  40. By KP on Feb 1, 2012 | Reply

    On point #1, by the 2 parent standard, it is possible Mitt Romney is not eligible to be POTUS as his Father was born in Mexico, and I dont think his fathers citizenship has ever been proven. Do you have any info on this?

  41. By David Stark on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    We have been painted into a corner. The Left will never challenge the Constitutional eligibility of Romney, Rubio, or Jindal because doing so would establish their awareness of Obama’s lack of eligibility.

    Nor will those in power on the Right push for removing Obama from office, based on his obvious lack of eligibility, because that would bring focus onto the Republican establishment’s chosen few.

    If we are going to allow any elected official from either of the two major parties to ignore the Unites States Constitution, possibly the time has come to wipe the slate clean and start over.

  42. By Robert Hauser on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    Funniest damned thing….I’ve been calling for that for decades; that’s about as long as the Constitution has been de facto a dead letter in this Graveyard of the Once Free.

  43. By James on Feb 9, 2012 | Reply

    All civilizations reach a tipping point…we’ve tipped.

  44. By rocco p. alianiello on Feb 11, 2012 | Reply

    when is this matter going to be decided by the supreme court once and for all and throw out this imposter and imprison him .

  45. By Steve Levine on Feb 11, 2012 | Reply

    Please!!! What have you guys been smoking?

  46. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 11, 2012 | Reply

    @Steve: You mean what was Obama really smoking when he claimed he only smoked weed?

  47. By Amy on Feb 13, 2012 | Reply

    You people are seriously delusional

  48. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    @Amy: I think you meant to say – “You people are seriously constitutional.”

  49. By Robert Hauser on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    Spoken like a true delusional…

    I don’t see Piled higher and Deeper after your name…where did you get your degree in Psychiatry, Tel Aviv U.?

  50. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    @Robert: Commented like a true derelict :-)

  51. By Steve Levine on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    Way to go Amy!!

    Bob, you don’t need a Ph.D to see that you guys are delusional…that you have some kind of birther fetish that qualifies you to be on Donald Trump’s “where was Obama born” team.

    In your collective case, “Delusional” only has to pass the Duck test: If it walks like a Duck & quacks like a Duck, it’s a Duck!

    By the way, I want to call your attention to the fact that delusional is an anagram of: A Dull Noise and that’s the way your rants and silliness are heard by most of us… especially those of us who love the GOP as well as our Country!

  52. By Robert Hauser on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    The reply was leveled at “Amy” but this thread is not structured like the Tube where the respondee is automatically cited….but in a sense you are right as I have derelicted myself from America’s current brain-dead yuppie and schmuppie ridden “Me” generation.

  53. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    @Robert: My bad.

  54. By Robert Hauser on Feb 14, 2012 | Reply

    Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…sure. Ever hear of a platypus? Engines that run smoothly make a dull noise and those that don’t run make no noise at all and the letters “GOP” form an acronym for Gay Old Perverts and if cows didn’t eat mustard, gopsters like you couldn’t go to the celluloid houses and rot your brains out on the latest out of the Glittering Ghetto. So what’s new?
    The fact that Obotulism is Constitutionally challenged for his current status under Quo Warranto is a pitiful fraction of the total case against him—-in exactly the same way that Clinton’s daily blow jobs from Monica Lewinski in the Offal Office were the most miniscule fraction of the real case against him and I have in my files a personal letter from David Schipper, the congressional evidence attorney (and also a life long phlegmocrat but an honest man nonetheless) that claims that the congressional evidence room was jammed clear to the ceiling with evidence against the Clinto regime that could have put Slick Willie and his piranha fish of a wife on death row….but it was a detail that could have gotten him thrown out of office the same way Watergate would have done to Nixon if he hadn’t jumped ship first.
    And don’t even associate me with stink-rich Donald the Rump. So, NO…it is no “fetish” as you so vacuously put it but the way the scatosphere of politics and the JU$T U$ system in this country nonworks, it may be the fluke that unseats him summarily before the ejections.

    You claim to be a gopster and “love this country” —well, whether you like this or not, you can’t do both.

  55. By this list is dumb on Feb 24, 2012 | Reply

    Wow… you people are SHEEP. This list is ridiculous. The majority of the points have nothing to do with Obama — they are history lessons! “Hawaii used to be communist” – WTF? What does that have to do with anything?! There are like 4 valid points here that I am really interested in, the rest is all conjecture and unrelated BS.

    PLEASE learn to argue and debate if you want to be taken seriously by more than just these country bumpkin rednecks.

  56. By this list is dumb on Feb 24, 2012 | Reply

    So much blind hate for Obama. You people are so sad. Are your lives that pathetic? Bwahahahahah.


  57. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 24, 2012 | Reply

    @Kane: If ignorance were a measure of intelligence, you would be a modern day Plato.

  58. By Steve Levine on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply


    It seems that every time someone on this site speaks in a rational, logical voice, you have some silly, infantile,George Costanza-like one liner as a response.

    The FACTS regarding Obama and his tenure, good & bad, hardly seem to matter to you and your fellow hate-filled extremists. And of course, like all radicals of the far, far right…Muslims, Jews and Christians alike…you have no tolerance for views other than your own twisted, distorted and flawed venom.

    Take your hatred of our President and place it where it belongs: Where the sun doesn’t shine!

  59. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    @Steve: The “facts” are Obama is a socialist/communist that’s hellbent on destroying the liberties and freedoms in this country by usurping the constitution and enacting legislation that the American people don’t want by deliberately bankrupting us, deliberately bypassing the 2nd Amendment in an effort to unarm us, deliberately embracing the Muslim Brotherhood and advancing the spread of Islam and Sharia in the US, deliberately letting Christians get slaughtered and Americans be assassinated while continuing his worldwide apology tour, deliberately nationalizing healthcare, the car industry and the banking industry, deliberately driving up gas prices, deliberately advocating equality of outcome over equality of opportunity and hand-picking who the winners and losers are in his ideological warped sense of statist capitalism. He’s not only a treasonous disgrace to the US and the White House . . . hell, he’s a disgrace to Christendom and Islam as well. He has no allegiance to anyone,save his own demagoguery. Leave it to empty-headed Obamabots such as yourself to always change the narrative of “love of country, freedom and the constitution” to hatred of Obama. That kind of BS propaganda might fly in mainstream media but not in my book, Levine.

  60. By Steve Levine on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    As President Reagan might have said, “There you go again, Kevin!”

    If someone disagrees with Kevin, he’s “empty headed.”

    If there’s a point of view different than Kevin’s, it’s “BS propaganda.”

    And if G-d forbid, anyone doesn’t agree with Kevin’s despicable and convoluted constructions (“…a socialist communist that’s hellbent on destroying the liberties and freedoms in this country by usurping the constitution…”), that person is an “Obamabot.”

    Kevin. President Obama might be dangerous, but at least we have Congress & the Supremes to keep him from doing too much damage. And our wonderful democracy includes the best safeguard of all: If we don’t like him or the job he’s doing, we can vote him out…make him an ex-President.

    People like you are much more dangerous to our country than President Obama because there’s no checks or balances to offset your sophomoric, half-baked, semi-literate rhetoric, and only in America, is someone like yourself able to spew the kind of hatred you seem to enjoy and find a small following of folks who are not only like-minded, but also unable to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion. The danger is that someone even less smart than you will believe that you know what you’re talking about and think he’s doing something “patriotic” by trying to take matters into his own hands!

    In case you forgot Kevin, President Obama won an honest and fair election three years ago, garnering 70% of the electoral votes. And unless people suddenly buy into the gospel according to St. Kevin, there’s a reasonable chance he’ll be elected again this November.

    Maybe you should consider Canada as a safe place to be. But now that I think about it, since you’d still have an Internet connection up north, none of US would be safe from your delusional rants.

    Get a life Kevin!

  61. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    @Steve: For someone who writes “despicable and convoluted constructions” your obsession with me could be commendable were it not so creepy. The point is: You have no point Levine, other than to demonize people who state facts rather than offer an intelligent and reasoned retort.

    “Kevin. President Obama might be dangerous, but at least we have Congress & the Supremes to keep him from doing too much damage.” LOL, now that’s a good one. You’re funnier than Letterman.

    Then you follow it up with an encore… “In case you forgot Kevin, President Obama won an honest and fair election three years ago, garnering 70% of the electoral votes.”

    Damn! Levine, I think you have a future in stand-up comedy. Thanks, I needed a good belly laugh :-)

  62. By Steve Levine on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply


    If it wasn’t so reminiscent of another era’s right wing, big lie technique, this entire site would be laughable.

    As it is, the only thing “funny” about you and your hate-filled garbage is that you apparently believe some, if not all of the venom you spew.

    And Kevin, don’t flatter yourself; I have no”obsession” with you, only disbelief that in this day and age, anyone with at least an eighth grade education can stomach the remarkable crap that you spread around the Internet.

    Your brand of radical hate and fanaticism is no different than your extremist Muslim counterparts’, so it’s no wonder that with people like you against him, Obama won the Presidency.

    Keep it up and he’ll win again!

  63. By Amy on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Umm no. I believe wholeheartedly in the constitution and if I believed anyone wasn’t qualified to be POTUS, I’d call it out but this issue has already been resolved…obama is qualified. Get over it and move on to more important issues. Put your racist paranoid conspiracies aside and really just get a life already. I hated Bush with a passion but I sucked it up and waited it out. I didn’t spend 8 years completely obsessed with rediculousness!!!

  64. By Susan Daniels on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    Amy, people like you are the joke not those of us who know there is a felon in the White House. Whose payroll are you on? I have uncovered a great deal of documentation showing that Obama is using a fraudulent CT social security number. I have pinned the exact issuance of the number to March 1977 and at that time he was fifteen years old, living in HI and attending Punahou. There is no way he can have a social security number reserved for the residents of CT.

  65. By Steve Levine on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply


    Wow! What a scoop!! I’m sure you’ll soon disclose to all of us your “documentation” regarding the President’s fraud & felony, putting you right up there with Woodward & Bernstein and their revelations regarding President Nixon’s criminality.

    Like them, you deserve a lot of credit for uncovering something that many people have sought, but only you have discovered.

    Congratulations Susan! The world eagerly awaits your findings!!

  66. By jerry on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    I made a list when Obama was installed: Two coluums. Good For America and Bad for America. From his very first act of calling the Saudi king to thank him, the bowing to the king and every act afterwards. There are no entries in the GOOD for America. Well what about Osama? I believe Michelle on her “vacation” trips to Spain and Africa were diplomatic missions to islam. Imagine the data exchanged on a thumb drive easily secreted even under security. The islamic heirarcy knowing Osama was near death sacraficed him to furthur Obamas advance as the islamic spearhead into America

  67. By Robert Hauser on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    Amy…the word is “ridiculous” and so, apparently, are you. You gloat of “sweating out” eight very miserable years under the Texas white-trash Bush regime….just hoping it would all “hurry up and go away” and that made you part of the problem because while you fancied yourself to be some kind of Melody Blaise heroine by passively enduring that self-serving sociopath sonovabitch, some of us were working night and day to get him impeached and prosecuted for the sociopathic self-servant at public expense that he was. We failed of course because this country is too rank with people like you who think you are “patriotic” for “bravely” allowing yourselves to be sodomized bow-legged by the most corrupt regime on earth—-then under Bush…now under Ovomit. Would you care to sign an affidavit to the effect you know for a fact that Obama/Soetoro/et al was in fact honestly put into the Offal Office? Could you swear under penalty of perjury that your ballot was honestly counted and didn’t in reality get digested by a toilet with the word “Diebold” on it?

  68. By Robert Hauser on Mar 2, 2012 | Reply

    “And our wonderful democracy includes the best safeguard of all”…Steve, where are you getting this fatuous, starry-eyed drivel? Off the back of a cereal box? Where, oh where, in the Constitution does it state that this country is a “democracy”? In fact I would flatly challenge you or anyone on this thread to identify the word anywhere in the document. Was it because the Founders had never heard the word? Hell, they knew about democracies far better than you and condemned them as being “as short in their lives as violent in their deaths”…”democracy” means ten drooling mongoloid idiots have ten times as much say in what the government does as a reasonably intelligent person. If you enjoy existing as a denizen in such a social chamber pot, you can have your fill and you can also suffer the consequences. The Founding Fathers gave us a Representative Republic—not a damned hog ocracy. You gloat about how if we don’t like your Mackdaddy of a prez we can “vote him out”—-sure, just give the coprophagous bastard a lavish life retirement off the tax slaves as a reward for being a talking monkey’s face on the end of a stick for Wallow Street and helping them ram it to the country and leave it face down in the gutter of moral, cultural and economic rigor mortis. If your splib remains in office much longer as a throwaway tool of AIPAC and the so-called “federal reserve bank”, I think you will find that nobody will even have to worry about voting him out of office since there won’t even exist any polls or much of anything else left standing by then. As Bush and Clinton in whose claw tracks he has faithfully followed, lapping all the filth up that was left behind on the trail, your prez is a prime candidate for impeachment and criminal prosecution alongside about 90% of the termites on Wallow Street that he so loyally sold this nation out to for fun and primate prestige.

  69. By Steve Levine on Mar 2, 2012 | Reply


    Your rants are so compelling and you seem so well informed, I knew you would just turn out to be too good to be true and when I did some research on you and your life, I found out that you are, indeed, someone very special!

    Don’t try to hide it any more Robert, your secret is out and your cover is blown.

    I’ll summarize this for now Robert, but you can elaborate on it later if you so choose.

    Folks, Robert Hauser (don’t call him Bob)is a deep cover Iranian agent who slipped into this country from Cameroon when he was just a child. (His Cameroonian passport and birth certificate are obvious forgeries) Robert’s mission was to serve the ayatollahs as a back-up to their nuclear strategy. If they were unable to acquire nuclear weapons, Robert’s role as an alternative to the bomb was to destroy America by drowning us all in a rain of garbage, slop, bullshit, inanities, words, non-words, more words and drivel.

    And guess what Robert? A poll of Americans over two years of age indicates that 87% of respondents agree that a “dirty” bomb placed in their bed would be preferable to another rain of terror from your computer keyboard!

    However, one thing wasn’t clear from your biography, Robert? Tell us all now, Robert… America wants to know: Where were you REALLY born?

  70. By Robert Hauser on Mar 3, 2012 | Reply

    Steve….you are as rollickingly hilarious as an electric chair.

    In fact you are evidently so side-splittingly funny, everybody forgot to laugh.

    Why hasn’t Jay Leno invited you as a guest on his show? Is he afraid you might upstage him and cop his contract?

    So happens that America has already drowned itself in a tide wash of nomographic diarrhea—for someone of your blatant mental finity, that means this nation has legislated itself to death with now three separate and distinct “laws” for every two people within its borders. Iran will never need invade America, not that a counterfeit, flag-waving kosher-CONservative like you could furnish an iota of proof that they would ever feel the compulsion to filth their hands on this country; all they have to do is sit back and watch the show while America chews itself to pieces and spits the remains right out in the gutter. They will ring the curtains down on this elephant and jackass harlequinade well before November most likely.

    See, Steve, like the rest of the Moron Majority that has flushed its own independence and sovereignty down the thunder mug and thought of itself as staunchly “patriotic” for doing so, you have, since you fell head first out of the cradle or were thrown and like so many I’ve seen, been proudly wearing the red, white and blue all your life—-as a blind fold.

    That’s true, isn’t it, Steve?…come on, America truly and desperately wants to know. So anxious are they in fact that they are, in sheer nail-biting suspense, temporarily foregoing any more of the latest and most lurid details about Whitney Houston…don’t keep them waiting.

  71. By Steve Levine on Mar 4, 2012 | Reply

    Magniloquous, Robert!

    The more stultiloquence you try, the more you make my point. Thank you. (finity?)

  72. By Robert Hauser on Mar 5, 2012 | Reply

    The only “point” you have, Steve, is at the top of your skull…ever heard the term “infinity”? Yeah, I should have known better than ask—you haven’t. So what would be finity? DUH…. Maybe a coined term…I have coined more than a few in my career but no one ever had trouble defining the meaning of what I said…until you, of course.
    But then, I forget….you know everything and those experts on the Cold Case Posse know absolutely zip-doodley squat, nothing, and you have single-handedly proven them all totally wrong, haven’t you?

    Well, why don’t you present your total debunking of the Cold Case Posse right here on this thread, Steve?….Hell, couldn’t be that much trouble, could it? Go ahead, try to impress all of us…you haven’t had much luck so far, SHILL.

  73. By Steve Levine on Mar 6, 2012 | Reply

    Come on Robert,

    Every time I get a notification that there’s a new post on this site, I hold out hope that finally, someone will have something of substance to contribute.

    Instead, all we get are either bizarre conspiracy theories buttressed by the worst kind of phony “evidence,” or a bunch of 5th grade, childish, name-calling fanfaronade.

    Do you hsve anything meaningful to say?

  74. By Susan Daniels on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    I am a OH licensed investigator and can document that he has a phony CT social security number which he started using at the age of twenty-five: Long after he attended Occidental and allegedly Columbia. It belonged to someone before him and he was given it, obviously, to hide his past. I have government documents that prove the number was issued in CT in March 1977. The number was reserved for residents of CT. He was fifteen years old and living in HI.

  75. By Robert Hauser on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    There have been volumes of substance on this thread—but obviously not the “substance” you make use of. Just two days ago I viewed the entire press conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio —saw every detail made available that day. Now if you want to refer to all of the investigators who spent six months amassing this information as “crazy conspiracy whack jobs” or whatever your favorite flavor of ad hominem is this week, knock yourself out because you don’t con anybody but yourself. You are nothing but a waste of time and space. If conspiracies are myths, then why is the term still a confirmed resident within Black’s Law Dictionary? See, Steve, as I say, the only point you have is the top of your skull; you haven’t refuted a solitary damned thing that has been offered to prove that your precious Mackdaddy is anything but a usurper and mountebank…and he is not the first to desecrate the innards of the White House by his mere presence…ever hear of Magic Ballot Box 13 back in the LBJ days? Yeah, I didn’t think so either—-you are one of these systemite cyborgs who blindly and deliriously lap up each and everything the maggotry of the media or any other authority figure dumps on your dirty carpet. Those of us who question authority you dismiss as “racist” or “antisemitic” or some other phrase you think will scare us into meekly shriveling up into a hole in the wall somewhere but it won’t work—-and when we rebut you, you accuse us of what you in fact are, a mindless name caller with no real mission in life.

    How do you happen to know that what Arpaio and his bunch presented was “phony”, Steve?…can you demonstrate how “phony” it is? I haven’t seen you do it yet. And how would you be able to judge anything as “fifth grade”?…I doubt seriously you even made it that far.

  76. By Steve Levine on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    new world order, big pharma, 9/11 (cia/
    mossad), area 51, pearl harbor, princess diana, kennedy assassination, vince foster, federal reserve, holocaust (never happened), aids, fluoridation, moon landing, obama (birthplace and religion), global warming, korean air 007, vaccinations, uss maine,subliminal advertising, paul mccartney,roswell alien, protocols of the elders of zion, elvis,shakespeare, illuminati, peak oil, etc. etc. etc.

  77. By Robert Hauser on Mar 7, 2012 | Reply

    So?….what about them?

  78. By Steve Levine on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply

    A conspiracy theorist is one who always says the same thing, and says it over and over again. He is, of course, commonly considered to be, if not a monomaniac, then at very least, a bore.

    10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists

    1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sKeptics are always “sheep”, patsies for Messrs. Obama, Bush, Blair etc.

    2. Relentlessness. They will always go on and on about a conspiracy no matter how little evidence they have to go on or how much of what they have is simply discredited. (Moreover, as per 1. above, even if you listen to them ninety-eight times, the ninety-ninth time, when you say “no thanks”, you’ll be called a “sheep” again.) Additionally, they have no capacity for brevity whatsoever. They go on and on at enormous length.

    3. Inability to answer questions. For people who loudly advertise their determination to the principle of questioning everything, they’re pretty poor at answering direct questions from skeptics about the claims that they make.

    4. Fondness for certain stock phrases. These include Cicero’s “cui bono?” (of which it can be said that Cicero understood the importance of having evidence to back it up) and Conan Doyle’s “once we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth”. What these phrases have in common is that they are attempts to absolve themselves from any responsibility to produce positive, hard evidence themselves: you simply “eliminate the impossible” (i.e. say the official account can’t stand scrutiny) which means that the wild allegation of your choice, based on “cui bono?” (which is always the government) is therefore the truth.

    5. Inability to employ or understand Occam’s Razor. Aided by the principle in 4. above, conspiracy theorists never notice that the small inconsistencies in the accounts which they reject are dwarfed by the enormous, gaping holes in logic, likelihood and evidence in any alternative account.

    6. Inability to tell good evidence from bad. Conspiracy theorists have no place for peer-review, for scientific knowledge, for the respectability of sources. The fact that a claim has been made by anybody, anywhere, is enough for them to reproduce it and demand that the questions it raises be answered, as if intellectual enquiry were a matter of responding to every rumor. While they do this, of course, they will claim to have “open minds” and abuse the skeptics for apparently lacking same.

    7. Inability to withdraw. It’s a rare day indeed when a conspiracy theorist admits that a claim they have made has turned out to be without foundation, whether it be the overall claim itself or any of the evidence produced to support it. Moreover they have a liking (see 3. above) for the technique of avoiding discussion of their claims by “swamping” – piling on a whole lot more material rather than respond to the objections skeptics make to the previous lot.

    8. Leaping to conclusions. Conspiracy theorists are very keen indeed to declare the “official” account totally discredited without having remotely enough cause so to do. Of course this enables them to wheel on the Conan Doyle quote as in 4. above. Small inconsistencies in the account of an event, small unanswered questions, small problems in timing of differences in procedure from previous events of the same kind are all more than adequate to declare the “official” account clearly and definitively discredited. It goes without saying that it is not necessary to prove that these inconsistencies are either relevant, or that they even definitely exist.

    9. Using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims. This argument invokes scandals like the Birmingham Six, the Bologna station bombings, the Zinoviev letter and so on in order to try and demonstrate that their conspiracy theory should be accorded some weight (because it’s “happened before”.) They do not pause to reflect that the conspiracies they are touting are almost always far more unlikely and complicated than the real-life conspiracies with which they make comparison, or that the fact that something might potentially happen does not, in and of itself, make it anything other than extremely unlikely.

    10. It’s always a conspiracy. And it is, isn’t it? No sooner has the body been discovered, the bomb gone off,the new President elected, than the same people are producing the same old stuff, demanding that there are questions which need to be answered, at the same unbearable length. Because the most important thing about these people is that they are entirely lacking in discrimination. They cannot tell a good theory from a bad one, they cannot tell good evidence from bad evidence and they cannot tell a good source from a bad one. And for that reason, they always come up with the same answer when they ask the same question.

  79. By Robert Hauser on Mar 9, 2012 | Reply

    Steve…about 90% of your long winded and flatulent tract describes none other than YOU. You think you are impressing any of us by waxing erudite like that with your phony syllogisms saturated with hyperbole like “dwarfed by the enormous, gaping holes in logic, likelihood and evidence in any alternative account” and it falls flatter than a lunch wagon hamburger….yes, I am probably a good bit more familiar with Occam’s Razor than you—”entities shall not needlessly multiply” and I know that throughout the millennia of history of the exact sciences, it has been the practice of first selecting the simplest theory that explains all or most of the observed phenomena but is yet testable. It’s like the old joke about the guy sprinkling “elephant repellent” all over the sidewalk—when finally someone has the temerity to ask him what in the Hell he is doing, the guy says “I’m sprinkling elephant repellent”…”no damned elephants around here”…”well, see—it works”.
    Gravity is caused by gremlins…can you actually disprove that? No, but you can’t test it either.
    In any event, it is the simplest theory and the most unfraught with extra details and complications that is invariably chosen and always on a temporary basis until more data are gathered, more phenomena are recorded and either an entirely new hypothesis is proposed or the previous one is expanded upon—the Quantum Theory—which is most likely the single greatest achievement in all the exact sciences, is a textbook example of a spectacularly successful concept (first proposed in 1900 by Max Planck) that has undergone revisions and modifications throughout the last century (Schroedinger wave equation, Heisenberg matrix mechanics, spinor theory, etc.) and yet in this evolution continues to give a wealth of insight into the mechanism of the universe.
    Any event, as anyone on this thread knows but you are hoping they don’t, there is no such thing as “absolute proof” of anything—there is “proof beyond any reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty”…in cases of impeachment, there is a “preponderance of evidence”. But, you are not going to be satisfied until you see what you regard as “absolute proof” and then you will still reject it because you are a gullible dimwit who has nothing more creative to do with his life than try to play devil’s advocate for none other than its own sake and think he’s kidding any reasonably intelligent individual who is capable of St Thos. Aquinas referred to as “right reason” (and no, I am not a mackerel snapper)
    A “conspiracy theorist” is a person who believes that a certain event is the result of a coordinated and generally secretive activity of two or more people. That is all.
    What, if indeed any, are your credentials, Steve? I don’t see “PhD” piled higher and deeper after your name…law degree from Harvard? (so did Alger Hiss) or maybe Tel Aviv U.? Ever studied into federal Rules of Evidence?

    Yeah, see, I didn’t think so either.

    As re failing to give straight answers, you have throughout this entire thread shown yourself superbly incapable of doing so: there is ample evidence that Barry Soetoro’s so called “long form” is an absolute fraud; there is evidence that his SSN is a fraud, and, there is most compelling evidence that his draft card is a fraud. You have so far quite conspicuously failed to address any of this and refute one iota of it. You, typical of your ilk, have engaged in name calling and attempting to stigmatize us who seek the truth with such anemic terms as “conspiracy theorists” and then in one and the same breath accuse us of “name calling”. Ever hear the term “theory of the case”?—It’s used in law enforcement. In police investigations, almost universally one assigned to a crime investigation goes into the field with a “theory of the case” as a guide to gathering evidence and, when somewhere along the line, exculpatory or contradictory evidence shows up, he must revise his theory or scrap it and start all over. Well, that is what has been done here whether you can see through your own self-generated fog or not.

    You’re not kidding anyone on this thread, Steve, you are just taking up space by writing like the shill you most likely are and by referring to it as “our wonderful democracy” you show that you are about four bottles short of a six-pack.

  80. By Steve Levine on Mar 9, 2012 | Reply

    Of course there’s no evidence that you’re wrong Robert and like all of the “big lie” opportunists before you,you exploit that fact by duping similarly inclined dimwits into the tortuous belief that a lack of proof constitutes proof.

    The only significant difference between you & Goebbels is that he was deadly serious, whereas you, my friend (that’s a figure of speech)are a joke.

    And as Nabakov said, “The difference between comic and cosmic is just one letter!”

  81. By Robert Hauser on Mar 10, 2012 | Reply

    Steve…if you are going to try to impress people by name dropping like that and quoting authors, then at least go to the nominal effort of getting their names right—the man’s name was Nabokov…Vladimir Nabokov…and it seems to me, if memory serves from years ago, that he said that once a nation loses its language, it loses its soul. America, of course, with all of its so-called “multiculturalism”—which as the late but great Joe Sobran so wisely noted, is nothing more than a stubborn refusal to take any real culture seriously—has lost its soul and just about everything else of any value including its personal freedom. As regards the diff between “cosmic” and “comic” being one letter, the known cosmos is almost entirely empty space—-like all of your posts so far.
    Nabokov also had an implacable contempt for “poshlost”…and, Steve, judging by your comments here, you have the word “poshlost” stenciled all over you from head to foot in 3 inch caps. You are a ZERO…you have a head like a vacuum tube that they forgot to install the electrodes in and this country has become slimed over five layers deep with your ilk; the real horror and tragedy of that is that you vote. Thus it is no wonder this nation has degenerated into a cultural, moral and economic Chernobyl.

    The difference between Obama and Osama is also one letter (and not much else apparently)

    Likewise the difference between Freud (whom Nabokov despised) and Fraud is but one letter.

    See, we can play little word games like this until cows give beer, Levine, and it is not going to do a solitary damned thing for anybody, so why don’t you permanently vacate this site as you haven’t added jack squat here other than nuisance value.

    Goebbels was very much serious…so am I…and “serious” trumps “delirious” any day of the week. Two serious people outvote one delirious pseudointellectual wing nut who squanders his entire life away arguing acephalously just to hear his own voice. “Wonderful democracy” remember?
    You, in your fits of rabid ad hominem,refer to some of us as “Obama-haters”…that’s right. Call me that, Steve, because that is just precisely what I am…I solemnly hate his guts and those of anyone else who gets into high office and lives high, wide and handsome off the tax slaves by making a host of promises during his campaign spiels that he has no intention whatsoever of keeping…a person who, before the echo has even died down from his falsely taken oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, begins engaging in gross violation thereof. You must also suffer from a literacy problem if you have failed to note that I have expressed those same sentiments right here on this blog toward that ultimate white trailer trash from the Lone Star, George the Dubya, spawn of a stink-rich Texas petrobuckster tribe.
    Yes, I hate your precious Obama because he is a piece of dreck just like George Bush before him and Clinton before that and all the rest that the drooling Moron Majority like you keep putting in office over the rest of us.
    So from here on out, Steve, you can keep writing to yourself as you are the only one who would want to waste time reading it.

  82. By Truth Seeker on Mar 10, 2012 | Reply

    Two more possible facts:
    - KENYA DID NOT EXIST UNTIL 1963 – how could it have been on Obama’s birth certificate?
    - Hospital wrong name, was not name on birth certificate until 1978. –

    Link –

  83. By Steve Levine on Mar 11, 2012 | Reply


    I surrender, throw in the towel, capitulate, wave the white flag. I yield to your superior intellect, Robert; you win!

    It’s not that I have a life outside of this site, nor is it the overwhelming torrent of made-up, non-sensical babel that you use in trying to overwhelm other, more reasonable points of view. It’s not even your skilled use of 5th grade invective (“You are a ZERO,””you have a head like a vacuum tube,” “you are about four bottles short of a six-pack,” “a gullible dimwit” “a counterfeit, flag-waving kosher-CONservative,” etc.), or your belief that you are, by far, more clever than anyone else on the planet.

    You win because there’s never a response to mindless misguidedness.

    You win because you can’t hear any voices except your own.

    You win because your insecurity and intolerance demand of you that you always win.

    You win because your kind can never lose.

    You win, because somehow the rules of the silly, conspiratorial game(s) you play are skewed away from logic, truth, or facts and tilted instead toward the ‘what if’ hypotheses of science fiction and children’s fairy tales.

    The only consolation I have in walking away from this silliness is the knowledge that you and the others who embrace your “take no prisoners” garbage, are…always have been and always will be…an infinitesimal, unimportant minority of the population. Fortunately, sanity and logic will always prevail…always have and always will…in the face of the reflexive negativity of people like yourself.

    Congratulations, Robert and don’t forget that “conspiracy” is an anagram of In Cosy Crap.

  84. By Charis on Mar 17, 2012 | Reply

    Truth Seeker, while you are, in a way, correct, the truth of the matter is that Kenya was created in 1920 from the British East Africa Protectorate and named after it’s main mountain (Mount Kenya). Therefore, it has been referred to as “Kenya” since that time. It was granted independence by Britain on Dec 12, 1963 and the independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964. It was entirely possible for obama to have been born in “Kenya”.

  85. By RAY NADEAU on Mar 21, 2012 | Reply


  86. By RAY NADEAU on Mar 21, 2012 | Reply


  87. By Steve Levine on Mar 21, 2012 | Reply


    Talk about kindergarten, where on earth did you get your ideas from?

    I’m no fan of the President by any means, but “martial law,” “third term,” “changing the Constitution?”

    You’re a real hater, Ray and it seems to me that you and your kind are MUCH MORE DANGEROUS
    to our country than any President we’ve EVER had!

    Get back on your meds Ray.

  88. By RAY NADEAU on Mar 21, 2012 | Reply


  89. By Steve Levine on Mar 21, 2012 | Reply

    Three questions, Ray.

    What is a “pin skin?” Where on earth is “Kendra?” (Do you mean Kendra Wilkinson, the Playboy centerfold?)And how many teeth do you have?

    Don’t be embarrassed, Ray? Do you have one? Two?

  90. By Denotchka on Mar 27, 2012 | Reply

    I’m very concerned about the fact that nobody knows who Barack is. One thing we have to remember is that the Communist Party of the USA has been trying for decades to get a Presidnetial candiate in and the problem was that none of them could get in because they were all LISTED MEMEBERS OFTHE COMMUNIST PARTY. They put together “the NewParty” to attract powerful politicains to become members and they did it out of convenience. People who were RADICAL ENOUGH to fit in joined: Bjil and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, are just a few examples of other members of the New Party. There are several memebers of the previous Congress who were members ofthe New Party and there are probably a few in there now, it wouldn’t shock me at all.

  91. By Robert Hauser on Mar 27, 2012 | Reply

    I am sure T

  92. By Robert Hauser on Mar 27, 2012 | Reply

    I am sure that by now you have all seen the vid clip of Obama, whose voice was picked up by a mike that he didn’t realize was on, assuring Medvedev’s aide that after the ejections of November he, the talking monkey’s face on the end of a stick, would have more “flexibility” in the missile program. As I say, the voters in America don’t seem to care what gets dredged off the bottom of an estuary and dumped on the plush Egyptian carpeting of high office.

  93. By Steve Levine on Mar 27, 2012 | Reply


    I’m a little confused; please help me out. Every other entry on this site claims, with absiolute certainty, that the President is a Muslim.

    Now you’re telling us he’s a communist!

    If there’s one thing I know about radical Islam, it’s that the only thing its practitioners hate more than non-Muslims (Christians & Jews), it’s communists.

    So if you would, take a minute & explain how the President could be both a communist AND a Muslim.

    And while you’re at it, I’d be interested in knowing how so many otherwise smart people had the wool pulled over their eyes and only a small handful of people like yourself were smart enough to discover that the President is “a Communist?”

    Thanks Denotchka!!

  94. By Robert Hauser on Mar 29, 2012 | Reply

    For someone who claims that he is “no fan” of the current star boarder in the White Brothel, Steve Levine certainly is lavishing his time on this thread expending himself trying to discredit those of us who see the Worst Family for the self-serving narcissist trash that they are. However, in truth, I must say that I am as fully amused as he how teabaggers and others kindred can in one and the same breath accuse Obongo of being a “nazi”…a “fascist”…a “socialist”….a “closet muslim”….a “communist”….what did I leave out? He’s been labeled everything but late to lunch…perhaps because he flunked lunch in school; not surprising. I don’t believe there is enough soil on this planet to dig the sufficient number holes in to bury all of Obama’s records so we’ll never know. In this respect Steve does indeed have grounds for amusement—Hell, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Any event, I have distanced myself from the teabaggers for this pathological absurdity and aberrational fixation of theirs of condemning Obama of being all of the above rolled up into one.

    As but one of many illustrations of their flagwaving lunacy, The Fascisti were formed in March of 1919 by a man (the Man of a Hundred Wounds) who was raised in the most abject and grinding poverty imaginable, who in his youth was the editor of a socialist news organ until he saw the socialism of the day for the LIE it was just before he marched off to the trenches to serve his country and got seriously wounded and heavily decorated and who returned to fight communism AND rampant political corruption AND the Unione Sicilione in the streets of Italy and successfully drove them out of the country in 3 1/2 years.

    That sound like Obama—-or anything remotely like him?

    No, I am sorry, all you teabaggers and other phony flagwaving tri-cornered hat, drum & fife addicts—-Obama is no “nazi” or “fascist”….he would never have the bowel tract to constitute a wart on any of their behinds.

    As re his being a “closet” muslim—that is just as deranged a charge. If Obama were a muslim, then why did he allow Goldman-SUCKS (run by “muslims” most assuredly) to buy him the presidency? And why has he allowed himself to be surrounded by the steel nebula of jewish “advisers” that are as grafted to him as his face is grafted to a teleprompter? There is no one who solemnly hates Obama’s guts more than I for the counterfeit and usurper and willing throwaway tool of the international banksters the sorry primate bastard is…but for God’s sake use your heads and don’t go comparing him to Mussolini or Hitler or other figures in history whereof you know absolutely nothing whatsoever but what you gleaned out of some high school twistory book or from a Frank Capra celluloid. Judas Priest.

  95. By Matt Sistrunk on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    This article provides evidence of how the emotionally manipulative aspect of racial issues is used by elite control freaks to protect their criminal agents from our objective scrutiny. Did you get that? Read it again, and beware of people expertly pulling your strings for their desired effect. Think. Don’t react, like a conditioned lab rat. That’s what the elite control freaks think of you, and treat you as. Don’t give them the satisfaction of responding to their manipulative stimuli, which is manifested in their use of race to cause division among Americans, so they can conquer us. Don’t let it happen. Obama is a criminal. He must be held accountable, period. Obama is not THE problem, but a mere symptom of a much BIGGER problem of elite influence pulling our strings from the shadows of darkness. Let’s shed some cleansing light on their cowardly asses and break their spell over the ignorant masses. Hey, that rhymes… asses and masses… pretty cool.

  96. By Steve Levine on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    Cue the “Twilight Zone” music.

    Better yet, don’t forget the Academy Award-winning movie with Jack Nicholson. (What was that called again?)

  97. By GuitarMan on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    Obama was picked for us by these critters !

    “The Jewish people as a whole WILL BE ITS OWN MESSIAH. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this “new world order” the children of the Jews will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the JEWISH rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” – Baruch Levy, a Jew, Letter to Karl Marx, a Jew, `La Revue de Paris’, p. 574, June 1, 1928

  98. By Steve Levine on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    Why is it that this site attracts so many nut cases?

    Obama is bad enough, but if maggots like this are against him, he can’t be all bad.

    Guitarman is very lucky. If he had lived in Germany during the ’30s he’d have been exterminated. After all Hitler felt the same way about mental defectives as he did Jews!

  99. By Robert Hauser on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    The Shining

  100. By Steve Levine on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

  101. By Columbus on Apr 8, 2012 | Reply

    You missed the most important one — melanin.

  102. By Steve Levine on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    Sounds like Columbus jsut discovered that our President is Black. Very clever of you Columbus!

    By the way did you mean Melanin or its anagram, Name Nil?

  103. By Robert Hauser on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    As with so many, Jill-girl, you miss the whole point by light-years….it’s a preponderance of evidence that he was NOT born in the Hwaiian Islands but Kenya…why don’t you READ???????

  104. By Coach Campbell on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Here are three reasons that Obama’s birth is a stupid point to argue…
    First, thinking that you must be born on U.S. soil in order to be a Natural Born Citizen is preposterous. Second, the idea that your parents have to be married at the point of conception has absolutely nothing to do with it. The marital status of the parents has no bearing on this matter. Third, anyone born to a U.S. citizen (both parents are not required)is a natural born citizen.

    Point in case- My brother-in-law is in the Army and serving in Germany. He is married to a German woman. Their son holds dual citizenship, was born in Germany, and has only one parent who is a U.S. Citizen. He is also a Natural Born Citizen.

    My question is where do you guys get such crummy information???

    By the way, I am a U.S. History Teacher and we study the Constitution in depth as part of my class. I am no Constitutional Law Expert, but I am pretty well versed in the Constitution and the Ammendments.

  105. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    @Coach Campbell: Stick to U.S. HIstory, you’re completely out of your league. Only I hope you’re not as misinformed about U.S. history as you obviously are about the Constitutionality of natural citizenship. Read the article again, and next time, offer an an educated and informed retort.

  106. By Steve Levine on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t be upset Coach Campbell. If you were thinking otherwise, you’re not the only rationale, even sane person who reads and comments on this Alice in Wonderland site.

    People like Kevin aren’t deterred by evidence, facts or truth. If any of those mitigations… evidence, facts, truth…don’t comport with their twisted agendas and neurotic insistence on conspiracies, they’ve devloped a great coping mechanism: Childish, but virulent name-calling.

    Kevin and his ilk are part of the answer to a question that millions of Americans are asking: What ever happened to civility, integrity and reason?

    Of course, from Kevin’s perspective, it’s the millions of Americans who have the problem, not the handful of haters who populate this site!

  107. By Robert Hauser on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Where do you teach U.S. Twistory, “Coach”?…it couldn’t be in a public grade school since most h.s. graduates in this country are not even aware of the existence of the Constitution let alone what lies therein. Those are quite some assertions you have made, do you have any citable federal case law that backs them up? True enough, the Constitution does not specifically define unambiguously what a “Natural Born Citizen” is but in that case, resort must be had to “that much of the CommonLaw of Old England not in conflict therewith” as ART VI at one time read, to determine just what was meant by the Founders when they said “Natural Born Citizen”.

    Your nephew in Germany is not even relevant here and we are discussing a radically different situation….furthermore, being a so called “dual-citizen” should bar anyone from holding the at least titular “highest office in the Land”. You also seem to ignore the fact that your precious Barry the Mackdaddy had at one time been a citizen of Indonesia which would have negated whatever supposed U.S. citizenship he might have had after being dumped out by his porn queen mother. You might object that after white trash Bill Clinton fled the U.S. to avoid the draft and then promulgated openly communist propaganda from behind the Iron Curtain, he as much as forfeited his U.S. citizenship but was nonetheless allowed back in the U.S. just like Hanoi-bitch Fonda herself and was then allowed to run for prez. Well, the fact that the Constitution, over the past century has been honored grossly more in the breach than in any token observance does not make it any less the Supreme Law of the Land and because we have had a solid and unbroken parade of rogues from the gutter processing through the doors of the White House and calling themselves “prez” doesn’t prove a damned thing other than the gutlessness and invertebracy and total bankruptcy of gonadic gumption of the people in this country in tolerating it.

    The question of Obama’s lack of Natural Birth is by no means the most major of his disqualifications by any means but it is the one most easily presentable to a grand jury at this time pending the development of more evidence against him—-as you might recall that when Slick Willie faced impeachment proceedings in that grossly overfunded circle jerk known as the U.S. Senate…every other word that came out of those useless bastards was “Monika Lewinski this” and “Monika Lewinski that” and they completely ignored an entire congressional evidence locker that could have put both Clintons behind bars for life or worse. How do I know?…I’ll tell you: I happen to have a personal letter from David Schipper, the congressional evidence attorney at the time and a lifelong democrat who prepared the case against the Clintons, who said so in just so many words.

  108. By Brian on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    Nice Article. It’s a bit of a long read it would be nice to see a FAQ style version but all in all it was very good.

    The scary part is that I have seen and read many more arguments that point against not only Barak’s eligibility to be president but also questioning the name he goes by and his US citizenship entirely.

    This is like the Rabbit Hole in Alice in wonderland… The deeper you look the farther it goes with no end in sight.

    I’ve seen digital copies of the US Postal service address records and other public documents that can track people that you don;t normally think about. Obama’s Father never lived with his mother. 3 weeks after his birth date Obama’s mother was registered for classes at University of Washington. The weirdness goes on and on…

    The saddest part is the state this country is in to continuously block all grievances filed against his presidency.

    Does anyone care about the Constitution any more? Does anyone care about following the law? It really is sad.

  109. By Brian on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    @Steve Levine… I’ve seen you’ve left a lot of comments. What is wrong with people wanting to know if the President really is who he says he is?

    There’s plenty of credible evidence to support that he’s lying about something. He’s spent enough on it. Why spend millions of dollars in legal fees when you can open up your documents and allow a free unhindered investigation (like every other president has done). Instead he locks his past away. So half the nation is left wondering. Is this guy who he really says he is?

  110. By Robert Hauser on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    I think it’s probably a good bit more than half, Brian, but nonetheless, don’t waste any of your good effort on Levine…he writes like a garden variety shill, a rather amateurish one at that and adds nothing of any value whatsoever to the discussion. He thinks he impresses people with his trashy ad hominem pasquinades against us like “truthers”, “haters” and “birthers” and laughably claims that we are the ones who can’t be bothered by “facts” when he himself has presented not one to refute any of the issues we have brought up. All he has to offer are these infantile “anagrams” of his that can be dredged up using software like Brendan’s Online Generator and he thinks he’s being cute…
    Well, I am really going to step into the breach this time—yes, you are damned right I am a “hater” and proud of it. I solemnly hate the rotten guts of any oath violating bureaucrat in this country who fancies himself to be above the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution and that very much includes Levine’s precious Mackdaddy who is just another Adam Clayton Powell….a self-servant at public expense. I have that exact same hatred and contempt for that execrable white trailer trash nonstop busniness failure who is too rich for his own good or anyone else’s and has in all sane likelihood never done an honest day’s productive work in his entire squalid petrobuckster brat’s life—-GEORGE DUBYA BUSH.

    I also happen to be a “truther”—yes, a seeker of the truth. Obviously seeking the truth has never been a family value for the ilk of Levine who, despite his claim that he is “no fan” of the prez, persists in taking up space and being nothing but dead weight on this thread because he has not raised one solitary objection worthy of the name against those of us who can see through the sheer trash of the Obama version of the Camelot myth.

  111. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    Well said Robert!

  112. By Steve Levine on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply


    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with people questioning anything about the President and certainly nothing wrong with those…like yourself…who do so in a reasonable, rational way.

    My problem is with the vituperative, hostile yahoos who can only resort to name-calling and bullying to “prove” their point, while trying to belittle and demean anyone who disagree with them.

    I also have a problem with the conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy theories. Whether it’s the moon landing, Kennedy’s assassination, Area 51, or Obama’s birth certificate, these people either aren’t aware of, or somehow discount, the number of people who would have to be involved in a conspiracy and how all of them would have to maintain their silence and not leak the “secret” for the conspiracy to keep its legs.

    My bottom line on Obama’s birth, parentage and Constitutional qualifications, is that there are a lot of very smart, very objective people in both parties who are quite certain that whether he’s a good president or a bad president, his constitutional bona fides are very much in order.

    They may not be as smart as Kevin, Bob, or any of the other folks on this site who are smarter than everyone, but absent seeing any HARD DATA to the contrary, I can’t be moved by the haters.

  113. By Coach Campbell on Apr 14, 2012 | Reply

    Soo… Mr. Lehman… Why is it that you can’t respond to a post that doesn’t agree with you without being insulting? That being said… If you ever want to face up with me for a good ass kicking, I’m all in. Mr. Hauser… The same goes for you… Yes, the public school system is messed up. I agree. The majority of our young people are total idiots. However, not all of them are. Who do you think teaches them? The same teachers that try to teach everyone else. Before you try to blame the education system, point the finger back towards yourself, the parent. You are what’s wrong the U.S. today with all of your anger. Now here’s a little about me. I’m a Bush man, through and through. I retired from the Army before becoming a teacher and served in Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. Before you start insulting people, why don’t you calm down first. The ass whipping offer still stands if you have enough balls to step up. But then again… I’m sure you will probably just keep this on a public forum so that you can spout all the hate that you want with impugnity. Be the little man you are!

  114. By Steve Levine on Apr 14, 2012 | Reply

    Very well said Coach Campbell!

    The voice of reason resonates even louder when it’s heard in an environment that compensates for inadequacy and ignorance by the venomous screeds of haters like kevin & Bob.

    They care little for reasoned dialogue, only adherence to and compliance with their tunnel vision view of our great democracy and its elected leadership!

  115. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 14, 2012 | Reply

    @Campbell: So that’s what you call truth and disclosure nowadays . . . anger? I’m not going to waste my time, much less any brain cells tutoring a teacher (God help our kids) who doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to the constitutionality of Obama’s eligibility. Were you born this stupid or did you grow into it once you became a teacher? “If you ever want to face up with me for a good ass kicking, I’m all in.” Looks to me like you’re the one with the anger problem, soldier. Besides, it’s not an ass kicking that you need, but a brain kicking. And who’s claiming that all our young people are total idiots? And now you claim the parents are to blame for the morass we call our education system? You’re the one that came on my blog casting the “crummy information” insult and offered no erudite rebuttal whatsoever. All this talk about offering an ass whipping, and you’re telling me to calm down. Interesting. Is that how you handle your students too? Please tell me you didn’t teach them to spell Amendment “Ammendment?” If your brains ever catch up with your balls, feel free to leave an intelligent comment. Until then, keep dreaming of kicking a Marine’s ass. Thanks for the belly laugh . . . OORAH!

  116. By Robert Hauser on Apr 15, 2012 | Reply

    Tell you what, “coach”…you call yourself a “teacher” but you couldn’t instruct a lost bowel embolism. You even gratuitously admit that the school system is “messed up”—yeah, I wonder why? And you are showing yourself to be a walking poster child for home schooling…that ever penetrate through to your one brain cell? Where did you attend “teachers” college anyway? You should demand your tuition back in toto because it was a complete waste. Blame parents?…Just who in the Hell are YOU to do that? Ever actually have any kids of your own? Any excuse for a responsible parent would be closely monitoring his and/or her kids to see just what kind of smog is being blown up their backsides in the classroom by tax funded clowns like you in the public FOOL system and if foul enough, jerking them the Hell out of the skull-raping centers where sleazes like you work and teaching them at home like I did my three kids.
    As to your other remark, would you like to try and kick my ass, soljer boy?….I fought my way through Tet over in Nam and we had wet dreams that were scarier than anything you ever experienced, so bring it on, leg. I doubt very seriously that you were in Afghanistan or Iraq and even if so, the experience went entirely wasted on you. I can scrape ignorant juke box gigolos and social phlegmers like you off a bar room wall all day long who lose an argument because they have no more brains than an out house door knob and who then want to go outside and try to kick “kick ass”. Why don’t you climb out of pre-adolescence and go back to school yourself assuming you ever attended in the first place and this time pick one that is at least marginally worthy of the name.

  117. By Robert Hauser on Apr 15, 2012 | Reply

    And as for you, Steve…you self-righteously flatulate of our fancied “tunnel vision” and your observations about “democracy” still sound like they are being read directly off the back of a cereal box…and likewise my challenge of long ago still stands: show me where in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation. the Northwest Ordinances of 1787, the Mayflower Compact, the Federalist Papers or any other of the Freedom Charters of this nation where it states that this country is a “democracy”… have definitely got some brass-clad bowel tract to accuse others of “tunnel vision” when you yourself have most manifestly spent the entirety of your life proudly wearing a five-and-dime American flag….as a blindfold.

  118. By Robert Hauser on Apr 15, 2012 | Reply

    I dunno, Steve….it certainly seems to have held a manic obsessive attraction to you, now hasn’t it?

  119. By Steve Levine on Apr 15, 2012 | Reply

    What unmitigated arrogance and 5th grade manipulation!

    Of course the word “democracy” doesn’t appear in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or any other of the texts you’ve so blithely ennumerated to impress us all with your depth and eruditon. Neither does the Joy of Cooking say turn on the stove before baking a cake; Dr. Spock’s Baby & Child Care neglects to advise mother’s to not clean their baby in the washing machine; and my wife’s Toyota user’s manual doesn’t suggest she turn on the ignition before driving.

    As you well know (or maybe you really don’t), the word “democracy” has its root in the Greek word “demos,” THE PEOPLE. And every fourth grader knows that democracy is a form of government where power IS VESTED IN THE PEOPLE

    So in the Declar5ation of Independence, when Jefferson said that “Governments derive their power from the consent of the governed,” even you might agree that “the governed” refers to
    THE PEOPLE! And starting with WE THE PEOPLE and moving to Article I (the House of Representatives is chosen BY THE PEOPLE),every aspect of the Constitution…and for that matter, every aspect of each of the texts you’ve alluded to…is based on that same great bedrock pricipale of Democracy: WE THE PEOPLE.

    You may laugh at or scorn the idea of democracy and of course, that’s your right. But please spare us your childish “reasoning” and keep in mind that people like Coach Campbell who have fought to keep us from becoming a country where democracy is vested in one “great leader” may not appreciate your insensitive, mindless cynicism.

  120. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    Stolen SSN #042-68-4425

    An intensive investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social
    Security Number (SSN) is being used by President Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig,
    who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924,
    and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 ( Obama’s current SSN ) received it
    around March 1977.

    Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. Because of that, his
    SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among only a select few reserved
    for Connecticut residents.

    Obama never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no reason
    on earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042. None whatsoever!
    Now comes the best part! Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii,
    where he died.

    Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in
    the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had
    access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

    The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and
    because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to
    stop and therefore, no questions were ever raised.

    The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a
    U.S. Citizen, either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of
    Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro simply scoured the probate
    records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social
    Security benefits, and selected Mr.Ludwigs Connecticut SSN for Obama.

    Although many Americans do not understand the meaning of the term “natural
    born” as evidenced by a few people in this comment thread, there are few
    who do not understand that if you are using someone
    else’s SSN it is a clear indication of fraud.

    If the voters of this great nation can succeed in bringing this lying,
    deceitful, cheating, corrupt, impostor to justice without having to embarrass him
    at the poles in November, all the better. This usurper-in-chief is a phony and a fraud.

  121. By Steve Levine on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    More of Kevin’s bunk, b.s and Internet urban legend.

    The Social Security Death Index allows you to search a database of people who have been issued Social Security numbers and whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration beginning about 1962.

    The information comes from the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File, which contains deaths after 1936 and which is not available online. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the SSA is required to disclose a Public Death Master File, but that one doesn’t include all deaths. Some genealogy sites allow searches of this death index, but many of them, such as, have put access to Social Security numbers behind a pay wall to help prevent identity theft.

    You can search the death index for free at Family Search ( You will find Ludwig listed there.

    Kevin…and the email he copied that’s been floating around the Internet for over a year…claims that the SSA was never informed of Ludwig’s death. And it states that Obama has been illegally using the SSN assigned to Ludwig, 042-68-4425.

    But the death index shows that the SSA was informed of Ludwig’s death. The Jean Paul Ludwig referred to in the phony email (and Kevin’s post) — born in 1890, lived in Connecticut, died in Hawaii — looks to be the same one listed in the database (born on Feb. 17, 1890; SSN issued in Connecticut; death benefits issued in Hawaii).

    But the Social Security number listed for Ludwig is 045-26-8722, NOT 042-68-4425 as Kevin claims!

    Finally, since non-citizens can legally obtain Social Security numbers, the issue is moot — even if you believe that Obama is not a natural-born citizen. By itself, having a Social Security number isn’t even an indication of citizenship.

    Sorry Kevin.

  122. By Robert Hauser on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    “Impressing people with depth and erudition”…my, my, my, but everybody’s favorite pilpuller, Steve Levine, would never lower himself to that level, now would he? Hell, no, he just quotes Russian poets without even spelling their names properly, that’s all…if I raise any issue against Steve’s hollow polemics, I will instantly be accused of being a “hater” or “impressing people with depth and erudition”. So? Perhaps I am to the extent that people might be compelled to research the facts for themselves…you have a problem with that, Steve? As long as I attempt as much as humanly possible to stick to the truth as best I know it to date, and as long as I am attempting to inspire a search for the truth in others, what is that to you? Woops…forgot…now Stevie-boy is going to accuse me of being a “twoofer”.
    Well, you are spinning your wheels in the mud on this one, too, Steve, and it is not going to fly: the Constitution of the United States is a corpus juris—a body of law—considered to this very day to be the single greatest ever written. It is not the owner’s manual for your wife’s jalopy. It is not some damned cookbook written by your favorite pop culture Galloping Gourmet type. Your fatuous analogy is about as anemic and transparent as they come…
    The word “democracy” is not absent from the Constitution because the Founders “forgot” it or decided to “leave it out” because it was so universally acknowledged as to be of no need to cite as you would deceptively (and typically) suggest. The Founders knew far better than you the sheer destructiveness of “democracy” as they were fully grounded in the Greek and Roman Classics—the writings of Plutarch, the Platonic discourses, etc. and they knew that the Ancient Greeks, still held to be the greatest philosophic minds in the history of mankind, had experimented with a number of social configurations, democracies being a few just among them. Democracies FAILED—so thoroughly in fact that James Madison in the Federalist Papers was moved to condemn democracies as being as “short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths”. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying that “democracy is nothing more than 51% of the population seizing the property of the other 49%. If democracies were such a colossal failure for the Ancient Greeks, then what would drive you and others like you to this hallucination that they would function in what is now the polyglotted chamber pot of the earth, America—now the Graveyard of the Once free? This nation was founded as a “representative republic” and not a damned democracy, your bold faced lies to the contrary notwithstanding. In a representative republic, people have a say in their government but for obvious reasons well grounded in human history, that “say” can not be “equal” lest disaster should ensue just as it has been now throughout the last century.
    I don’t know, Steve, maybe you run a company where everybody has an equal say in how the firm is run…but I doubt seriously you would even be able to keep your doors open for one day.
    They didn’t even begin using the word “democracy” in public school classrooms in this country until about 1928. So don’t try to amateurishly con people with this pathetic “they left it out of the Constitution because it was so obviously and universally acknowledged and accepted that they didn’t even need to mention it” apcray.
    That is just sheer and unmitigated bravo sierra and you know it.
    Ever hear the term “pilpull”, Steve? You most likely will never find it in any Webster’s even the more “hip” ones of latter day…but the word and definitely the practice do very much exist. What you have been engaging in on this thread throughout is unmistakable pilpulling and you are not very good at it.

  123. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    Steve, your slobbering love affair for Barack Obama is to be commended, but that’s about it. The fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen and not eligible to be the president has already been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But sadly, liberal blowhards like yourself could give a rat’s ass about the Constitution or the rule of law.

    Here is some more bunk, bs and internet urban legend for you to digest. Spin as you may, the truth wins out in the end. Thank God enough of your progressive friends are even waking up to the truth as evidenced by Obama’s sharp decline in the latest polls.

    So tell me Steve, why spend a million bucks hiding your past and sealing all school transcripts and every other identification document that can easily corroborate your claims to natural born citizenship? Wasn’t it Obama who said –

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. Never mind the fact that Obama is a fraud, he is the most incompetent man to ever occupy the White House. A glib tongue to be sure, but a basketball playing eunuch who can’t govern his way out a wet paper bag.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    Hey Steve, maybe you could be Jay Carney’s successor as White House press secretary. You got the liberal spin down very well.

  124. By Steve Levine on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply


    My belief and description of you as a “hater” applied and applies only to your twisted, bizarre and detestable conspiracy theories about the President, not your infantile lecture series about the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.

    Even if I were inclined to further debate that (or any subject) with someone, it certainly wouldn’t be with a person who perceives himself…as you obviously do…to be an intellectual giant, someone who, when logic, reason and facts fail, resorts to the tyrant’s typical fallback of “If you don’t agree with me, you’re clearly some kind of mental defective.”

    In the meantime, if you feel compelled to continue to discuss the merits of a Republic vs. a Democracy, I suggest you contact the linguisticians (did I spell that right, Bob?) at either The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or The Democratic Republic of the Congo. I’m sure they, like the rest us, won’t be as smart as you, but at least they’ll have the advantage (blessing?) of not understanding a word you say.

    On another subject, while all my employees don’t have an equal say in how the company is run, I’m proud to say that I not only listen to and hear dissenting views, I’m tolerant of and civil to each person and perspective in the company. (Now that’s a practice that must sound alien to you!) And speaking of “practice,” I hope that if any of your clients ever have the temerity to disagree with you, you don’t accuse them of “hollow polemics.”

    Finally, I don’t think the word “pilpul,” that artful and brilliant interaction between the great Talmudic scholars of antiquity, belongs in any of your one-sided, narrow-minded, spiteful posts. And if pilpul is still practiced by present day sages, I imagine it’s only in isolated corners of Jerusalem, Safed (Tzfat) or Williamsburg.

  125. By Steve Levine on Apr 17, 2012 | Reply


    Some funny things about your response to my post of April 16 regarding the President’s alleged phony social security number:

    1. You forgot to mention, rebut or in any way refute my comments regarding your fraudulent accusations (“More of Kevin’s bunk, b.s. and Internet urban legend”).

    2. I have no “slobbering love affair for Barack Obama.” You and Bob Hauser have totally misread the tea leaves; I don’t even LIKE Barack Obama and hate the idea that it sounds like I’m defending him.

    3. But one of the things I like less than the Obama Presidency is the web of distorted, deceitful, conspiracy theories about him that you, Hauser and a handful of other lunatics have either initiated, or perpetuated, but in either case, have tried to impose on the rest of us.

    4. As a longtime conservative, I’ve always loved our Constitution and been a card-carrying advocate for the rule of law. But people like you & Hauser are so far to my right that even President Reagan would fit in your laughable characterization of me as a “liberal blowhard.” (Like Hauser and most other Loch Ness-like conspiracy theorists, you confront disagreeable facts with name-calling, race-baiting and personal attacks.)

    5. The President’s “sharp decline in the latest polls” are entirely a function of his failed Presidency and have no relationship to where he was born (Hawaii), his religion (Christian), his parentage, his race, or your continual high school name-calling attempts to demean and belittle him. (“…a basketball playing eunuch.”)

    One other thing Kevin. You incorrectly said, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” The actual and accurate bromide goes: “Where there’s smoke, there’s USUALLY fire.” Your theories about our President represent plenty of smoke Kevin, but not enough fire to cast any light in the dark, paranoid little world that you, Bob Hauser and your handful of other conspiracy theorist friends inhabit.

  126. By Robert Hauser on Apr 18, 2012 | Reply

    As I have most likely indicated before, in picking apart your so called “arguments”, I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony—-I just simply don’t know where to begin. In the first place, I do not now nor have I ever “imposed” my theories on other people…I have presented them and what evidence I have on hand and encouraged them to sleuth out the facts for themselves. You falsely claim to be “respectful” toward those who disagree with you yet here on this thread you refer to Kev and myself as “lunatics”…see, right there, you are a typical lying, hypocrite and this country reeks from here to the far side of Hell with your ilk. You speak of pilpulling as that “artful and brilliant interaction between the great talmudic scholars”…blahblahblah…yet in fact all it is is demented syllogism, casuistry and word mincing —argument for no other purpose than the sake of argument itself. Semantic antics and that is all—let the readers of this thread peruse “Confusion de Confusiones” by Joseph de la Vega in 1688 and decide for themselves the supposed “value” in semantic hair splitting as practiced by your “talmudic scholars” of old and judge for themselves just how much true value there is in it. Or if courageous enough, let them navigate through the original Soncino version of the Talmud of 1939 and see for themselves just what a pelagic sewer basin full of pseudoscholasticism is therein to be found where something like three pages are consumed in debating amongst various rabbinical “scholars” whether it is better to spit food out on the plate if one forgets to say a jewish prayer before eating or garble it around the food while chewing it.
    See, Steve, you may be smogging it up for everybody else, but you aren’t snowing me for one New York second—with you it is all about debate strictly and solely for debate’s sake and with no useful purpose in mind…i.e. pilpulling. In fact I don’t think you are kidding anyone on this thread but yourself.
    You claim that you have not seen any “hard evidence” that Obongo was born in Kenya or anywhere else outside the U.S. but you don’t specify just how “hard” is “hard”…are we supposed to guess? Does Steve Levine have his own special Brinell “hardness” tester for evidence? So in other words, I guess that all evidence of the fraud that your precious Mackdaddy is, must pass the Steve Levine “Brinell hardness” test and if it fails then it is just “twisted conspiracy theory”, etc., blahblahblah…pilpulling to save the world. Well, tell you what, Steve-boy, maybe you have never spent a day of your life in a court room, but anyone who has knows right off that in any courtroom of competent CommonLaw jurisdiction, one of the first things they make abundantly clear to a jury is that there is no such thing as “absolute proof”…there is only “proof beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt and to a moral certainty” necessary to convict. And for impeachment of a corrupt public official, such as Obama, from public office under Quo Warranto (oh jesus, Steve..there I go trying to impress people with my “erudition” —god damn me for that, right?), is “preponderance of evidence”…a lower standard. Well I believe that Kevin has accumulated and rather well assembled more than a “preponderance of evidence” and you cannot cope with it. So you regurgitate all these totally specious “arguments”(if by such a name they can even be dignified) of yours to discredit Kevin and myself and when all else fails, as it has so far, you fall back in your usual cowardly fashion upon the old race card and try to dismiss us as “racists” and “haters” and so on thinking you are impressing anybody but the most gullible and beclouded. And it hasn’t been working out so far, has it, Steve?

  127. By Robert Hauser on Apr 18, 2012 | Reply

    Also, Steve…I find it rather amusing that you refer to yourself as a “card carrying” supporter of the “rule of Law”…in fact that is downright hilarious…back in 1974, someone went to the obscene drudgery and tedium of trying to tally up all of the “laws” we are cursed to have to live under in this so called “land of the free” ….everything from municipal dog leash laws on up to the anti-Constitutional “Federal register” that now has to be fastened together with railroad bridge bolts and carried on a hand truck…the final tally of course had to be approximate because they only pass about two laws every second in this country: 147 million…well, it has since tripled. Do the math yourself: there are now three separate and distinct “laws” for every two people, man, woman or brat, in this country. We have more “laws” in this country than there are people. Well, among us German folk, there is a time honored old saying that goes back to when we invented the first jury trials (bet you didn’t know that either, did you?) —the more “law” the less justice.
    So since when does someone have to carry a “card” to show their support for the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution—the only true LAW of this nation? I have done more by accident in five seconds to uphold and defend the United States Constitution than you have in your entire life, Steve…and I sure as Hell don’t need any “card” to do it.

  128. By Steve Levine on Apr 18, 2012 | Reply


    Of course you’ve “done more by accident in five seconds to uphold & defend the United States Constitution” than me or anyone else; and there’s no doubt that those of us who can’t see the wisdom in your voluminous hate-speak are, as you suggest, “gullible and beclouded.”

    How could anyone expect less from the smartest person in the room…from a Master of the Universe like Bob Hauser?

    We lesser beings also owe you a debt of gratitude for unlocking the meaning of our founding document. Just like Freud explained the secrets of human behavior and Einstein the mysteries of the solar system, Hauser has clarified the Constitution for us. When I say “thank you,” I’m sure I speak for the untold masses who have yet to discover your brilliance.

    As to the Talmud, I don’t know if you’re a self-hating Jew, a garden-variety Anti-Semite, or just very poorly informed, but you defame and insult the memory of the millions of Jews throughout time, who went to their death defending that “pelagic sewer basin,” including six million of them who died at the hands of your “German folk,” who, if they “invented the first jury trials,” forgot to extend them to my People. I would say you should be ashamed of yourself Bob, but people like you aren’t capable of feeling shame.

    Like all bullies, your bombastic oratory and relentless rants are full of bluff and bluster, a torrent of polysyllabic words signifying…nothing.

  129. By Steve Levine on Apr 18, 2012 | Reply


    By the way, I took your suggestion and explored the writing of Joseph de la Vega. (“Let the readers of this thread peruse “Confusion de Confusiones” by Joseph de la Vega in 1688 and decide for themselves the supposed “value” in semantic hair splitting as practiced by your “talmudic scholars” of old and judge for themselves just how much true value there is in it.”)

    Unless it was written in a code that only you, as a Master of the Universe can decipher, his book…Confusion of Confusions…is about the Spanish stock market and has as much to do with the Talmud as your last memo of law.

    It’s hard to imagine that you, of all people, made a mistake, so Bob, come clean: Were you trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Were you gaslighting us?

    It’s almost as confusing as “Confusion de Confusiones.”

    What a phony!!!

  130. By Robert Hauser on Apr 19, 2012 | Reply

    By the way, yourself, Steve…I have a copy of the book sitting right here and I am familiar with its contents and I don’t recall saying the title dealt directly with the talmud per se, did I? I indicated that among many other historical documents, it was a good intro to pilpulling for the uninitiated. I also advised people to find one of the Tractates of the original Soncino 1939 edition talmud and read it for themselves, didn’t I? If anyone is an execrable counterfeit and pseudo on this thread it is you with your constant misquotes such as the ones in your other post which I will deal with later since I have far more creative things to do with my time than squander it on your gibberish for the sake of gibberish.

  131. By Steve Levine on Apr 19, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for clarifying, Bob.

    I note that your example of “semantic hair splitting” is not only still in print (Amazon) after 325 years, a former editor of the Financial Times called it “One of the 10 best investment books ever written” and the Federation of European Securities Exchanges still honors it with an annual award (the De La Vega Prize) for outstanding research on European securities markets. Not bad for a 325 year-old treatise written in semantic hair-splitting.

    Of course, after it has 2,200 years more under its belt, it will approach the longevity of another award-winning, semantic hair-splitting text still in print, this one dealing with Jewish law, ethics, philosophy, customs and history. And you seem so knowledgeable about it, that like Confusion de Confusiones, it’s probably on your nightstand as we speak. (The original Soncino 1939 edition, naturally.)

    One more point about “pilpul.” Rather than “semantic hair splitting” someone else…not as smart as you of course… defined it as “the type of study (sharp analysis) that goes back to the Talmudic era and refers to the intellectual sharpness this method demanded.

    Intellectual sharpness, Bob. Perhaps even the smartest person in the world might have something to learn from the Talmud.

    You’re a fraud, Bob.

  132. By Robert Hauser on Apr 20, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, and I’m sure that your very good friends, Benjamin Bernanke, Lloyd Blankfein and Larry Silverstein have copies of both on their nightstands as well. Yes, the talmud has been around for quite a while as has the Pentateuch whereupon it is supposedly based…so has cancer. Does that now qualify it as a fashionable way to die? The so called “holy book” has been completely revised at least seventeen times since the alleged Ascension and has had, by conservative not to mention begrudging estimate of the Encyclopedia Britannica, some 15,000 “significant” alterations in it— no doubt the quill wielding Hand of Providence has persisted in reaching down through the clouds to make all these changes. The fact that the stink-rich editor of a Slum Lords’ Weekly or Usurers’ Digest would praise “Confusion” to the skies is hardly to be marveled at. It would be truly enlightening to find out how many tons of Stornetta the maggotry of the media go through when they trowel butter all over each others’ backsides with their “awards presentations”. Merely because those of your ilk salivate all over themselves at sight of it serves as no mandate for any of the rest of us to do likewise. You also overlook that I encourage all of the readers of this thread to read the two above mentioned documents for themselves and judge the contents for themselves, now didn’t I? Who gives a rat’s derriere what some media maggot says about anything in this country anymore whether on the WSJ or NYT or LeBarron’s—those publications served as nothing more than field manuals for the strains of cestodes on Wallow Street who have wrecked this country with its current 41% jobless rate which, of course, bothers you not in the least.

    Also, thanks again for the willful misquote, so predictable now just as its source of conversion…I didn’t say I had done more for the Constitution than “you and/or anyone else”, did I?…I just said YOU…you are hardly qualified to speak even for yourself, let far enough alone ‘everyone or anyone else’ judging by most of your posts with your infantile and brattish “oh, you just think you are smarter than all the rest of us, don’t you?” or similar of your flatus. If you think you are going to rally people behind you with that kind of rank-amateurish demagoguery, I think you will be in for an unpleasant afternoon.

    Finally, for now, I knew that sooner or later you would be reduced to the expedient of playing that good old hollowhoax card…in so doing, you are straying wildly off topic and if you wish to open a whole new thread elsewhere on cyberspace, I will accommodate you. You don’t want to go there, Steve…as a German, and immensely and justifiably but inwardly proud of it, I am long since more than fed up with being expected to hang my head in “shame” and spend my entire life on a 24/7 mea culpa trip because of people like you and your mythology: World War II, that politically sanctioned and most encyclic demo derby of all time, claimed the lives of over 55 million people, most of whom were civilians and the VAST majority of whom were not jewish—so don’t waste time trying to impress me with your drippy fraehlichs played on a cracked fiddle.
    You think you are going to get by with faulting us Germans for “persecuting” jews—when in fact I know of no instance in history when either Germany (known for over a millennium as the Land of Poets and Thinkers) or any other country throughout Western Europe, enslaved jews and forcefully brought them into our respective lands…no..and let miserable history as opposed to your twistory speak for itself: jews entered our nations quite of their own free will and likewise quite uninvited, rather arrogantly made themselves at home and when their usury and black slave-trading (which they invented) became unbearable they were forcefully 86ed…not just by us Germans but by every solitary nation in the entirety of Western and most of Eastern Europe.

    Don’t go there, Steve….you don’t want to get into a high altitude dog fight with me over the hollow hoax or shoah bizz because Israel and AIPAC have been milking the world and most particularly the drooling masses of America for 67 years and getting by with it until recently when some academians began asking serious questions and demanding serious and straight answers—something America seems to suffer a catastrophic bankruptcy of. But tomorrow’s another day.

    Any event, I am going to close this down because it has gotten off topic—you want to continue this some other site, that will be fine but you are not even worthy of the time. You have already begun to sound like a cracked record and you have contributed absolutely nothing. You are a vacuum, Steve, a zero-dimensional nobody who hawks systemite propaganda for whatever pretext and who argues for the sheer sake of argument because he has nothing more creative to do with his squalid life.

  133. By Steve Levine on Apr 21, 2012 | Reply

    Well, well, well. How revealing.

    Maybe you should have just left well-enough alone Bob and simply ignored my prior posts. At least that would have left us all with a half-developed picture of you as simply a mocking cynic, a word-smithing, racist, name-calling, pseudo intellectual; a little chilling, but essentially benign and toothless.

    Instead, in a form of self-immolation, you stripped away the veneer right there in front of us and revealed yourself to be some kind of wannabe Wagnerian ubermensch, another two-bit, self-proclaimed Superman, whose magical power consists of demeaning and belittling others, while attempting to bring them down through the weight of your never ending, vile,hate-speak; a miniature Doberman with small teeth and small balls, who compensates with what he hopes is loud, fearsome barking.

    Sorry, Bob. Sorry Bob.

    In the main, there’ll be two types of people who’ll read and try to digest your evil,ugly posts: Those kindred spirits who agree with your wretched, morally debased and repulsive theories and those who will see through you and observe the bitter, pathetic, twisted and hate-filled person you are at your core. (I can only hope there’s more of the latter, but who knows?)

    At first I was a little surprised that you didn’t enlighten us as to whether, as I wondered in an earlier post, you were “a self-hating Jew, a garden-variety Anti-Semite, or just very poorly informed,” but then I realized it could have been any or all of them, and in light of your remarkable, self-destructive debasement, it really doesn’t matter.

    Despicable, Bob. Despicable Bob.

  134. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    History and logic establish a clear definition of “natural born citizen” even without
    resort to Court decisions:

    1) On June 19, 1787 Alexander Hamilton proposed to the
    Constitutional Convention that the President be “born a citizen of the
    United States”: “No person shall be eligible to the office of President of the
    United States unless he be now a Citizen of one of the States, or hereafter be
    born a Citizen of the United States.” Works of Alexander Hamilton (page

    2) On July 25, 1787 John Jay wrote to George Washington, presiding over
    the Convention, proposing that the President be a “natural born citizen”
    (NBC): “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a
    strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our
    national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the
    American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born

    3) The Convention rejected Hamilton’s “born a citizen” proposal, adopting the more stringent NBC requirement for Article II, Section 1 presidential eligibility, thereby distinguishing NBC from “born a citizen”, and also from mere “citizen” in its text:

    “No person except a natural born citizen, or a
    citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this
    Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any
    person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of
    thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United

    4) NBC was a legal phrase with which the founders were familiar from the works of Emmerich de Vattel’s “The Law of Nations” and from other authors and works which they used to accomplish their goal of insuring that future Presidents would have undivided loyalty and allegiance to America

    5) Americans had recently won their independence from the British in a
    bloody 8-year long war and were justifiably concerned about the loyalty and
    allegiance of future Presidents and the risk of foreign influence on their new
    nation and its chief executive and commander-in-chief

    6) It is inconceivable that the founders would have chosen NBC if it meant that anyone could be President merely by US birth, regardless of the citizenship of his parents, since such a definition would allow a child born to ONE or even TWO foreign (including BRITISH) parents to be eligible for the US Presidency, a result that was totally unacceptable and unthinkable to the founders and could not have been accepted or overlooked by them.

    THEREFORE: the only logical and intelligent conclusion is that NBC

    1) Child’s birth on US soil;

    2) US citizenship of both parents at child’s birth.

    As it so happens, that is the exact definition of NBC that the
    US Supreme Court has ruled in Minor v. Happersett (1875), which has never
    been overruled, and in several other cases, both before and since that decision.

    Despite the foregoing, many people continue to confuse, misunderstand or equate
    “natural born citizen” (NBC) with “citizen”, “born citizen” or “citizen at
    birth”, when it is clear that NBC is a more stringent subset of citizenship – the
    type of citizenship that most of us acquired “naturally” upon birth in this
    country to American citizen parents.

    Barack Obama . . . Get out of our house!

  135. By Jose O. Gonzalez on May 11, 2012 | Reply

    This isnt 51 different facts. Its just one big long fact to try and disprove that he isnt an american citizen. I was born In Puerto Rico, a colony of the USA, and i can run for president if i please.

  136. By Robert Hauser on May 11, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah, right…some damned excuse for a prez you’d make spelling “American” in lower case like that; you most likely have about the same I-can-wipe-my-ass-with-it-anytime-I-want regard for the country that the mackdaddy has as well…fine, go ahead. Any zoo creature on the face of the earth is perfectly qualified to run for the damned White Brothel according to some on this thread. You’d better get your papers in damned fast before Richard Alan Davis does as I would not be at all surprised to learn that he will be getting his name on the ballot as well, right from behind the walls of San Quentin’s Death Row by Monday morning at the speed this country is eating dirt and going to Hell, culturally, morally, economically and every other way. Go on—run for prez, I dare ya. I’d like to see just how many mongoloid jug-humpers in this country would be dung-eating stupid enough to vote for you.

    You claim that it is not 51 facts but one big long fact…that was really a choice remark to make: if it be “fact” as you state, it constitutes proof then, doesn’t it? You didn’t call it a big lie or falsehood; you said it was a big long fact.

  137. By Steve Levine on May 12, 2012 | Reply

    Well, well, well. Look who’s back. mister deutschland über alles, bob hauser.

    Jose, don’t take anything hauser says personally. You’re in a very select group of blacks, hispanics, Asians, Jews, Catholics and other non-nazi, non-aryan Americans who haters like hauser love to lash out at from the safety of their internet-protected ratholes.

    You’ll come to understand that hauser’s use of cutsie little bon mots (“mongoloid jug-humpers,” “mackdaddy,” “white brothel,”) covers up…as it did with hitler & goebbels…a massive sense of inferiority and inadequacy.

    And like most crude loudmouths and bullies, hauser thinks he’s building himself up by putting others down.

    If you go back and can suffer through reading some of his earlier posts on this remarkable site, it might bring to mind the expression “he’d be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.”

  138. By Robert Hauser on May 13, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, that’s right, Steve, back…something you are not because you have never left. Kevin should start charging you rent because you obviously hang from this thread like the inert, deadbeat sloth you are…and as for you, Mr. wannabe prez, I concur with this blog’s resident troll: go ahead and check out the reparte between myself and Prince Spare Ribs Levine—a myriad of questions exist and have for a long time regarding Obama’s suitability for any office of public trust—the obviously bogus computer image of his purported “long form” being just one face in the crowd among them. In fact it is so patently phony as a seven dollar bill that the mackdaddy’s own ambulance chaser, Alexandra Hill, was forced to stipulate that the Obama website image was, in essence, a crock, and could not be used as any kind of evidence of natural birth in this country. your friend-in-hallucination, Levine, has as much to say about that little episode in New jersey as he has about every other bona fide objection to Ovomit being where he is…usually nothing at all and never anything intelligent…just the same old hackneyed puking and mewling about those of us who have the audacity to ask questions being “haters”, conspiracy freaks and nuts” and “tinfoil hatters. etc. —never once anything new or original: that would be asking way too much of Steven the Cipher Head. See, Steve is one of these transorbital lobotomy cases—like the rest in the current cash crop of braindead yuppies and schmuppies in New Age America—-who were the very first to ceremoniously flush their Constitutional rights straight down the thundermug in flagwaving ceremony to the proud proclamation of “freedom from terrorism”. This country is maggot ridden with Steve Levines who would greedily lap up all of the sheer filth and degradation that has become politics as long as any excuse for an “authority” figure counseled them that it was the “patriotic thing to do”.

    So go ahead and read your fill and you will find that Steve is nothing more than a mindless name-caller with no depth nor substance to speak of accusing everybody who exposes him for what he is as a name caller. With a friend like Steve, you will never need an enemy in the rest of your life. The two of you will make quite a pair to draw to.

  139. By Steve Levine on May 16, 2012 | Reply


    If you’re familiar with the age-old warning never to get into a pissing match with a skunk, you’ll understand why arguing with herr hauser is a waste of time, breath & energy. (Can you imagine what hook you’d be hanging from if you disagreed with Hitler…who thought Roosevelt was Jewish…over whether or not “the Jews” had started WW1?)

    For instance, it’s pure sophistry to claim, as the manipulation meister does, that the President’s attorney (Alexandra Hill) supported the idea that his “website image” was, in hauser’s term, “a crock.” What she was doing was putting out one of those little, annoying fires that birthers keep trying to light, by pointing out that the New Jersey court in question had no jurisdiction and that the whole issue was simply a tempest in a tea party pot. Speaking of which, the entire “body of evidence” regarding this NJ court was only reported upon by two publications in the country: The Tea Party Tribune (honest; there really is a rag by that name!) and the always authoritative Examiner. (Not even the WSJ saw it as “news.”) But because it supports hauser’s world view, of course he’ll throw it at you as another one of his “facts.”

    Speaking of “facts,” or what passes for facts on this site, you were 100% correct in deriding Kevin’s 51 bullet points. Kevin, or “Kev” to his acolyte hauser, thinks that “facts” and bizarre birther theories are synonymous. For instance:

    “Obama’s emergence into national politics was not a gradual inception. It was a sudden, covert ascendance to power seemingly assisted by foreign-like forces as an assault on vintage American conscience.” Only these guys could use words like “gradual,” and “seemingly” and make them appear to sound as if they’re scholar-like, objective evidence of some malignant conspiracy. And don’t you love Kevin’s ability to read dead minds to support his sick “facts?” (“the PURPORTED INTENT of our founders”) In addition to retrospective mind-reading, another startling skill-set in Kev’s tool kit is his knowledge of the law. (“The Democratic National Committee committed federal election fraud”)

    But since it’s not enough to bully and bludgeon us with bullshit, Kev makes sure that any reasonable voices (like yours) are consigned to his version of a HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME gulag: “All arguments seeking to diminish this truth are reprobate and defamatory, made in the interest of serving one’s own political lust”. Did you know you had “political lust” Jose?

    And of course, herr hauser’s intellectual muscle is brought to bear on Kev’s behalf with his uncanny ability to create new ways to say HOW DARE YOU DISGREE WITH ME (“hackneyed puking and mewling,” “transorbital lobotomy cases,”). In an earlier post, der meister zinger proudly informed us that his ancestors came from a country which was “known for over a millennium as the Land of Poets and Thinkers.” I’m sure they’d be very happy with his evolved brand of poetry and thinking.

  140. By Steve Levine on May 16, 2012 | Reply

    To give you some idea of the kind of people who read it, here are some results of a “poll” today’s Tea Party Tribune is running:

    Should Barack Obama be allowed on the 2012 Presidential Ballot?
    • No (89%, 2,960 Votes)
    • Yes (10%, 329 Votes)
    • Undecided (1%, 41 Votes)
    Total Voters: 3,332

  141. By Robert Hauser on May 18, 2012 | Reply

    So? Can you prove that they are lying any more than Obama does on a daily basis?….or than the U.S. Dept. of Labor does with their obviously tweaked jobless stats (an actual 41% of work ready Americans idle: 100 million out of 243 million according to Blanchard) claiming numbers like “8.9%”? Figures lie and liars figure, so what’s new, pussy cat?

  142. By Robert Hauser on May 18, 2012 | Reply

    Here we go again…standard steve: counsels Jose not to get into a pissing contest against a skunk then immediately proceeds to compete with himself in such a spectacle, getting himself covered from head to foot with his own and then blaming all the rest of us for setting his pants on fire so we’d have an excuse to put it out—-our way.
    Steve attached himself to this thread like a barnacle and began engaging in name-calling only yo discover that it’s a game that two or more can play and that we gentiles can engage in it in a far more devastating and deadly accurate manner than he, so he cries “foul” and goes sulking into a corner like a brat kid who got grounded.
    But to issues…Steve just recently loosed another arrow right up his own backside in his artless and limp wristed attempt to discredit the report of the hearing in the New Jersey administrative law court before ALJ Jeff Masin wherein the cherubic Obama regime mouthpiece, Alexandra Hill conceded to the stipulation that the computer image could not be used as evidence of anything one way or another but, according to her incorrect and somewhat helicoid “reasoning” it was of no relevance anyway…blithely ignoring and forgetting that each State has complete autonomy to determine the mechanism whereby someone is allowed on the ballot just as each State determines the intricacies and intrigues of how their primaries and/or their caucuses are run. No one size fits all here by any means. For Steve’s information, I never said that Hill “declared” the computer image of the Osama BC to be a “forgery”—what I said, and I made it clear, was that she conceded that the image alone was totally worthless as proof of anything. That is precisely what Judge Masin said as well before Mario Arpuzzo entered the stipulation. So don’t allow Steve to blow smoke up your back staircases—go and watch the courtroom footage for yourselves and draw your own conclusion.
    Realizing, as he must have, that he was, again and as ever, full of bravo sierra as a cranberry merchant with his palsied attempts to downplay what happened in NJ, levine has to drag into play his allegation that the main stream media, such as the WSJ, chose not to devote any space to it. This, reasons steve, makes it a nonissue, so he tells us. Since when does Mr. Stink-rich Rupert Camel-Face Murdoch have exclusive Divine Authority to determine for all of America what does and does not constitute “news”?….interestingly, after Murdoch, in violation of his recently acquired tripe sheet’s charter, fired editor Howard Evans in ’07, the Wall Street Journal never once scored another Pulitzer.
    The single richest and most pow2erfu

  143. By Robert Hauser on May 18, 2012 | Reply

    powerful member of the jewish Rothschild family, Amschel Mayor de Rothschild, was found dead in his swank Paris hotel suite in August, 1996, hanging from the lavatory towel rack by his bathrobe sash. The Parisian gendarmes were convinced it was not a suicide but were given orders from the Prime to shortstop the investigation—it has never been declared a “suicide”. Amschel was first in line to become head of the entire Rothschild dynasty back then…this was news alright and old Camel Face was frantically calling every news desk from here to the far side of Hell and at least 600 of them throughout Europe ordering them to kill the story or at most to stuff it in some obscure corner of the classifieds.
    That shows you how much you can trust the “journalistic integrity” of the Wallow Street Journal and iots stink rich parasite owner, Rupert Murdoch, to get us all the news that print to fit. Whether it appears in the WSJ or not doesn’t mean it didn’t happen nor does it mean that it is insignificant—that is one of the most pathetic excuses for an attempt at discrediting a news item that levine has belched up yet. They’ll keep getting worse though the longer he hangs out here like bean thunder in a cold storage locker.

    THEN CAME the harlequin, Steve Levine,
    Who slummed the net venting his spleen;
    He’d troll for a dime,
    Clog your blog with his slime,
    This consciousless brown-smog machine.

    His cheap libels stenched up cyberspace;
    Yet of logic they bore not a trace;
    For each slur, taunt, anagram,
    None of right mind gave a damn;
    Out the gate he was bankrupt a case.

    ‘Til the statue of Tiye laid an egg,
    He’d brown-nose Obama the Plague;
    His adulatory drool
    Making pelagic pool,
    All of us to do likewise he’d beg.

    Of mindless sycophants, Steve is in throng;
    For whom Mackdaddy can just do no wrong;
    That this nation he’s wrecked
    They’ll deem politically incorrect
    As we’re sold to the Devil for a song.

    By the way, steven, yes, the teabaggers have a news organ….DUHHHHHHH. They are political force now just in case you haven’t noticed in your self-administered euphoric brown-out over Obama, so of course they would soon have such a publication and I doubt seriously that they are any more guilty of bald faced lying to the public than the main sewer stream tethered press .

  144. By Steve Levine on May 23, 2012 | Reply


    you may have caught this in your local paper or online news feed today. Rest assured that we’ll probably hear from herr hauser, kevin (kev), or one of the other geniuses on this site, how the State of Hawaii is in Obama’s pocket or some other similiarly bizzare fantasy. But don’t worry, aside from the entertainment provided by their comical theories, the good news is that there are only 17 sane people in the country who buy into their “alien abduction” scenarios!

    FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Or as herr hauser would call them,”the main sewer stream tethered press.”)

    HONOLULU — The state of Hawaii has verified President Barack Obama’s birth records to Arizona’s elections chief after a nearly three-month back and forth that Arizona officials said could have ended without the incumbent’s name on its November ballot.

    Joshua Wisch, special assistant to Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, told The Associated Press in an email late Tuesday that the matter is resolved after Hawaii gave Arizona the verification it was looking for.

    Hawaii – which has vouched for Obama’s birth in the state several times as early as October 2008 – didn’t bow to the request easily. The Aloha State told Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett he had to prove he needed the records as part of normal business.

  145. By Kevin A. Lehmann on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    Like that’s any surprise? Barack Obama, in written and verbal expression, has always admitted to being born in Kenya as confirmed by his publicist . . . right up until he decided to run for president. Evidence is also mounting that not only is Barack Obama a usurper and imposter, but that he’s looking more and more like a real life “manchurian” candidate. Arpaio and his investigative posse, along with Jerome Corsi, will drop some bombshell evidence when the time is right. Barack Obama is the product of Saul Alinsky and now he’s been compromised. He’s finished. Romney will be a stop-gap measure until the Clinton’s are crowned by the elite establishment in 2016.

  146. By Kevin A. Lehmann on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    I trust the unbiased forensic experts who could care less about politics that follow the evidence://

  147. By Joe on Jun 9, 2012 | Reply

    Well written article, but you dis-credit yourself by replying like an ass to 90% of the comments.I’m sure in everyday life you very intelligent, but here on the internet, your just a troll. Please people do not feed the troll.

  148. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jun 10, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, if you’re actually a patriotic conservative and you think I’m a “troll,” then our country is definitely screwed. Do you even know what the hell a troll is? And what does defending myself, my article and other commenters have to do with the quality of my article? Perhaps you should read through the comments again and see who the real “asses” are. I don’t attack anyone, nor will I take personal attacks laying down. Good grief, get your facts together and stop embarrassing yourself.

  149. By Steve Levine on Jun 10, 2012 | Reply


    Doesn’t it give you pause to think that good old brain surgeon Joe sees yours is a “well written article” and that “you very intelligent?”

    What kind of flies is your honey attracting?

  150. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jun 11, 2012 | Reply

    Jealousy will get you nowhere Steve.

  151. By Robert Hauser on Jun 11, 2012 | Reply

    flies like steve levine all too apparently….

  152. By Steve Levine on Jun 11, 2012 | Reply

    Well, well, well. Look who’s crawled out of his little dark hole. herr hauser is back; can deutchland uber alles be far behind?

  153. By Ron on Jul 12, 2012 | Reply

    Lincoln is rolling over in his grave,the fore fathers were people that could talk the talk and walk the walk. They are used as punch lines, MEANING OUR FOREFATHERS, people who run this country and citizens alike should go back and read your history and see why our fore fathers’s were so great..I truly believe when we vote it shouldn’t be about just the color of someone’s skin, but about his beliefs.Our government has been lying and cheating us for year’s. They write bill’s like we have a enough woods to write forever. our government has not been working. So, we elect presidents because of color, both white and black, what we should be doing is vote against the presidents and government. we are in debt for reasons that are both home and abroad. Health care,are homes, working men and women, starving people, education,inflation, jobs, we are in trouble, because how we have stuck our nose in everybody’s business foreign and abroad. IF WE TOOK CARE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE WE SURE WOULD NOT BE THE BAD GUYS. There is something happening right now, we as people of our free and great nation are kidding our self if we are not getting hoodwinked in believing are freedom is in our near future. Lincoln did free the slaves and got us in the right direction, you now, we new he was American. We forget why our country became great, the civil war both southern and northern died for our freedom today. Do u think the people who put our soldiers in harm’s way would get out there and fight— no f-ing way. So if u or i have any doubt at all about obama being American I AS A AMERICAN SURLY IS NOT GOING TO VOTE ON A MAYBE.

  154. By Steve Levine on Jul 13, 2012 | Reply


    If you’re a SURLY AMERICAN you’ve surely come to the right site. No MAYBE about it!

  155. By Mrs. Anderson on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    I believe that you have the wrong year for Lt. Col Lakin on section #15. It was April 2010, NOT 2008 that he refused to deploy. I mention it as accuracy is important to you, I believe. Thanks for this summary!

  156. By blackyb on Sep 3, 2012 | Reply

    Kevin is right. Obama is not eligible and is in office to overthrow this government. He has a good start.

  157. By Steve Levine on Sep 13, 2012 | Reply

    It’s a good thing there’s no IQ test requirement to vote in this country or all of you “he’s ineligiblehe’sacommunisthe’sasocialisthe’sarevolutionaryhe’sa muslimhe’sakenyan” folks would be ineligible yourselves.

    Get a grip people: We actually DID land on the moon, Oswald acted alone, no aliens crashed in Area 51, the CIA and Mossad did NOT fly planes into the WTC and Obama, like Bruce, was born in the USA!

  158. By Bob on Sep 14, 2012 | Reply

    Resident troll levine claims that it is a good thing there is no IQ test for voting in America….good for whom? Obviously very good for Obama, and Bush before him and Clinton before him and….good for levine too no doubt. This self-anointed guru exhorts us to “get a grip” yet he seems to be looser than a Ubangi’s lower lip when it comes to making proclamations on subjects whereof he knows not jack squat—such as the assassination of JFK which he most likely is not even old enough to remember….claiming that Oswald acted alone and of course, as is stock-in-trade for levine, showing not the most meager pittance of evidence. I would very much like to see levine fire a bolt action Carcano-Mannlicher and put one round into the side of a boxcar in the time it supposedly took Oswald to put three of them into Kennedy and the presidential limo. The pathetic nonreliability of that weapon was demonstrated right on prime time tv less than 24 hours after the event.

  159. By Steve Levine on Sep 14, 2012 | Reply

    As usual and in his typical arrogant and cutsie style, herr hauser is claiming to know more than anyone else…in this instance the seven Warren Commission members (including a future President & two CIA Directors), 14 Commission attornies and 12 Commission staff members…about Kennedy’s assassination.

    It’s hard to conceive of someone of herr hauser’s brilliance ever being in error, but for him to be right on this one, it means that the 33 people above would have had to agree to be part of one of the biggest conspiracies in history and then keep their secret for the rest of their lives. The likelihood of that happening is similar to that of herr hauser renouncing his intellectual superiority over all of us unfortunates who are not among his beloved germanic volk.

    Someday, it will be said of herr hauser: “He was often wrong, but never in doubt!”

    usually wrong, but never in doubt.

  160. By Steve Levine on Sep 15, 2012 | Reply

    Hey bob, cat got your tongue? I just noticed that you dropped your last name from these posts. You’re now just plain “bob,” an egalitarian everyman.

    Please don’t tell me that you’re no longer robert hauser, the unermensch/superman who knows more about everything than everyone.

  161. By leo petterson on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    What Obama is at this point is President of this great nation.What he was back when does not even matter.You people need to live in the moment.Is it so that if it happens it must be the will of God.If you are in dislike of Obama because of his nice natural tan, then you can have no true identity of true self.If all you are is that body you run around in.Your views are shortsighted from the gate.Shortsighted is he who in his being cannot see beyond his skin.

  162. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    What is it with morons who make Obama critics “racists?” His violation of the “natural born” clause and his usurpation of the Constitution have nothing to do with the color of his skin. Try using intelligence for once.

  163. By Bob on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    Stevo…no, my tongue is still in its usual place within my skull while yours, as ever, continues to protrude out of some other part of your anatomy and flap as vacuously as ever…and if you are going to childishly persist with this “uebermensch” and “herr” apcray, I think I’ve told you before that it’s a game that two or more can play only I don’t play at it, i work at it. If anyone on this earth is criminally guilty of uebermenschism, it is arrogantly pride bloated jews like yourself. Gaza is proof positive of that as if all other evidence of it weren’t orographic enough—would you like some direct quotes straight out of the talmud to prove my point and that we can freely share with everybody else on this thread or do you choose to forego that?

  164. By Bob on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    Steve lies again for the amusement of the masses—I never once claimed to “know more than anyone else”—Steve, kindly refrain from taking the words out of your lower bowel tract and trying to put them in my mouth…my distrust of the self-serving bureaucrats seated on the Warren Commission is not in any way synonymous with “knowing more than everybody else”. Since your purported “wisdom” is so galactic in extent, why don’t you explain to these good people why “lone fanatic” Lee Harvey Oswald’s W-2 is still “top secret” and why he would take the time to meticulously place three expended shell casings in one nice, neat little row atop a box in prominent view.

  165. By Steve Levine on Dec 18, 2012 | Reply

    Bobby, your tongue is not only “still in its usual place,” it’s still, as I’ve noted previously and as any reasonably objective non-hater can see for themselves, spewing the same vile, despicable slime that you try to clean up by disguising it in semi-humorous, semi-intellectual, window dressing.

    My references…and obviously they’ve gotten under your skin…to HERR hauser, ubermensch and other Germanic, third reich-like terms, were intended to make a point; a point that your most recent posts actually made for me: That in the proud tradition of Goebbels, Himmler and others of your kinfolk, you’re nothing but a garden variety Jew hater; an ordinary, dime-a-dozen anti-Semite.

    “Pride bloated jew,” “Gaza is proof positive”? Come on Rob, you can do better than that! Oh that’s right; you were threatening to do better with “some direct quotes straight out of the Talmud.” Speaking of pride-bloated, who do you think you are Robbie: Julius Streicher?

  166. By DRLJR on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    The catch is he has already stated he is not qualified by his acknowledgement that his father is one Barack Hussein Obama – a citizen of Kenya/United Kingdom. As such he fails the eligibility test of Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5 – citizen at time Constitution was adopted or a natural born citizen. To be a natural born citizen one must be in the country of parents who are citizens. Thus Mr Obama, by his own admission, is not President.

  167. By Steve Levine on Jan 19, 2013 | Reply

    Another brain surgeon heard from. This aite has more constitutional law experts than SCOTUS!

  168. By Bob Hauser on Jan 22, 2013 | Reply

    As usual, more vowels from the bowels of Steve Levine…Steve, you wouldn’t know a “constitutional expert” of he crawled up inside you and laid eggs. Just in case you have so handily forgotten, technically you don’t even have to have graduated from h.s. to be on that SANCTUM ASINORUM snowflakes like you laughably refer to as the Supreme Court. The so called “judges” of the Supine Court are plug-ins—-they are political appointees, not popularly elected and the dung beetles we’ve got on the bench right now I wouldn’t trust to judge a dog show. The proper acronym for the current Supreme Court of the United States is not SCOTUS, it is SCROTUM—-Sanctimonious Cestodes Reeking Of Treasonous, Unmitigated Malevolence.

    Now the question arises, who in the Hell are you Steve? What qualifies you to pose yourself as an “expert” on much of anything. I don’t see “PhD” piled higher and deeper after your name…I sure as the Hell don’t see your name in Forbes or listed in Who’s Who not that even that would matter worth beans in this country as degenerate as is now. Have you ever written a beautiful symphony or composed any verse that got published? No, you are just a mouthy, ego-sotted, totally worthless jewish puke who flaps his gums on blogs like this and when exposed for what he is, always falls back on that good old race card and hollowhoax routine and accuses people of being “jew haters” and “antisemites” and may I say right now that your unqualified use of the term “antisemite” shows just how phenomenally stupid you really are as the term is comically meaningless and was invented by jewish fright-peddlers clear back in the 1870s to try to convey the lunacy that anyone who argued with a jew was automatically a bible-trasher.

    By the way, Steve, what is an “aite”?…did you mean “site”? Spazz fingered your key board again? Guess it means that you are no more “chosen” than anyone else here, doesn’t it? Well you show me the jew who can walk upon water and piss Dago Red and I might reconsider whether your race is “god’s chosen” and I caution you that holographic projections don’t count so don’t even try it.

  169. By Steve Levine on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    herr hauser, I’m surprised that you’re wasting your time on these posts and aren’t out (like your brothers at al-qaeda, hamas and hezbollah) “celebrating” International Holocaust Week and, like them, promising to finish what hitler began in your sweet homeland over 70 years ago.

    In response to your last post (above), not only am I unable to type as perfectly as you (you amazing superman, you!), I’m afraid I also don’t have the level of intellect that you’ve exhibited through your cutsie name calling and erudite insights, so I’m going to repeat myself (from an earlier post) in describing your despicable, pathetic little racist rants.

    Last spring, I characterized you as “simply a mocking cynic, a word-smithing, racist, name-calling, pseudo intellectual; a little chilling, but essentially benign and toothless.” I also found you to be “some kind of wannabe Wagnerian ubermensch, another two-bit, self-proclaimed Superman, whose magical power consists of demeaning and belittling others, while attempting to bring them down through the weight of your never ending, vile, hate-speak; a miniature Doberman with small teeth and small balls, who compensates with what he hopes is loud, fearsome barking.”

    If anyone cares to wade through the slime you’ve posted on this site for over a year, they’ll find that you’ve scorned each of our presidents since at least 1992, the Supreme Court, Jews, Blacks, God, our Constitution (“a de facto dead letter”) and generally, everyone who isn’t a nazi or a sociopathic liar.

    You’ve described your wagnerian homeland as being imbued with the spirit of goethe & gemuchlichkeit good will, so why not do yourself a favor, leave this awful country and go live where polls suggest that at least 20% of the population, like you, still think that hitler was a great man. They’d probably LOVE you bob!

  170. By Lorraine Rogoff on Mar 17, 2013 | Reply

    My son and I served this nation perfectly, one was killed by Russia in 1989 and I lead the US Navy, and his dad is an immigrant who the us dept. of immigration now says he’s deportable at 81 years old. I served this country during times of imminent threat because others couldn’t. I don’t think that that a natural definition constitutes a mans ability to lead but rather actions, character, and true values that make it all worth the fight. A stupid fight.

  171. By Steve Levine on Apr 15, 2013 | Reply


  172. By Bob on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    Don’t be alarmed, steve….it is little more incoherent and irrelevant gibberish and psychobabble than most of the snivel libertarian ranting that you have festooned this site with.

  173. By Steve Levine on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    Well, well, well. Look who crawled out of his dark, hate filled hole: herr hauser. We haven’t heard from him in a while, so maybe the Chechnyan terrorists in Boston motivated our little germanic “terrorist” to make an appearance and amuse us with some of his inane, insipid observations.

    The Boston terrorists used IEDs, our miniature Doberman “terrorist” uses his little germanic brain and a make-believe growl to convince us that he’s really a big boy. But unlike the killers in Boston and the nazi murderers he idolizes and emulates, herr hauser tries to slay us with what he somehow believes are wit & wisdom. Unfortunately his wit is similar to a rattlesnake’s and his wisdom much like that of his idol, herr hitler.

  174. By Robert Hauser on Apr 23, 2013 | Reply

    Ah…the rabid rat rabbi from St. Nowhere, foam and all on his mission of reinfestation of a site which fails to rigorously conform to his opium dream of global political correctness. How predictable…

    Yes, stevo, I am back, not that I have taken up permanent residency by any means as you seem to have…enough so in fact that you should pay Kevin a mountain of back rent.

    And once again I am forced to admonish you for trying to put your bowel vowels into my or anyone else’s mouth as you are hardly enough qualified to speak for yourself let alone any of the rest of us here: I have never once “disparaged” the Constitution as per your pathological lie above—I have in fact fought for it both here and abroad, I find it highly doubtful you ever have…and indeed if you ever have once in your life taken an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution you most assuredly either had your fingers quite literally crossed behind your back or figuratively so by way of the Kol Nidre prayer…and oh yes, we know what that is, now don’t we, Steven?
    By the way, another opium figment of yours among the myriad is this whimpering assertion that the only reason that I or anyone else here says the things we do about your precious Superfly in the white brothel is that he is black—-no, Steve, Ovomit is not “black”, he is a mulatto; he is brown—and if being either black or half black turns a man into what Obama is, then perhaps that joins a host of other reasons why he incurs hatred from civilized people. I could fill up a rather thick volume with good reasons for hating YOUR prez’s guts without once drawing his melanin content into the fray but you would ignore it in your jewish dreamworld of “god’s choseness” —just for your information, my fine jewish zero, Moamar Q’adaffi, for whom I have the highest respect, was darker complexioned than your idol Obama…but while alive and ruling Libya, he did more for the working people of that country than you have ever seen or shall ever see any star boarder in the Blight House do for the working stiffs of this palsied empire…and I spent eighteen months in Libya, Rabbi Nobody, so don’t even try to tell me I know nothing of the place.

  175. By Steve Levine on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    When herr hauser claims (above) that he “NEVER ONCE ‘DISPARAGED’ THE CONSTITUTION…” he’s either lost his memory or his ability…if he ever had one…to tell the truth.

    On February 8 of last year our doddering little hate-filled Holocaust denier posted “I’ve been calling for that for decades; that’s about as long as the Constitution has been de facto a dead letter in this Graveyard of the Once Free.”

    Of course herr hauser has disparaged much more than our Constitution in his miniature Doberman style attacks on most American institutions.

    In the guise of a “loyal citizen”…a nazi-loving patriot… herr hauser has heaped scorn on a country that many of us, this writer among them, have fought and sacrificed for. As a great Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn once said, apparently anticipating der meistersinger (hauser): “Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one.”

    If you have time to waste and are masochistic enough to read all of his rants & rambling rhymes on this site, you’ll find that there is very little beyond himself, his inflated sense of intelligence, his love of the “fatherland,” good old gemütlichkeit, germanic “culture” and his inane, kindergarten-style name calling that herr hauser has any affection for!

    Sig heil little bob.

  176. By Steve Levine on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Consistent with his admiration for herr hitler, It just occurred to me that our little fun-filled nazi, herr hauser, also posted his feelings about a recent hitler clone. (See his comment above: “Moamar Q’adaffi, for whom I have the highest respect.”)

    In case you didn’t recognize the less common, Arabic transliteration of his name, we’re talking about Muammar Gaddafi, the lovable, but thankfully dead, dictator of Libya who, among other things that hauser would respect, used his country’s oil wealth to fund some of the world’s worst actors, including the Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam in our country; the Provisional Irish Republican Army in England; the Red Army in Japan; the Free Aceh Movement in Indonesia; ETA in Spain; the Red Brigades in Italy; the Sandinistas in Nicaragua; the Moros in the Philippines and even the Red Army Faction in herr hauser’s germany.

    And while harr hauser may have conveniently forgotten, we’ll always remember how Libya destroyed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, killing all 243 passengers, 16 crew members and an additional 11 people on the ground. Fifteen years later, Gaddafi finally admitted Libya’s responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing and paid compensation to the victims’ families.

    The highest respect? Come on bobby! Did you really mean that?

  177. By mama godloots on Jun 22, 2013 | Reply

    There could be several facts,opinion and differences over this debatable subject in one’s own perspective.The Presidential identity and eligibility in Obama’s case has always been a subject of dispute.But I think Obama’s generous attitude,his noble deeds,his efforts to establish peace all over the world that fetched him noble peace prize,improving the political relationships with other countries are all very worth to appreciate.He has proved ‘Action speaks louder than words’in every sense.

  178. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jun 24, 2013 | Reply

    Yes, actions do speak louder than words. That’s why Obama has now proved me right and will go down in history as America’s absolute worst president. Sadly, America will forever have a black eye on it’s presidential heritage . . . Barry Soetero!

  179. By Robert Hauser on Jun 24, 2013 | Reply

    Yes, “Mama” and I’m sure you would have pretty much the same to say about the late James Jones and his Peoples’ Temple as well…..why don’t you consider recommending Jonathan Pollard for the Nobel Peace prize?…I mean, Hell, woman, at the rate things are going we should all soon be finding the prize in the bottom of every Cracker Jacks box.

  180. By Steve Levine on Jun 24, 2013 | Reply

    It seems that everyone on this site proves you right Kevin. That’s what happens when you live on a small, dead end street called Conspiracy Alley, where the only people you speak to and hear from are other nut cases like yourself, a tiny minority…REALLY tiny…of the population who, fortunately, no one ever pays any attention to except for the other nut cases.

    As to how history will judge Obama, only a handful of us, like you, are blessed with crystal balls; the rest of us will have to depend on history, not histrionics! But even without amazing foresight like yours, I think it’s safe to say that history will long remember Barack Obama and quickly forget…Kevin who?

  181. By Robert Hauser on Jun 24, 2013 | Reply

    By the way, mamasan…that is the Nobel Peace prize…not “noble”…and there is more true nobility in a strand of hair out of a gnat’s derriere than you would find anywhere in the entire anatomy of your precious mackdaddy currently taking up space in the White Brothel.

  182. By Kevin A. Lehmann on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    Crystal shatters, my balls are made of brass. But thank you nonetheless for acknowledging them Steve :-)

  183. By Robert Hauser on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    Well, steve, some of us favor history over twistory and once again, if conspiracies are such a lark, then why is “criminal conspiracy” still to be found in Black’s Law Dictionary as well as the criminal codes of every State in the Union?….oh, wait, these poor and unfortunate nuts never learned the universe according to steve levine—where did you get your degree in psychiatry, steve?….did you peel it off the back of a cereal box? Soetoro is going to be remembered for a long time, steve…you at least have gotten that right—Hell, even a broken clock is right twice a day—but it is not going to be for anything remotely akin to the reasons you fancy in your euphoria over the Worst Family. Jack the Ripper is still remembered too, so damned what? And who is going to remember you, steve, even five minutes after you get thrown in an unmarked ditch in Potter’s Field? What have you ever contributed to this country but dead weight and a drain on the oxygen supply?

  184. By Steve Levine on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    I’m a little surprised to hear from you bobbie. I somehow thought that you’d be so ashamed of your nazi-learned, racist rants, that you wouldn’t crawl out of your rat hole for a few more months.

    Like the nazis you so admire…like the race-baiting, Jew-hating heroes of the germanic kulture you praise so much…like the hitler, goering, goebbels posters on little bobbie hauser’s walls, you’re a pathetic piece of garbage.

    As to what I’ve “ever contributed to this country” I’ll leave to others to determine, not some slimy nazi turd floating in a sewer of filth & hate. I can tell you this herr hauser: I’ve served our country well and sworn an oath to defend it. And while we may never declare war against nazi-loving clowns who try to bring us down by constantly sowing seeds of hate and divisiveness, your breed of miniature doberman with tiny balls and a laughable bark, will last about as long as your precious thousand year, third reich did.

    As I said about you in April: “In the guise of a ‘loyal citizen’…a nazi-loving patriot… herr hauser has heaped scorn on a country that many of us, this writer among them, have fought and sacrificed for. As a great Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn once said, apparently anticipating der meistersinger (hauser): ‘Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one.’”

    So keep spewing your hate-filled crap, hauser; we can all see through it and see you for what you really are.

  185. By Martin Aubrey on Jul 7, 2013 | Reply

    AS we all can see there are very mixed opinions about this subject and I find few of arguments from both sides,those who are favouring and others who are not supporting Obama,quite
    logical and valid in every sense.The supporters are praising his noble deeds in the past towards the betterment of society while others believe that these ‘blind-in-love-with-Obama’ people see
    only the history,not the histrionics behind it.
    I believe in democracy and if the latter’s arguments hold true then it should reflect in Presidency polls with a significant decline in Obama’s votes.And if not then otherwise.

  186. By Robert Hauser on Jul 9, 2013 | Reply

    Here we go again—more vowels from the bowels of the Ranting Rabid Rabbi from South Blazes…

    You “somehow thought” —yeah, that’s about right, Steve. When phlegmers like you “somehow think”, the clocks start spinning backwards. You claim that you “served this country well”—-aw, gee, steve, what did you do, play a banjo at the USO club? I would venture that the only battle you were ever in was over the comic strip section of a news rag in the prison library where you were “serving” for embezzlement or pushing kiddie porn like so many of your co-racialist jew-boy tapeworms.
    You claim in all your typically yiddish self-righteous indignation that “we can all see through it”…. steve, who is “we all”? You don’t speak for others: you do a downright bilge-swigging job of speaking for yourself as I have demonstrated enough times on this thread by rubbing your sorry face in your own stool. The only “we all” you will ever know is “me, myself and I” or the echo of your own flatulence, your shadow that desecrates the ground it drapes and you, the eternal snot-ridden talking jewish loudmouth on the end of a stick. With your well-hackneyed “herr hauser” you have long since gutter-balled into repeating yourself like a cracked record—because you ARE a cracked record, steve, just as cracked as the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell, crack and all, however, symbolizes human freedom—the crack in your ass which has migrated clear to your skull is purely emblematic of a universal jewish “persecution” complex and loudmouthed mongoloidism…your score remains right to this very day and as we speak: absolute ZERO —you have flatly failed to refute one solitary word of what Kevin Lehman (who is quite likely as jewish as you are, by the way—but an honest jew like Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

  187. By Robert Hauser on Jul 9, 2013 | Reply

    has said here

  188. By Robert Hauser on Jul 9, 2013 | Reply

    Martin…this nation was never intended as a “democracy” but as a representative republic. Democracy is no more than mobocracy—ten drooling mongoloid idiots having ten times the say in what the eventual misgovernment does as a rational and commonsense intelligent person. Democracies are as short in their lives as violent in their deaths according to Alexander Hamilton himself in the Federalist Papers. This country would be better off with Satan himself in the White Brothel—at least we would know what he was and where he was from and could man the ramparts accordingly.

  189. By Steve Levine on Jul 13, 2013 | Reply

    It’s nice that you believe in democracy, Martin. I believe in democracy as well and I also believe that you can’t trust people with two first names.

  190. By Steve Levine on Jul 16, 2013 | Reply

    What’s the matter bobbie? You seem to be somewhat out of sorts and your usual miniature doberman bark appears to have lost some of its ferocity. I guess, as you said, my use of the “hackneyed herr hauser” must have gotten under your skin or something. You also sound frustrated bobbie, so I want to explain why, in your words, I’ve “failed to refute one solitary word” of the garbage you and your maggot friends have been spreading around like manure.

    The reason, little JPL meister, is that you & your kind continually practice & embrace the “Law of Logical Argument.” Under that “law,” anything is possible; you can say anything you want…if you don’t know what you’re talking about!

    You’ve also started to repeat yourself bobbie. Your cutsie, little girl word play (“vowels from the bowels”) isn’t worthy of an old timer like you, but what the hell little man, I’m sure that even your heroes Goebbels, Goering & Schiklgruber, also had bad days once in a while.

    Speaking of heroes, please don’t insult my People by referring to Alan Sabrosky as Jewish. With only one Jewish grandparent, the only person other than you who’d say he’s Jewish would have been your man adolf. And we all know how that little man would have dealt with Sabrosky, right?

  191. By Bob Hauser on Jul 18, 2013 | Reply

    How about jews like you with two heads? Or did you have one named “Steve” and the other named “Steven” or “Stephan”? Which is on your birth certificate or is it as multilayered as Ovomit’s?
    Over the air on the Phil Tourney show, Sabrosky identified himself as half-jewish—his word against yours which latter of course hasn’t been worth dog spit as you have so elegantly demonstrated time and time again on this thread.

    Your thimble headed remarks re Q’addafi are a classic case in point…you try to wax erudite and think you are impressing anybody but yourself by using the word “transliterate”, etc….well, I don’t see “DLitt” after your name, and I doubt seriously you ever went to the nominal effort to learn one word of Arabic. I’ve been from one end of the Sahara to the other where Arabic is spoken throughout and it is not at all unusual for an Arabic name or word to be “transliterated” as you get off on putting it in a large number of different ways: G’addafy, Gaddafi, Q’addafi,Qaddafy, etc. I have also seen it spelled Koran, Kuran, Q’uran, Q’uran, etc. so your “argument, if by such a name it could even be dignified ate dirt and fell flat—-now as regards the late Q’addafi, as one of numerous points, can you present one solitary shred of even the most meager prima facie evidence that Moamar ever once “admitted” a solitary damned thing concerning Lockerbie?…After nine years of continuous threats and bullying and other political grab-ass and sanctions by the U.S. and Perfidious Albion, the Q’addafi regime turned over Abdelbaset al Megrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah for the sorriest elephant and pony routine excuse for a show trial since Scopes. Q’addafi didn’t admit a solitary damned thing, Mr. Juedscheist, so you are as full of it as a cranberry merchant.

    And as far as “insulting” your precious “people”, I don’t believe that is even possible…and you prove it every time you get on this thread and psychobabble yourself deeper into your own shriveled-up dirt hole of obscurity.

  192. By Steve Levine on Jul 22, 2013 | Reply

    Bobbie, you charming little nazi; you’ve been keeping some of your great achievements from us. What a wonderful thing that you’ve “been from one end of the Sahara to the other.” And
    you must be very proud that you know so many different ways to spell the name of that crazy little dictator & murderer, Gaddafi; and after all that time in the arab world I’m sure you’re right about what to call the Koran/Kuran/Q’uran/Quran/Qur’an. You little muslim expert you!

    Hell little man, given your expertise in all things arab…given your hatred of Jews and of Israel… and given your fabulous conspiracy theories…I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the 9/11 theory that millions of arabs and thousands of Israel haters have joyfully embraced: That it wasn’t Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden that flew planes into the twin towers & the Pentagon, it was Israel’s Mossad.

    And since you were on a first name basis with “Moamar,” I appreciate your setting me straight about Lockerbie. If Gaddafi didn’t bring down Pan Am 103, maybe that was also done by the Mossad? I guess my mistake was using your friendly arab news organization as my source. This headline is from the February 24, 2011 issue of Aljazeera: “GADDAFI ODERED LOCKERBIE BOMBING”

    Heil hitler, bobbie! (Did I spell adolf’s name correctly?)

  193. By elizabeth wilde_mommy on Jul 22, 2013 | Reply

    I was very little known about Obama’s birth and history of his parents before I stumbled on this post.I found the stories regarding the controversy over his birthplace,registration,birth announcement,his father’s death,his parents separation,marriage mystery,his mother’s arguable american citizenship quite shocking as well as amusing.Amidst of all this turbulence in his life from his childhood,I appreciate the fact that he and his guardians didn’t let his education suffer and made sure that he didn’t end up as a nasty,wasted and a loser in academics.Despite all other contentious arguments,I felt empathy Obama for being raised without his parents as I believe that parents play very solid role in upbringing and nurturing a child.

  194. By Steve Levine on Jul 27, 2013 | Reply


    Cat got your tongue, little man? I was wondering if you had run away, but then I heard about a conference in Idaho that had your little nazi name all over it and figured you were just out of town:

    (July 27, 2013, Spirit Lake, Idaho. Neo-Nazi Meeting. Eat, meet and greet organized by Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, an offshoot of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations.)

    Things just aren’t the same when you’re not posting your cute, little boy rants, so come on back bobbie, we miss you.

    heil hitler little guy!

  195. By Rodriguez Leah on Aug 6, 2013 | Reply

    I know Obama just like everyone knows him as the President of United States of America but never knew so many facts about him in detail and deep.Honestly I am shaken learning his family history.I run an orphan care home in Shatin,Singapore and can relate with the plight of those childern raised without the love and care of their parents.I am moved to know that Obama spent most his childhood with his grand-parents.Often such kids estranged from their parents live in denial.They seem to search for establishing their identity and some times in a process lose self-confidence.Inspite of all controversies and the moot,I want to credit his grand-parents for perfectly playing the role of
    guardian in absense of his parents and made him stand on his feet firmly.

  196. By HAILEY germaphobic on Aug 21, 2013 | Reply

    I couldn’t agree more with Rodriguez on Obama’s painful and inflicted childhood alienated from his parents.I am also affiliated with few social service centres in Atlanta,Georgia who work for homeless people and hence can relate with emotions of such kids separated from their parents.Though his life is surrounded by political controversies,troubles and disapprobation from few groups of people on his presidency,he has always maintained poise and stable demeaner.One should not ignore the fact that despite being born as black child to a white single mother who later deserts her child to pursue higher education,Obama didn’t
    let all the circumstances affect him.In fact,he emerged as Phoenix,secured good education and made his grandparents proud of him.He still continues to strive for the betterment of people in the United States and serve the country with his best possible efforts.As a human being,it is an awesome achievement and an ideal example in front of today’s young generation.

  197. By Bob on Aug 21, 2013 | Reply

    Ah, yes, yet another faux “liberal” staggering around in circles, flat footed, dumb-struck and cross-eyed with his thumb in his mouth over “America’s first (NON)prez”

    Hailey…haven’t you got your genders bendered? According to consensus, his mother was Stanley Ann Dunham and I would ask you to point out in his fiction-ridden “narrative” where she “abandoned him”. Seems that it was his blood father, Barack Obama, Sr., that ditched him and his white trash mother—not at all unusual but in fact quite traditional for the black race, thusly the old cliche, if you will humor me, “fucked up as Fathers’ day in Harlem”. Like any kid from a broken home (not the same as abandoned by both parents or orphaned or in his case anything like it) he suffered psychologically and other ways—that still doesn’t qualify him for the office of prez despite all your starry-eyed idolization. Your clay-footed idol does not have enough of a verifiable background to get a job as night janitor at the nearest Taco Belch.

    According to INS records obtained under FOIA, his supposed “father”, Barack Obama, Sr. was trying to get his visa extended and Harvard U. that he was attending at the time wanted nothing to do with that because he had been busted more than a few times soliciting sex at various high schools in the area and the INS wanted his sorry ass out of the country—so Obama, Sr. came up with the yarn that he was married to Stanley Ann Dunham and that she was knocked up. The INS investigated and never did believe a damned word of it.

    Neil Abercrombie, who swears on a stack of bibles five miles high that he “was there when” (YOUR prez) was spawned in Hawaii, likewise swore up and down that as governor of that State, he would find Obama’s birth certificate. he never did nor has anyone else. You are nearly as vacuous as Steve Levine who lives on this thread rent free.

  198. By Natalie lindseydiggs on Sep 12, 2013 | Reply

    This is really an amusing as well as thought provoking fact.It sounds insignificant at first instance but pondering deeply,one can fathom the gravity of this issue.It makes me wonder whether the rules are deliberately made lenient and conveniently disregarded to pave Obama’s way to the Presidency.Or is it to conceal the glitch in the law system that retained Obama’s nationality till today and never offered defiance because of any of the controversies mentioned above.I commend the author of this post to bring forth this very important topic to the readers.I have already shared this link on my social network site to spread these unprecedented and unknown facts to the whole world.

  199. By OWEN on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply





  200. By Evan Perso on Oct 12, 2013 | Reply

    My history tutor had shared this link on her Twitter page.Initially I was reluctant to even have a glance on it as I dismissed it as a boring article.But once I started reading the post,I found it very interesting and puzzling.I found that almost all of the 51 facts analyzed in depth which was not known to me.Everyone has history and no one is exception,not even the U.S.President, Barack Obama. I wonder despite having all such controversies and oppositions, he continues to be the leader of strongest nation in the world.It is quite warm to see a good response in the form of comments following it. I enjoyed the content,write up and the creativity of this post thoroughly.I have bookmarked this page already and will share the link on my social network encouraging my friends to comprehend in a wide perspective and have a constructive discussion on this topic.

  201. By Steve Levine on Oct 13, 2013 | Reply


    In addition to a new History tutor, you might want to consider an English tutor. On the other hand, I wouldn’t worry too much; by the time you get to high school, you’ll find that all of the mythology presented on this site is either debunked or presented during lunch period as SOS (shit on a shingle)

    Good luck in finishing middle school!

  202. By Robert Hauser on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    Ah, as the tail wags the dog, so the forked tongue of the jew wags the rabid rabbi from South Blazes. Oh, yes, yes, I know, Steve…”cat got your tongue?”….that the best you can do? Jesus H Kay—RIST, jued-scheist, that expression had a three inch layer of mold on it by the time they published Billy Baxley’s Letters. Do you have jewish wet dreams at night about being a bit player in an old Betty Davis celluloid? This is the 21st century just in case that hole in the ground out in the Mojave you have been living in was deeper than you thought.
    I was assigned several weeks ago to transcribing the speeches delivered at the CSPOA conference back in Cahrlottsville, Missouri. One of the featured speakers was Mike Zullo who gave a one hour presentation on the Cold Case investigation. Have you ever even read it, let far enough alone successfully “refuted” it as you quite bald-faced perjurously have just claimed has been done. Who “refuted” one solitary damned word of what Mike Zullo has said? Huh? Have you, Mr. Smart ass pilpulling jew boy? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either…because you, Mr. Omniscient Jew-Boy are as full of shit as a cranberry merchant…..”conspiracy” is a word that is only used by mental basket cases, isn’t it, Steve? Hell, Webster must have been higher than a kite on Vallejo crack cocaine when he included it in his dictionary and we should all petition congress to have it deleted from every lexicon in America because “c——ies” only exist in Grimm’s. And nobody…I mean NOBODY holding office in the U.S. government would ever LIE or take their oath of office with their fingers crossed behind their backs (Kol Nidre)now would, they, steve? How do we know this? Well, because a jew calling himself steve levine says so and being one of the “divinely chosen” we should never, EVER question the word of a jew, now should we?

    “Trust a snake before you trust a jew, trust a jew before you trust a Greek, never trust an Armenian” —Geo Orwell

    One of what I’m sure you regard as your favorite jewish “heroes” is David Avedas Derhounian aka John Roy Carlson of “Undercover” Infamy….he was busted on fifteen counts of perjuring himself in federal court back in 1951….he was an Armenian jew.

    Have an interesting day, steven, and oh, by the way…this apcray about Q’addafi ordering the Lockerbie bombing, that so called “Header” was a translation by MIMRI of an Al Jazeera piece which was little more than a regurgitation of a supposed expose by a Swedish tabloid of about the same level as the Enquirer and all it claimed was that the disgruntled Law Minister of Libya claimed that Q’addafi had ordered the bombing…so it is what, about fourth hand disinformation? “Translated” by MIMRI…so why don’t you favor us by telling all these fine folk here just precisely who owns MIMRI and just how truthful they could be expected to be about much of anything…go on, steve, we are all anxiously waiting with baited breath.

    And try to do better than your usual drug-fueled rants about “uebermenschen bob” and “heil” and all your other talmudic cliches.

  203. By Steve Levine on Oct 17, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Zullo? You mean Shoeless Joe’s right-hand man, right? What a trifecta: America’s sheriff, America’s (second) biggest birther (after the donald) and America’s cutest little, hitler loving, nazi.

    Quoting Mike Zullo as an authority on Obama’s birth certificate is like quoting little bobby hauser on what a great humanitarian hitler was: You know it’s fucked up, but you also know there are always a handful of addled assholes who’ll think the same way.

    One other thing bobbie. Even you’re smart enough to know that Hauser is a German-Jewish name. (

    With the exception of a few VERY sick people like your insane little fuhrer, I’ve found that the best anti- Semites…the ones that know a lot about Judaism and make the most pathetic noises…are those poor people with Jewish blood who can’t stand the idea that they’re Jewish. To make sure that nobody is aware of their Hebrew birth, those people…self-hating Jews they’re called…make all kinds of anti-Jewish noises…like you do…to “prove” that they couldn’t possibly be Jewish.

    You seem to know quite a bit about Judaism, bobbie. And you certainly make a lot of noise about Jews, little man. What a lovely irony; it would be a little like Mike Zullo turning out to be a closet Kenyan.

    By the way little man…as a dictionary quoting, self-admiring wordsmith, I think you’re waiting with bated breath, not “baited” breath.

  204. By Steve Levine on Nov 15, 2013 | Reply

    Has anyone seen or heard from that closet Jew, posing, parading and posting as a hitler-loving nazi, little bobbie hauser?

  205. By Bob on Nov 16, 2013 | Reply

    Well, if it should alleviate your jewish angst that much, steve, I would be willing, by way of mea culpa, to tattoo the word “abated” across your naked jewish derriere 1000 times…25 clumns by 40 rows should prove sufficient as most juedscheist like you are so prone to bloating their faces on gourmet food, I feel certain their will be plenty of acreage for all 1000 of them…and I will have the added incentive of knowing that the next time I substitute “baited” for “‘bated”, I will have to request that you drop your Mens’ Warehouse slacks to enable me to regard your naked jewish butt to make sure the proper spelling.
    As re Arpaio being the “shoeless sheriff”—yes, I dare say he removes his shoes before retiring at night thusly rendering himself “shoeless” —perhaps jews like you wear your shoes to bed, maybe even in the shower as well. I’ll have to consult the talmud on that and get back to you and likewise find out how to make tap water kosher. Or perhaps I could pick the brains of your co-tribalist, Brother Nathanial on the subject.

  206. By Steve Levine on Dec 9, 2013 | Reply

    Little bobbie hauser, the Hebrew hitler lover…the Jewish Antisemite…would like us to overlook his own Jewish roots while he pollutes this site (and many others) with cutsie constructions and awkward analogies.

    Like other such self-hating Jews, little bobbie hopes that if he can appear to be the LOUDEST hatemonger and keep denying his Judaism, we won’t notice the tarnished Star of David tattooed on his fat little body.

    Sorry bobbie; nice try, but sorry. Once a Jew, always a Jew!

  207. By Steve Levine on Apr 14, 2014 | Reply

    Posting Happy Passover wishes to that cute litle Jewish anti-Semite, bobbie hauser.

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